Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel


Healing Gaia sequence:

This is a little note to explain how I have got these blogs out of sequence. They are all about healing Gaia at this auspicious time and are all linked together, it is the beginning of a sequence of healing for Gaia/ earth and all life in and on her?


 These blogs are...

* The healing of Gaia:

* Talking to Gaia through Rae’s story:

* Talking about Gaia:

They are describing how we can all develop these new fields of light and help earth/Gaia’s healing.                                              

I was given this next piece of information before the new meditations came about This information has told me that Gaia has a spine and it’s these areas that are being readjusted and re- set at this moment in time.

I was still not sure why this was relevant until I/we were given the new way of mediating into this deep energetic space, I could not see how I could use this and why, until now. I/we are being told that this is how we heal Gaia in the multi dimensions~ and how it is so totally connected to everything we all do in our life.

 We needed to imagine and utilise our knowledge to bring it into the realisation~ of the new earth. To create it with all the love we can muster. And to share it, so that others can use their own way to help with this re-set.


Gaia’s spine:

This is what we were inspired with... The spine runs from the North Pole down the Americas north to south bending slightly as it goes down South America to the South Pole, in the physical body, but on the multi dimension there is no up or down.

I am told that’ our spines are as one. Heal me and she will heal’. 

I used the new way of mediating~ using the chi breath to start with, then we did the very light expansive feeling as a whole and we brought the to together. Combined they are ultra strong.

The areas on the globe that have been given are over lapping fields, so that there is a constant balance. We were told that we would focus on these; visualise all 12 dimensions that are available- it will be taken up by all souls as and when they are ready. 

We can write about it! As we did this visual imagination in our head~ we had the connection through our hands, the magnetic pressure is very strong.

We directed it into our own torso watching and feeling it run slowly down the back; I could feel where it was blocked and worked on.

Then we have to put this image onto/into Gaia’s spine area, and are being told she does not have any extremities arm and feet/legs.

She is an oval form; think about her with a central core running down her centre, her spine is running down the surface over the Americas, and her face is looking the other way on the opposite side.

We watch her, as she expanded into an oval, with the bright light running down through the Americas~ from the North Pole to the South Pole

This is another deep anchoring into the fields of new earth in this way. The back of Gaia’s spine runs down this side of earth along the Americas, and the front part that holds the full body is on the opposite side.

As I/we were watching... the front opens out wards until it turns inside out, and envelopes the whole body.

With the spine in the centre, and the core and on the outside of her surface stretched thinly, so that the radiation from the central sun will enrich it with the new dawn light vibrations, making it lighter before it reverts back to the inside as the new age frequency.

This has happened over the three eclipses, the solstice, the spiritual New Year, and the 888 lion gate as these revolutions come about. It will remain like this until next year when it will be reversed back in June 2021.

Think about the seed~ as it is watered it expands and eventually will open up, and the inside will come out side for it to develop into a new plant. Apply this to the image of Gaia’s spine and oval shape as a seed before it opens out and folds in onto itself.

It’s a multi dimensional transformational reversal of the fields of Gaia, and humanity. Not on the physical reversal.


Q: Is this data real, about the spine of Gaia and the transformation of the fields of Gaia on the multi dimensions?

A: Yes, most certainly~ and we will be instrumental in doing the alchemy with it.

Q: I/we do not understand this concept!

AH AH...Well dears, you did not understand the previous concepts of the way these vibrations were going to pan out, over the last 27 years when you first heard about ascension in 2012, through to last year 2019.

We are now into the next phase and the beginning of another unknown cycle that you will not understand until some time has gone by.

We advise you to assess how far you have come, remember how you used your imagination and visualised to help you to heal the inner area of Gaia.

This is the next phase and we will be doing it in a similar manner of imagination, intuition and dream states, to help you to perceive this and then make it happen on your newly found vibrational frequency.

Check the old work. And remember that we are all one, no one is standing alone with this, and we are supporting everyone.

As we start to bring it all together, you will see the beautiful clarity of how these multi dimensions work on the mind, hearts and souls of humanity with the light.


Ok! We can go with this thought~ we have enough trust in the integrity of every thing we are given and understand, THANK YOU.