Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Mind Conversation from the Higher Being:

Mind Conversation from the higher being:

We had a mind experiment conversation with the other person, a Sister, Rae, Merlin, a stranger in the street, or anyone!

They ask me,

“Well! What! ARE, you doing”?

“We are experiencing the higher levels of the ascension program” we reply.

“What does that mean”?

“It means we are feeling, sensing, and acknowledging the different fields of energy that we all hold within our human body. Being consciously aware of doing this through the practices of the breath, focus and deeper understanding.

Through these techniques we have learnt to bring them into our life, along with the sciences and physics. Its given us the ability to be able to move our perception into these fields~ beyond the human normal~ that every man has been down loaded with since birth. We have just opened these gifts.

The societies way of directing us so that we become a civilised citizens, has reduced the freethinking of the brain for aeons of time and we have broken through it”.

“Yes”, they say, “but how have you done this, what is the criteria for it, can I learn it or have it”?

“Yes, you can you have it, but you have to recognise it in your own right.

It comes from within and you are the ones who can open the door, when you want to.

It has no criteria as such~ because every one is a divine individual light soul` unique in his or hers own right and there are no rules that can be followed, other than the ones you think of.

There are guidelines that can be given and you can use these~ as your ways of discovering your own light.

They are only guidelines”.

“What is it like being able to ‘be’ beyond the veil or the other side of the simulation drama of the holographic theory”?

“There is no explanation for it, no word can describe the energetic feeling of this glory and it cannot be itemised only experienced”.

“How do you feel, being on earth in your capacity of the light being and living with all of us”?

“It’s sometimes difficult to keep our patience with the way people treats us~ we are mostly ignored and redirected by the conversation of others~ because they do not know what we are talking about so we keep quiet.

We give out love, that’s the best way to allow them to come to their own conclusion.

It’s not our place to burst the bubble of their illusion~ that will be their choice~ when they are ready to move on.

How do we cope with it? Well~ we ignore them and walk away~ letting our frustration out in ways of emotional crying, or soft anger, or go into nature~ do some walking or sitting quiet.

As soon as its released we go into our place of meditation on the other side of the simulation and remember~ that they are unaware of their actions and hurtfulness and we give out light.

But we do still have to go through the human emotions of rejection, low self-esteem, and abandonment~ all the things that go with living on this planet as a human.

The lesson is to understand these discrepancies and allow then to materialise within us~ so that we can change and transform them”.

“It must be hard for you”?

“Yes, it is, but the compensation is much greater than the hard ship.

And we know we are at one with Gaia, universe and divine light.

And when we do this~ we are doing it for the greater good of all humanity, collective consciousness, and the consciousness of the universal divine light.

By up grading and healing everything with these actions, makes it all worthwhile in our souls~ and that brings us through every time we get knocked back.

We all have the ability to reach the heights of the divine light fields~ when we want to be lifted from this very heavy earth frequency, once we have released our negative layer of growth, as and when it happens.

We do not need to ever worry about any of it really~ if we can keep thinking this way. It’s powerful and complementary to our life.

We have been given way to traverse this life and remain sane in a field of insanity”.

“I want you to take me there” they say!

“No, we reply, we cannot do that, we can give you a glimpse of it, if you wanted to come into a meditation with us~ but what we have found, is when we have done this, it create fear in the person~ because they have a deep fear of the magic of it and they cant trust us or the feelings that come~ when we go into the outer space.

The fear in the hearts of most men is so great, it has been fed constantly through eons of time~ while earth has been in these lower fields and it will take time for the many to be able to go beyond it.

The younger generation are well on the way, the ones who are the children of the old school of enlightened humans.

These old school souls are unaware that they can be these elevated souls in real life.

But their kids have inherited it~ at a time when earth is transiting into this new age of Aquarius and they are the enlightened souls budding out into the divine beings that we ALL are.

You your self have children~ who are aware~ but you not giving them the correct tuition about these beautiful innate energies~ so that they can embrace them.

We have first hand experience of this with our direct soul group, how the young ones come and listen.

It’s a slow process and it cannot be rushed~ because they have to come to their own conclusions about what is being said.

They have to find their way and to be able to teach their children these ancient ways of the light energies.

Now we are tired and want to stop. Thank you for asking, it has allowed us to release some of our frustration and help you to become enlightened a bit more”.

“We will talk some more”.