Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

The Findhorn Story: 

Sitting in the back garden of our family home, Marne was thinking how lovely the view was across the fields, with the horses and the sound of the sky larks singing on this sunny day.

It was a dream and instead of being in the old house, I was almost asleep in the garden of the new place that I had rented after selling the family home. 

“Its ok”, I said out loud, and I relaxed back and drifted into my inner mind, when I was awakened with a great big loud thought as it came into my head, with a bang!

“Marne! You are going to Inverness”, and I felt the love enveloping me.

“That’s ridiculous” I said, “go away”, Inverness was miles away in Scotland its cold there’, I can’t go there.”

Jack was calling me, “You will go and I will keep hassling, until you take the right steps, to do the job you came to Gaia for, get a grip Marne” Jack was saying,

“ you can deny it as much as you like, but you elected to come to earth, in your physical vessel and you wrote, in your life script, to do the healing.”

Sitting in this garden with its wooden fences and not much green foliage, Marne said out loud to her self, “my future looms up in front of me, and I have to accept that this is my life now.

To Jack and the others she said, “I am terrified at the thought of flying and travelling on my own, all my life, I had gone on trips with Robert and he took the responsibility!

Not me. “NO! I can’t go on my own! I can’t go! I can’t do this! It’s got to be a joke, I will ignore you Jack.”

The three of them laughed at me and at first I got irritated then realized that I couldn’t ignore them.

“Ok” I said, “if I was going to do this you have got to cover the money that it would take”.

It got covered, in September, I receive a check for £1,000, this was the extra money given by the universe, so I started to do some research and get it organized, the coincidence was too much for me to ignore.

“The thing is Jack, “I am so scared of doing this”.

“Yes we know, but be courageous and in face of your fear do it anyway”.

“Yes of course I will”, I went to the travel agency to book it, once it was organized I had an attack of fear and told the lady that I had to go home to think about it, when I got home I realized how silly I was being, and went back and booked the trip.

At lease, I will be able to speak the language, it wont be as bad as going to Spain or France where I would not understand what people are saying to me.

 Before going to Findhorn, I visited the family on the Isle of Wight.

There were two stages to this healing, and the first part was to be done here on the island, I have done a lot of energy work on the island and this time I was being given data and visualizations about the Findhorn trip.

Jack, Merlin and Metatron, were showing me a rotating gyroscope, in the shape of a pillar of light, as it moved round it covered all angles and stopped in the direction of the northwest of the UK.

“What does this mean”? Jack answered, “this is where the healing is going to begin, it is the diamond light, it won’t reset the shift, but it will help to rebalance it, so that Gaia, can adjust herself accordingly and bring herself into alignment, keep the pillar of light with you when you go to Scotland”.

I got home from my mums and as time went on, I began to get quite excited about going, or was it anxiety, I was not sure, Robert had always said they would go to the north but it never happened, now here I is getting on a plane to go to Inverness.

I flew from Gatwick, I had booked a taxi and it was there waiting for me, the taxi driver asked if I would like to take the scenic route to Findhorn,

“Yes”, I replied “it will be good to see as much of Scotland as possible”. Findhorn, is a lovely place and I stayed in the local pub, it was close to the river that led out to the north sea, I was very tired and my anxiety had taken the edge of the trip a bit, so I went to bed.

The pub was a little bit tatty and the owner was very grumpy and I wondered what I had let myself in for, it was an old building and getting to my room was not easy, the stairs were narrow and went round a corner, but they took my bags up for me.

I had booked bed and breakfast and the staff was very friendly compared to the owner, breakfast was good and I chatted to the girl who was cooking it, She made me feel at home.

After breakfast I went out to explore, it was sunny and warm for late September and energy was very soft. It was an old worldly place, I took a few steps and I was on the bank of the river looking at a big sweeping bay that led to the sea, the light was clear and the outline of everything was sharp, totally different to the Essex estuary; from where I stood I could see fir trees on the other side of the river that lead d to the north sea. Merlin and the others was with me and we sat by the river bank watch the heron gulls that seemed very big compared to the gulls we had in Essex, it was very quiet, not many people about, the ambience was soft and calm and I could feel the energy within my self as we sat and looked over to the sea.

So Merlin! What do I do now I am here, it is lovely and I get the reason for the energy of this place, and that its were the energy of your power comes to the surface of earth I can feel it.

“Yes Marne, this is a sacred place, let us walk round the bay towards the sea, I got up and set out and followed the beach, about a quarter of the way round the clouds came in and it started to rain, the sun had gone and the rain was getting heavier.

“MerlinI am getting wet, I am going back”, I will stop at the café and get a tea and get out of this rain. Outside of the café there was a notice board with information about Findhorn, it had a local map and there was a place marked on it called “glory whole”, it was a very deep part of the river just before it gets to the sea, this had to be the portal. It was late afternoon when I got back, I was wet and tired so I rested before going down and eating in the restaurant, this place was renowned for its excellent food and I must agree the dinner was very good.

