Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Hitting the road to intangible free thinking:

“Hitting the road to intangible free thinking”:

This is a part of a script that I am writing about my progress while living on earth at this incredible timeline, it is my story about progressing into the higher function of the human’ during a lifetime’ freeing the thoughts mind and heart of any kind of given belief systems:

Big things happen:

And my holographic model:

“Sometimes big things happen don’t they”, Marne said to herself, “And this is one of them”.

She was thinking and asking why such a tragedy could happen to her, when all through life she had taken a peaceful path.

Out loud she asked the higher beings. “Why did Robert die in this year of 2012, he was my husband and life long friend, how could this be right leaving me with so much strife and heart break’?

I was talking to my higher beings as if they were there in front of me, what I know now is they are within me as a complete connection to the whole of the universal energy fields.

They spoke back to me.

“This Marne, is the life path you have chosen before you came onto the earth as a physical being, everyone has their chosen life path, meeting up with all the souls that they are connected to in their soul groups that help to guide them.

Now you have to get to grips with all that has happened to help yourself, to accept your bereavement and begin to heal it, we will help to guide you through this time line, so that we can all get to the place of enrichment that this will bring eventually for you and your family, Gaia and universe”.

“Yes”, I replied. “But how do I start, it seems too big a hurdle to over come”.

“Its important to start to change your beliefs”. Came back the answer

“Okay”, she replied. “We can begin to do this; one question... would it be better if we have a name for you ‘our higher beings, so that you can be our spoken friends”?

“Yes, of course, we are Merlin, Jack, and Metatron we have been with you all your lives and we are as a real people, we are the magician the alchemists and the mathematician of the universal higher beings, so now we have got that cleared up we can begin to change your inner belief systems”.

“I understand”, Marne ruminated, “that when things seem so bleak, your inspirations do lift us and we are working our way through these obstacles slowly, there is so much sadness and confusion we need a directive”.

Merlin responds, telling her that over the next few years we are all going to do some travelling, but first we are going to Egypt and you are going to set up your own Holographic model, then we are going to different places in the northern hemisphere, the reason for this is to balance Gaia as she and the universe moves into the next phase of evolution. “Our job... is to be in the right place at the right time so that we can work our magic by healing, balancing and holding Gaia as her energy shifts.

Many humans think that we, the higher guidance is all powerful, but we are nothing without the human population living on earth at this time, every living soul is a powerful light energy that is intrinsic within the body, it has lain semi asleep for eons of time, now is the time for these deep inner attributes to come to the surface.

The radiation and rising light frequencies that are prevailing earth today, is activating the dormant DNA structure in all life, but mostly the human population is opening it up and expanding it so that the new energy, of the new era, can give all people the opportunity of advance in their own way of spiritual and scientific enlightenment.

Its causing the energy chakras to open up into fields of spinning light with the new frequency’s within the body, this in turn is opening up the soul, mind, and most off all the heart/ brain connection.

Each individual has their written life path, these pan out across the whole rang of frequencies that are in the spectrum of life on earth, it covers every sequence of events, the positive and the negative, the key to life is to get the balance between these two.


The Holographic Universe Theory:

Marne went on holiday with her family to Egypt, it was lovely and reminded her of the year spent in Bahrain in the 1969-1970 with Robert, it brought back good positive memories.

She took the book ‘Butterfly’s Are Free To Fly’ by Steve Davis and started to set up the model of the holographic universe with her self as the object to change.

There were things that she had to face to change her mind, by changing the muscle memory, the brains hard wiring and her third dimensional body into a multi- dimension body. She spoke to her guide friends.

“I know these theory’s are out there, I am going to see if I can make this one work for me in my life, just to prove it can be done, there is nothing to loose.

Maybe guys! I wonder if I have actually watched too much Star Trek,” she said with a wry smile (!)

Its time to change and I am going to use the holographic theory to do this, I have had enough of this set path; the health issues, the feeling of being inadequate and the deep loss I feel about Robert, so I am making about making my own holographic version to change this life that I live in.

For two years I have been looking at this theory and learning about is as far as I can, I have read and re-read Michael Talbots book on this subject and previously when I was studying the quantum universe theory by reading David Bohn and Karl Primbrams books on how this theory interacts with the physical body, this is the route I am taking.

There were other methods on how to alter my beliefs using Dr Jo Despanza and other scientist that back this up, I did lots of research and came to the conclusion that in the world is energy, before it becomes matter {see the Max Plank institute}, anything can be changed or re-created, this was my thinking, that’s why I am doing this.

Her guides agreed because they knew that all human beings hold the frequencies to do anything they decided to do and it would succeed with the power of the thought, backed by the heart/brain coherence and deep universal love is exactly how to alter things.

After watching the holographic universe workshop videos and the CDs of ‘What the bleep down the rabbit hole’, loads of times, then adding to it what the early physicist were proving about the brain, Marne knew she could change the direction of her holographic matrix, making her self freer and less anxious about life.

She knew it would be better to attack this on more that one level, to get a result, she used all other methods as well as setting up her own model then trying to live it.

