Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

We All Stand Together:

We All Stand Together: 🙂

In dreams: “

We are locked in now”:

The advice is to be calm relax and ride these waves.

On the eclipse day:

The solstice power:

These words came in:

A flash of cosmic light:

SO! Is the great awakening happened?

The eggs are broken and the omelette is forming:

We have all experienced high levels of radiation, as the sunspots have erupted massive emissions of energy towards earth.

There is a Hugh build-up of energy and its making itself known in many ways that can feel uncomfortable, bringing up feelings of deep emotions and anxieties + physical symptoms.

In dreams we are being shown that we are part of enormous energy images, there was a giant golden cross as big as the universe.

The advice is to be calm relax and ride these waves.

The words “we are locked in now” keep coming into our head.

It is Gaia and humanity, who is locked into the Age of Aquarius, through the spirals of this light transformation, that are now deeply attached to the inner self, set in place on the multi dimensions, and we are advised to let all else go.

We are too close to the vortex to do anything; all we can do is go with the flow, it is bringing in vast energy shifts in the body, the gyroscope of the earth is shifting and we can see it moving.

It’s an inner galactic communication with other entities that want us to join them; we are in a galactic connection in other dimensions, using the gyroscope activation to balance it.

This is another solstice transition, with the up grade for the years 2020-2021, we continue to do the process of ascension by ‘being’ in the moment more and more, getting used to the different frequencies, and just going with it.🙂

The power coming into earth, as these days go by, is giving a deep realisation of the power we hold within, and the knowledge of inner truth, it’s branding right through everyone’s DNA as the enlightenment of the new age, and our future.

On the eclipse day:

The images in our mind during the half-awake time were very BIG; in the past, we have seen cogs, wheels and gyroscopes shifting at these auspicious times.

This was no different except, the size of these objects shifting looking like blocks of seemingly solid metallic formations, moving slowly into place in the dimensions of this moment in time.

We are set in place on the multi dimensions and we are asked to let all else go.

It is bringing in vast energy shifts in the body, the gyroscope of the earth is shifting we can see It moving.

The galactic connection in other dimensions are using the gyroscope activation to get the balance, this is an inner galactic communication with other entities that want us to join them.

So we just have to go with it, thinking of and feeling the intergalactic committee, it has been with us for a while now, making the mind and body dizzy, going in and out all the time whether we am asleep or awake.

We continue to do the process of ascension by ‘being’ in the moment more and more.

The solstice power:

This is the enlightenment of the new age for us.... on Monday 21/12/20 all will be in place for the solstice light to be achieved in the giant world of the cosmos.

Our perceptions are strange when in the altered state; we are as big as these images that we are observing.

Now we are awake, our size is still expanded, we see everything in this state, it looks very soft, expanded, and malleable; although everything is solid, it looks like we can touch it and it will bend with our hand pressure.

These words came in:

As a planetary soul, your open mind is moving with the cosmic giants, holding the lights from within Gaia as they are anchored.

Its key that you focus on this over the next days of December, as all these giants align from across the universe.... not just your part of the solar system, it shuffles into place in the alignment of the grand divine plan of the opening of the new age on this level of dimensions.

Our energies are big enough to expand outwards into the greater universe as the connection to the ALL.... are made, for this transition. On the 23/12/20 everything will come back to the life of function that is conducive to living on earth.

Breath....... That’s better, we are fully awake now, and things are looking more normal again, our multi dimensional self, is re-adjusting back to the third dimension.

We are aware, that we are set to do these deep inner alignments of these giants in out local system, that are also connected to the vortexes of our mind expansion experience.

As soon as we listen to transformation sound we feelself go soft and malleable and expanded.

We get a direction:

Dear soul the music is not important, your minds set is!

Let all your new senses come into your daily life in what way they need to.

Luxuriate in these visual enhancements, be happy and accept, that you are going in and out of the dimensions as solid actions, as these highly attuned energy forces are holding now, as a reality of the multi dimension of the new age.

You are able to feel the connection to all things in this state of mind, and you can switch to the other frequencies when needed.

Your ability to do this, is allowing us to keep the gyroscope in balance, as Gaia reels under the power of these gigantic alignments.

A flash of cosmic light seers across the galixy, cutting though all planets, hitting the earth hard with the truth serum, and opening up the truth in all aspects of life, Its leaving behind it open wounds of the negative and positive vibrations spilling out, creating a paradox of polarity in the situation and energy of people’s hearts, and in their lives.

SO! Is the great awakening happened?

Don’t worry everything is in transition, the eggs are broken and the omelette is not yet cooked properly.

Let the transition happen, this is the healing progress into you new soul energy, you are shedding the skin of the old, allowing the new to take its place.

We all stand together in this, as one collective soul source of the divine light, us you Gaia all humanity all life.🙂

Be love: Be light: Be happy: X