Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Connection to the oneness of the all:

Connection to the oneness of the all:

Humanity holds a part of the divine source:

Humanity has an infinite connection to earth, Gaia, and all life on her, and the universes cosmic bodies.

We are experiencing, holding and bringing into collective consciousness, a new concept of being able to connect to our inner information, from the previous period, when the Aquarius fields of divine energy prevailed on earth and universe.

It’s the coming of the Pleiades and radiant fields and other important cosmic alignments, that are approaching and filtering the energy through us to earth, we feel it today, no matter what other third dimensional dramas are going on around us,

Every soul is wandering in and out of the different dimensions that are available on earth.🙂

Experiencing the dramas of the third dimension illusions, and then sitting in the park and feeling the forth-dimensional lightness of the beauty of earth Gaia’s light emanating out to us.

Then going into the deeper states of the fifth dimensions plus, communing with the higher light beings, where we can receive inspirations, imagines and feelings and the beauty of being connected to the oneness of all.

There are many forms of mediation techniques. By tuning into sacred places, and practicing these, in a concentrated way, helps to change the conscious awareness, as the frequencies expand the brain.

We can choose where we want to go’ to practice methods of meditational, understanding, they will lead us to become the observer, watching the life paths roll out in front of us, and not getting into the hype of it.

It brings in the realisation that this is’ the new earth perception~ all rolled into the daily life.

We all hold the different dimensions within our energy fields, and all data is accessible, it but not on the third dimensions.

Everyone has an infinite connection to earth, Gaia, and all life on her, and the universes cosmic bodies.

We are told that the human race is learning about being consciously aware, and moving into ascension, what does this mean.

Is it to be conscious of ourselves walking in the park, and being aware consciously, that we are connecting to earth, through our energetic sensations and focus on our heart felt love?

Already as the gateways begin to open enough for us to receive and feel the power of these cosmic cycles and solstice light fields that are arriving.

The moment when the planets align exactly, is the crucial point~ but these fields are open and they begin to play out in our fields of personal perception that cannot be denied.🙂

As these frequencies flicker in and out of the third dimensional fields of perceptions, blink and they might be missed.

We are all working on our inner intuitions of this time line, and this is reflecting outwards, in the beauty of Gaia’s fields of light.

It may seem that nothing is different; on the face of the illusion of the dramas it is not obvious.

But on the deeper level of everyone’s soul, DNA and the conscious awareness of their own feelings, the alterations are great, seeing it clearly is not happening’ feeling it is! 🙂

Being in meditation for any reason, is connecting these frequencies to the greater picture, and layering the light onto the set base line of the new age.

The portals are open and flickering with this supreme light that in transmitting to all soul sublimely.

Your hearts are expanding with this, you are receiving and transmitting this light vibration, it reaches into every part of life. Know this with the souls heart felt love focus of these new age alignments.

Everyone who is connecting, knows that these next weeks, are coming to a celebration of the new Aquarian age.

Use your imagination to visualise how it will look, feel and be... as it penetrates us solidly, with this great power of light.🙂

Create what you feel with this love, and when others try to knock it, give out even more light energy, and walk away from the negative, while embracing your personal, positive, connection, to you heart felt love coherence.

Keep doing it, and know you are working as one with all others, who are conscious of bringing in this light.

On the 23rd of December the sun will begin its cycle of the seasons. Bring in joy with this light and love. Be consciously aware of doing it, for you, in your own way as the new age of light builds.

Feel your gratitude while knowingly doing this for all, and that you are part of the Aquarian time line change.

The reward is on the inner connection of love, balance and well-being, that is your right of passage in your life path.

Feel your heart filling with the golden experiences within, its your by right.

As you expand it out to others, know that they are receiving it, no matter what they think. It is sublimely filtering into the physical DNA cells; even if their minds are not aware.

The beauty of these golden fields is they cannot be stopped, controlled, and manipulated into the negative by physical man.🙂

These light waves are the golden white light, of a refined frequency, that has no barriers in the third world of illusion.

They are penetrating hugely into the entire make up of the physical world.

It is such a tsunami of light, that is refined enough to penetrate the denseness frequency of the third dimension earth physically.

This time line is set to sweep through all life, and as it does, it will be strong, and reshape the density of all particles, diluting them, wobbling and shaking them in the entirety on the dimensions of this time line, like a stone being dropped into a pool, the ripples will move out and resonate out to the universe.

So be your love light, resonating to the song of the unified omnipresence of this light, to the supreme sacred divine soul source. Become the conscious and unconscious in your awareness of the one.

Thank you ☺

These energy field are impressing us to explain this, and once it becomes more common, the souls who are aware of the process of going into the deeper meditation, will enlighten others in ways of opening up to the unconscious parts of the mind, and sharing data from these energetic light fields of the higher frequencies.

They are flowing fields of light, and when a person is in touch with them in deep meditation, they become one with the source, receiving light codes, to bring back to the third dimensional world, creating a flow on earth, in their rightful capacity of enlightenment of the human race over the next millennium.🙂

Lots of people are staying in their normal way of life hanging onto their old ways.

If anyone wishes to move out of their set life pattern there are many methods to access the new world frequencies in a conscious aware physical manner.

People still hold a lot of fear about going into these fields of deep meditation, they are still holding their fears of dread, that is a given belief, that has been perpetuated on earth by the controllers who want power.

This is being broken down quickly, and has opened this new level, of deep mediation available for any one who can take this step.

Thank you. 🙂