Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Self Hypnosis Experience:

The self-hypnosis experience:

At first we thought that we would be able to connect to the very ancient beings, going back a long time: we found that this was not to be.🤔

Myths and ancient knowledge: We thought we were going to bring to consciousness these myths to share!

After the self-hypnosis session we have to change direction~ we are not connecting directly to the ancient being as we thought we would.

 We were thinking about it through our third dimension imagination of how it has been predicted by mankind~ who have written about it~ without the deeper understanding, of how the higher frequencies are nothing like anything, we know of on earth and history.

The knowledge we picked up was:

These deeper layers that earth and humanity are acquiring~ are taking us into the realms of the supreme divine source~ to bring the ancient knowledge back into, the conscious awareness of the time line of the 21/12/20 solstice impact.

The ground has been prepared and is still re-organising to accommodate these very extensive light fields. :)

When in a state of self-hypnosis~ we are outside the third dimension judgmental simulation, the illusion, where creation is being forged before it becomes a part of the new earth within the old earth.

We are not going back to Atlanta~ we are bringing it out from the light dimension of these deeper fields~ back into these new dawn fields~ in its new level of humanity and understanding.

It is creating the paradigm for the light fields to stand on new earth for humanity’s future. 🙂

This is done on the conscious and collective areas of the physical life~ brought in by those on earth, who have the correct calibre of this frequency to do the job~ it will be taken up by others in 2021.

All souls in their own time will have a place to move forwards into~ as they realise that the old ways are diminishing.

 It will be a slow trickle to start with and these first ones will be able to go into these fields in their own way, building a road for others to follow.

These waves are impacting every souls, mind, thoughts and realisations, in the unconscious to start with, but will carry on, as next years come through, and everything will be ready for the future.

There is no saviour from the outside, the saviour is with in every soul~ peoples save then self, there is no reliable outside influences to do this for any one.

People are responsible for what is happening around them, and it is being perpetuated by stories in medias, blogs and books~ and those who read and believe the dramas.

Humanity will connect and expand into the beginning of the new Gaia, that is in the same space of the old~ on a different timeline, diminishing the old with the new light vibration. 🙂

Its what all souls have been doing to date~ and the 21/12/20 solstice is when the great planets align~ the energy of these, and the emissions from the sun, coupled with the other alignments, will enliven the fields of deep dynamic energy, to start the new dawn.

We have done a few session of the hypnosis on myself. The feelings are similar to active dreaming, but there are not any people in that space.

Its all energy with images sometimes, and there is a definite feeling of being in the presence of beings, without anything that resembles anything on the 3rd dimensional earth, nothing physical.

This session coincided with the 11/11.

Be blessed X