Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

The Ebb and Flow; And Quantum the word;

The Ebb & Flow:

I do not know the detail of how the planets and star system are interacting with each other energetically, I can read about the way they are at this time of year from the people who study them and what I have picked up is that we are all being influence by their interaction.

What I do know is how I am feeling… they are affecting every part of our life both physically, mentally and energetically, throwing our heads into a spin, getting very tired some of the time then being awake and full of life at other times.

It’s an ebb and flow of feelings, emotions and sometimes it is hard to cope with and I just lay down and rest, not sleep, these bouts are short lived as we move quickly through them.

More to the point it looks like this is set to keep happening for the next period.

I ask for guidance: What will happen is you will all get used to these changes and be able to adjust to them by adjusting your lifestyle, look at the things that you find hard and disabling, become aware of how they are impacting on your life now in these times of change.

Do a realistic assessment of the things that have to be done and the things that are not so important to your exitance, this will not be easy, letting go of a known lifestyle and recreating a new one takes fortitude and a willingness to change.

The things you love doing you can keep, you do not have to let all things go, decide what to keep and what to change.

As these planetary alignments grow in amplitude you will find that the things that were important lose their energy and the need to keep them going.

Every person is individual and will do what is best for them and their families, what we can say is these emissions and alignments are pushing hard onto the physical mental and emotional fields of all things and it is correct so that the alterations take place as and when they are needed. It will be up to each one of you to decide, no one can advise you on these matters they’re personal to you and only impact you.

The earth is stepping out of the third dimensions, and this is being instigated by these planetary alignments and solar and central energies coming into the solar system.

There is nothing a human can do about it except readjust the personal lifestyle and accommodate it.

Give yourself time to be happy and do things that make you feel good, enjoy these days in ways that were not possible prior to these changes. The beauty of this is you are released from the old embraces of the control dogman and have been given the release so that you can stand alone and think clearly about what is important to you and adapt to it.

The splendour of earth is all around you all the time, take the time to appreciate it by being in it purposeful, being in the photon light of potential in your life and manifest the right way for you.

This year’s alignments have brought about a very positive time, all the things we were worrying about have come into alignment and is showing us a clear path forwards, it is clearing the misty uncertainty that has hung over our life since the pandemic.

There is still a nagging feeling of fear, based on this, the positive move of this time is making all people aware of the transmitting of dis-ease not only physical illness but the dis-harmony of your inner energy that can lead to disease, there has always been sickness in life, all you can do is hope that you are doing the right things to combat it by looking after yourself.

Now is time to start again using the remnants of the old skeletons of what is left of the old ways, these are ready to be rebuilt using the new light formations to bring out the best in everyone and everything.

Be Love: Be Light: Be Happy:



Quantum: the word: The word quantum is banded about all the time linked to the spiritual advancement in the ascension, it can seem to some, that it is something they do not understand and will not pursue info that uses it.

The word quantum is a name used to measure very small things like a photon and an electron which is electricity, it also measures electromagnetic energy, we are made up of this.

The word quantum comes from Latin, meaning an amount or how much, it is used to measure tiny parts of energy that are called packets that all life is made of, they run the very existence of all life on earth and beyond it. It is not ‘quantum’ energy, it is photon light energy, electromagnetic light energy, measured by the name quantum, this energy vibrates, this is called quantum vibration, that means very small waves of energy that vibrates.

we are beings that vibrate at certain frequencies, each vibration is equivalent to a feeling and in the “vibrational” world, there are only two types of vibrations, the positive and the negative.

Every thought, feelings, imagination, intuition, emotion and intelligence are part of these vibrations.

The Dalai Lama believes that the connection between these small packets of energy and spirituality is obvious.

The atoms in our body are the same as the make up the universe, you are stardust, connected biologically to all living creatures.

You’re made of invisible, humming energy, connected to everything that exists, the people around you are directly influenced your vibrational frequency.

Gratitude positively affects your vibrational frequency.

Start to give thanks for everything, for the good things and those that you consider not good, thank them anyway for all the experiences that you have lived, gratitude opens the doors for good things to flow positively in your life. Be Love: be Light: be Happy: