Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel


End of August:

The effect that some of the government rules have had on us, is releasing all the inner soul secrecy, and deep understanding, about our emotions.

We are reacting to every personal event that happens in life, as we trip along our ascension path.

In these new fields of light I/we have become very aware consciously~ that we have been allowing our energy to be taken by others.

Throughout life~ It’s been a natural belief to give out to others in the energetic capacity of helping and healing? [Or so we thought.]

Its natural to give out and help other ~ but not to the detriment of our own well being.

As humans~ we are born to share, give, nurture and love, especially our children, family and friends, this is a natural need in us, it makes us feel complete.

Because we have been manipulated by fear~ we do not understand that we will move on as our life’s grow and change, as we grow older, it gives us different rules.

The organised society says~ keep organising~ even when we are older~ we are not encouraged to slow down and conserve our energy.

For my part I have let things go~ the compensations are releasing. I do not have anywhere to go, or to do, and nothing to prove, it has released a lot of the emotional dramas.

They do exist all the time~ but I decide not get engage in them~ and go consciously into the sacred space with my own spark into the outer fields.

This is where I can quickly released these old, out of date feelings, and expand them into my true self, within this world in which we live.

We cannot stop or change others~ we do not want to! ‘Let them be’ this is their path~ but knowing now, that I can be on the outside of these~ releases me of all stress that has been a burden in life.

 I could say’ that when I set out to alter my holographic drama in 2013~ my aim was to be able to NOT be taken over by these emotional and mental strife’s that created pain in my hear

Now, my understanding of the Holographic Universe has expanded. In 2013 I did a very naive set up with the simplest rules, I had the belief that it will work. The idea was to work towards stopping these things from controlling my life~ because they certainly did.

I did not think that I could eliminate them~ because it is part of our function on earth to experience them.

I learnt to know and feel them, without a week of depression or a headache or any other responses my body had, when they were triggered.

I have succeeded with the model~ reducing my reactions to the emotions etc.

This has happened in the last few weeks, I am practicing living in a world of manipulation and controls~ seeing it clearly as NOT my drama, and not reacting to them.

I still experience them all the time, and respond to them pro-actively. In this respect my model has worked and I can call it a Theory.

While turmoil reigns across the planet earth~ we can be secure and hold our integrity. Stan still and let the storms be around us~ and not be in them, no matter what they are~ emotional, energetic and globally.

We are all human beings~ holding the spark of the divine light within~ as the world moves into its new form.

We are walking this earth as divine beings of light~ dressed in a human bio suit~ to share with others in their journey.

We all do our bit, by helping each other to align with their path, using our conscious awareness, and give out unconditional love from our heart/ brain coherence.

This stems from the divine source to all things, we are connected, receiving and transmitting this out to all life from the grand heart/brain coherence of the divine light of the god source that we represents.

We give out to our families, earth, humanity, and universe~ with this sacred light of understanding, supporting each other in their quest in life with absolutely NO! Judgments, anger or regret and I feel safe supported loved and at one within.

We are at the end of August~ and the flow of new light has penetrated the fields of every soul, some are still having to evaluate their progress and adjust; lots of people are opening up into the bigger understanding.

This is a free will planet~ and everyone can choose how they want to live and what beliefs we want. It’s in our hands to let go~ if we want to~ and change our opinions of what we need.

To do this~ we have to change our thoughts~ the way we think~ change our mind thoughts~ on what we hold onto.

Thank you X 🙂