“To begin”, Marne’s mentors said.

“Remember, who you are, where you are and what you are here for.”

The following script is me’ thinking through questions and getting answers through non-local awareness from my higher self in the form of, my friendly guides.

Using the Holographic Universe Theory as a personal way to alter my own life is a new thing, before anything can be called a theory, it has to be set up as a model and worked for two years, then, if the outcome is proven to be correct, it can be changed to a theory so that other people can repeat it as a working theory.

These are the guidelines for the bases to set up a model that I am adopting into my life now.

*I am a hologram, living in my holographic life path, in a holographic world and universe. 

*I have no control or power over anything on the outside of me. 

*I can only change my own perceptions, and then see how it affects the others in my life.

*My power is within in. Everything is correct. There is no right or wrong. And no judgment!

*I live my holographic life in accordance with my beliefs and upbringings that is not my truth.


*“Yes! I understand that I am living in the holographic world, I know it’s a holographic drama, that I am part of it”. 

*All the people in my life is part of my hologram and I am a part of there’s.

*We all came together in the pre- birth state, to set out the sort of life I want to experience.

*In this holographic world, I have written the script and I have invited all the people into my own personal program of my life. 

*People come and go as players in my life drama.

“Ok”, says. Marne, “This is my perception of the way it works: 
It’s the experiences we have that gives us our beliefs, opinions, teachings and the collective information from our parents, school, society, government, ancestors and collective consciousness, the electric impulses in our brain, records these and recalls them to create a reality. 

The brain projects these images through the visual cortex and we believe that these things are real and outside of us, our reality world”! 

As Marne began to consider what she was doing she realized there were things she had understood: “There are quite a few things that I have learnt... first I realized that I have many ‘parts’ I am a field of informational light with multi dimensions. I also understand.

*The powerful effects of thought.

*Research, evidence and science.

* Old world view changing.

* Where religion and science start to mix,

*Key points and methods for changing our reality.

* And there is no set reality.

*We live in a totally connected world. 

*Consciousness is the basis of everything physical 

*We create our own reality through thought, our given beliefs and opinions. 

*Meditation is the key to change our perspective. 

*Know that my perceptions are acted out through my nervous system. 

*Know that my brain and nervous system restricts the frequency/ vibration of my life. 

*Our beliefs are hard wired in our brains. 

*To change a belief that’s hard wired, we change our thoughts.

Nothing is personal, all interactions with others is their own perceptions and not mine.


I am experimenting on my self to see if I can change things in my life, one of the papers with the SNU course was on biology, we learnt about the biology of my body, how we are made up.

Using the quantum theories, and applying this to the physical body gave me quite amazing results of how I can be conscious of thinking in the right way, to alter the hard wiring in the brain, that holds all my given beliefs.

The book ‘Breaking The Habit Of Being yourself’ by Dr Joe Dispenza, was very helpful to do these changes, I used some of Dr Joes technique’s to help me to become balanced, for better functioning.

It worked and showed me how powerful the effects of thought are on the physical body; we are WHAT WE THINK! WE ARE! 

Learning about the body systems of nerves, organs and all the interactions helped me to be more caring about how I treated my body.

Background and research

Marne recalled how the old worldview has moved on, we all live in an organized, interconnected, evolving system that changes all the time. 

The double slit experiment shows there is, NO SET REALITY, and conscious observation of a wave will collapse it into a particle, that can be measured and WE ARE, the conscious observers.

Experiments suggest, that there is unified field that is at the very base of all existence in our universe, it is thought to be consciousness and we are part of it. 

I have been working on these ideas now for two/three years now, and as far as it goes, Marne thought to her self, the Holographic model has turned into a theory because of the way that I am feeling and coping with life now I found I could get results in ways that were not provable, but were consistent with the theory I was trying at the time with all the methods that I had used.

This made life very exciting, and now we are in this new Age of Aquarius it has become the most important way of altering my body, mind, soul and thinking, giving me freedom.

I am discovering through practice, that positive thought and the balance of mind, body, heart/brain focus was bringing physical results in money, confidence, and success in life, it was life changing.

Reading through this story Marne said to her self, “I am not afraid of things of things now, I understand about the circle of life and death and I do not fear it.

I am free in my mind, thinking and heart, I understood that we are much more than out physical body, and we can alter everything about it if we desire to.

It’s the psychology of the human brain and the way we are all conditioned from birth to live our life to the rules of the society’s needs has started to break down in my thoughts.

And then we have the media that feeds our ego through constant entertainments, bombarding us with the things out side of our thoughts, so that we have no time to go inwards and feel our own love for oneself in a comprehensive reasoning manner.

We are all here on earth living the life, and we have to comply with what is expected of us’.

“We can choose what we want to look at, and decide if we want to use any of the props in this life that are given as a need.

It’s very freeing to know that I can say yes! I want a car, to get from ‘A’ to ‘B’ and yes! I do like watching programmes on the many TV entertainments channels that I choose, and buy the nice clothes and eat the best food.

But I never lost sight that these are my choices and IF they are not available to me easily then there is something else that I am to create and experience”.