So here I am and I am going to make the most of it, I went to bed early... I set my self a plan with the help of the guides.

On Wednesday go and walk into the sand dunes that stretched for miles, and on Thursday walk right round the bay and find the portal after dinner, I was resting in my room drifting into a light sleep when my guides came in loud and clear.

“Don’t go to sleep”, they said, “there is no time for that”. Marne woke right up and said “OK, you don’t have to shout at me, I was just taking a short break”.

“Well”, Merlin carried on with the conversation, “there is work to be done, we need to set you up for this right now”, Metatron remained silent. We are going back to complete what we did on the I O W By taking the diamond energy across the northern hemisphere of the UK.

Marne allowed herself to enter the frequency of these guides; at once she was getting images, of the pillar of light again, moving like the gyroscope again in a sequence.

“What does it mean?” She asked.

Jack answered her, “they are turning, towards the North Pole, when it gets to the exact place, it will line up with Gaia’s axis and emanate its light frequency’s, we are creating the healing now, use your active imagination.

At that moment I can ‘see’ in my minds eye exactly what I am going to do when I went to the Glory Hole... this is how I can see it happening in my mind, we are actually doing the healing now, at this time, two nights before I go to the actual place, I visually see myself on the beach at the glory hole, and in my imagination, I am hovering over the channel on the board of light, I go down into the water to reach the portal, the frequencies aligned with a flash of the diamond light, as it anchored down into Agatha inner earth, it will emanate through Gaia and readjust the imbalance.

I can see how it looks, there is a deep violet ball of the light frequency facing the North Pole, it has golden lights through it, making the sacred geometry of the Metatron cube, activating all angles in sequence.

 The auras of energy around it are the work of the board of light, the company of heaven, Mother/Father god and the multi dimensional entities of the light frequency.

Now I see a Hugh light of love, shining subtly out, like a spot light over a very dark area, it covers the North Pole from Findhorn round the artic circle, and all the way down to the midlands, there is a yellow beam of pure love, pointing to the axis, I am holding it for the rest of this year, to the winter solstice.

Jack, Merlin and Metatron sat with me, “we are now going to tell you exactly what is happening, you have accessed the portal called the glory whole, that in turn has accessed the North Pole and Agatha.

Since a massive earthquake in Japan last year, Gaia had shifted on her axis and the energy grid and portals are slightly out of alignment.

You have helped to re-align the energy, the connection to the North Pole here gives access to the plates that are in need of releasing, to do this correctly you have to have been there physically so that when you get home you will be able to visualize it, smell, and feel it, with all its aspects and carry on with the healing, it will have to be held for a period of time so that it gels”.

They carried on telling me that when we get home we will be able to connect to the frequency, and recall it at any time after, to keep the balance.

“Yes”, Marne said to the guides “ I am excited and looking forward to this”. 
Jack and the others came in close, the healing has begun, staying in this conscious calm state for the whole time is important, when the time is correct, the shift will activate the pillar of light that has been transformed into a fifth dimensional of light, you will be on the hover board to keep you just above the third and forth dimensions while you do this.

It will be your energy that enters earth; it will anchor into Gaia at the place of the hot spot that is at the mouth of this inlet, the deep channel that runs through the gap between the inlet and the sea, now you can sleep.

The next day was Wednesday and I am going to walk across the dunes, the guides were not with me today but I had the feeling of peace, I walked through the village to reach the dunes, there were tracks across the grass where people had walked so followed them, as I looked across I realized it was a very big area.

They were extensive natural sand dunes that spread out for miles and were covered with dense spiky tuffs of Marram grass in between normal grass, and low gorse bushes, I followed the tracks for a while then decided that I could go on for ever and I was getting tired so I tuned back, I spent the rest of the day sitting by the river and enjoying the soft energy.

Thursday, I woke up to a very sunny and warm day, had a good breakfast and connected to the guides and set out to walk round to the sea, I went right round the bay and ended up sitting on the beach, the warm weather had brought the people out so I sat and people watched, thinking how good this felt.

I could feel the power and I just remain there for three hours with sun on my face and letting the energy flow through me, I felt connected to the energy, it was strong, soft, energy, and I was holding the power of the healing that had been done.

Eventually Jack came into my head telling me to go round the portal, it was on the way back from the beach, I got up and walked round to it and sat down looking into the deep black swirling water.

The channel goes deep, I could see where it dropped away, it went down and had a strong dark swirly current, looking into it suddenly made me very tired, and I wanted to go home, I feel like we have done the job, the Findhorn stuff is done now and I will hold it to let it evolve.

“Am I done now”? I asked Jack, “Yes all is well and you can go home tomorrow knowing that we have bee successful in our quest and we thank you”.

“I am tired and you don’t thank me, we all give thanks for everything we have experienced over these last days”.