Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel


Build a bridge between physics and science~

they are one and the same. Recognise that the infinite light of all is the divine source.

Every thing in science can be related to energy fields, waves, vibration and frequency, and are directly incorporated it into the each other:

its all the same- all connected as one with the divine of all.

How can it be separate! It can’t be, can it?

To open the mind and accepting this concept~ allows you to ‘be’ as flowing as you like, expand the heart, mind, and brain and begin to see all life from the divine and science view point.

When you can feel the light vibrations~ you become a new age person~ living with the conscious awareness~ of the divine spiritual light, science, quantum energy, and physics.

It opens up a Hugh door of understanding to how we all live and understand our existence.

To Change Our Belief:

It must be one of the most difficult things to do in life... to change our beliefs. For all our life~ we are given stories, some are true; others are fairy stories, that we are told, religion comes over as story’s that we live our life by.

To accept or even understand this theory of the Holographic Universe I had to change these beliefs in my head. Its like trying to swim up stream~ on the river Thames while the tide is going out~ impossible to move~ and being swirled and tossed about in the mud when trying to think about these new concepts.

Its very uncomfortable and I sat with this information for weeks in denial~ trying to forget it~ but it persisted~ until I let go of control in the river~ and went with the tide.

I landed on a spiritual bank out of the swirl~ giving me a moment to see how and when a new idea comes into being in this collective simulation~ its best to sit tight and observe it with an open mind, heart and soul.

If it is an authentic truth~ it will persist and keep coming~ until the perspective can connect to the information within the mind, heart and soul.

Things will move forward If we can think about, and accept these infinite light fields from beyond the veil, the divine souls fields of the light~ beyond the illusion.

There has to be these unlikely inspirations that are to be looked at, observed~ and then accepted as a new road.

There is no wonder that we all have a problem with it~ its so uncomfortable trying to move into it, once we get there~ it’s easy.

Most people don’t want to experience new things~ so they decide not to move or read or think about any of these radical theories.

Looking back at history, when it was said that the earth was flat or the centre of the universe. It took a few radical souls to put their theories forwards.

It took another 200 years for this to be accepted. It did not fit into the life stories, job, family, religion, politics, and every one who was in charge at the time.

It’s not much different now~ except we do not get executed or jailed for life~ because we have radical views, but we are still marginalised.

Theories are radical ideas and ways to move forwards~ into a new dawn of the light vibrations~ bringing people along with it. It might become a truth eventually.

 It's up to the individual to decide if these ideas are resonating, and whether they can be accepted and researched. I hope it can and not take 200 years.

The new frequencies are designed to change our inner DNA and its releasing old layers so that the new ones can come in and shift us all into the Aquarian age of balance and light. X. 🙂


Re- the veil between spirit and matter; and the holographic universe theory: 

This is a quote from Jane Halliwell channelling saint Germain.

Quote: is there a veil between the physical and spiritual worlds or is this an illusion? Or, should we call it a vibration?

Saint Germain said, “this word, veil is often used to define the cross roads between spirit and matter.

Saint Germain continued to say, “There is no such thing as a veil, however, there is a shift in energy between heavy physical matter and the lighter spiritual universe.

To access the higher energies here one must have assistance. (He means the spiritual world has to assist). He continued, “As we work together, the veil becomes energetically active.

The elements become active and as the Master comes closer the energies transcend matter opening up a channel for communication. Unquote:

I asked the higher self to help with these two ways of looking at the veil and the holographic universe theory: can we go beyond these two, now we are in the new age of light?

Dear souls, let us explain~ beyond the veil is the same as the infinite divine source as a gradient, for earth bound souls to access.

The sparks of each soul can go beyond into the veil and in the same way as they can go beyond the holographic simulation in the theory of the holographic universe principle.

They are one and the same written from different perspectives of different souls viewpoint. The real experience is to be consciously aware of GOING BEYOND~ into these.

Almost all people know about it in their inner belief system, through all teachings and channellings being given to date by religious and spiritual teachings.

The holographic principle is for the ones who are trying to see how this can be explained in ways of an earth grounded theory of science.

This is where religion and science start to mix. Guides speak of the other side of the veil; this has been the spiritual and religious teaching forever~ since I began my spiritual path.

Every teacher has spoken about the other side of the veil and how we are separated from this here on earth as a physical human, and its only when we are ill or near death can we relate to it and know it first hand.

This is my thinking on it:

there are many other ways to understand it There is a lot of research on this that leads us to the connection between us on earth, and the energy fields that are the much bigger picture of divine light.

We are gradually understanding, moving towards and connecting to it in our earthy life and embodying it into our normal way of life, as a process of connection.

It is lifting the frequency of light within and we are able to recognise our own divine self within.

The Holographic Universe theory is just another way to speak about it, we all hold this divine spark within~ it’s our life force. It’s another way to understand the veil.

On earth, we only hold a small part of our true field entities in our bodies of the divine source / god/ infinity within~ recognised and acknowledge it as another point of reference~ of the life we lead here on earth.

Our understanding is that it is a separate part of our own field/ i.e. body, and we are unable to access it openly in our every day life, unless we are in a mediation or preying, this is a given belief, it is totally connected all the time.

With the new frequencies, vibrations and fields of elevated light~ we have pushed through the old beliefs, leading us to becoming aware of being in both spaces at the same time~ as one.

We are moving into the divine light of god, and into the infinite fields in our universe and earth~ and realising that there is no barrier~ only in our minds perspective and feelings is there a barrier.

Knowing about something, and knowing it within the heart/brain coherence as a connection~ are two very different ways of perceiving the same thing.

We are becoming aware of knowing this from deep with that we we can be both all the time~ we can live in the knowledge.

We are here to experience every aspect of being a alive on earth, which is connected to the divine infinite source god, all the time.

As these new ways open up our minds/ brain/ hearts love focus, we are able to reason! Why do we act as we do and question the authenticity of what/ how we live and behave.

We are beginning to learn and select how we can live in our life reality; within these barriers of society and still hold our in dependant view point on how and what we are.

For my part ~ I am consciously aware that my spark and me the infinite soul are as one with no veil between us. And while my physical part is alive on earth, I am not separated in any way, from it.

We communicate with the aspect of the physical self all the time~ the channelling comes from this point of us.

My direct writing is being given only from my own experience, to share with others to enabling them to seek and find their own way into their future.

Not to give instruction~ only to share experiences~ my way of understanding it in the holographic principle gives me a deep understanding of how I can proceed in life that has thrown up so much pain both physical, emotional and mental.

I can be outside of this at the same time as being in it: we are here to keep dealing with our emotions, mind sets, and physical experience the good bad and the ugly.

There is no getting out of it, but looking at it as a projected simulation drama, gives me the chance to move away from it and accept it.

I know I can’t have ANY effect on another person~ I can only offer my support in my thoughts, feelings and love for their entities.

I give out love to our sisters~ they can only take the shadow of it, their infinite self’s, tells me that they have to go through the experiences and I cant do anything to change that!

But on the other side of this restraint as a conscious earth being, mine and all other sparks COME TOGETHER as one, lifting all physical life into a new frequency vibration of love~ for the future of independence for the new age of divine light from source.

Whatever way you see it~ is right for you~ and this writing is just another opinion on the same subject, Blessing and love.