Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

A conversation about Open Focus Meditation:

A conversation about the Open Focus Meditation:

the on-going experiment from the last blog about this. “Most times”, Marne says to her inner focus, I can get into this easily; there is a specific distinction between the feelings of being ‘in it’ and being ’outside’ of it. After doing this for one week every day there has been certain things that have changed.

“There are no obvious changes from the outside”, Marne carries on, “and it would be an implicit world if this were so but, there could be no way of articulating this in the realism of my life here with the family.

It might be the product of the full moon or the circumstance of it being in these two months, the end and beginning of the new spiritual year.

I get a clear feeling of ‘going’ into it as if I am entering the space of a soft, happy place that has a noticeable feel of ‘being’ in a completely different place to where I have come from then I can flip back into the illusion as soon as I open my eyes and carry on acting my life out in the simulation.

How will these two merge together in my life as a compatible way of living?

Will there be a new balance, a better place or is it always going to be two separately feelings?

I will have to wait and see how I get on after the July and August resets come in September. In the Si Fi films”, Marne carries on talking to anyone who would listen, “they portray this as being a bubble that quivers when somebody moves into it, this does not happen!

There is no wobble it is an effortless alteration with the power of the breath and heart/brain logic giving the feeling of connection becoming coherent with it.

Even when I am in an adverse space in my head I can still get into this currant of lightness, where I can go through the things that are distressing me at the time and reconcile them, It’s like magic.

Jack comes in and tells me he in listening to me, that make me feel better and I thank him, he tells me that”!

“Others do not have any idea of what is occurring when you are doing this.

They are unaware that it is anything unusual to where they are in their head and there is no way they can know while they inhabit the third dimensional illusion.

The disparity of it is remote and out of the concepts of most souls currently, they do not know.

When you began this type of mediation you had no feeling of anything, it felt empty, but you kept going even though you felt nothing, I repeat, ‘nothing’, it felt empty.

This space left you are feeling unstable, but as you practiced, it became a dynamic sensation as you carried on you reached the sweet spot where you can feel the expanded light outside of your heart/brain coherence, it’s the pure energy of change, the quantum energy of potential and possibility.

It will not stop the material highs and lows of the waves as they come through, and yes, you still must acknowledge them; but you now know how to let them be and they pass by using this method of meditation”.

“Thank you, Jack, now can I speak to you and the Pleiades groups It is not panning out in the way that has been explained by you and Dr Joe, it’s much more expansive, by this I mean there is so much more than just going into the mediation to manifest a singular objective.

The expansion goes outside the human idea of a meditation!

Yes! It does do everything that you talked about, but the effect is far reaching in so much as opening the whole mind set to the unfamiliar things that have not been experienced yet. It’s hard to explain, I can get into it quick, even when I am on the low of the wave and everything seems destructive.

I can realise it and begin to allow it to be within and to let it flow away by altering the thoughts and then the emotions change.

That is one thing; I can’t say I maintain a place of utopia all the time because that is an unreal assumption, nobody can be in that state all the time, we live in a world of contrast so it’s the balance between the highs and lows, always coming back to the equal stability for the good of myself and other around me.

I have found that it has altered my inner outlooks in-so-much as they are more relaxed and pliably than ever before, there is no tightness within, even when I am in a state of hostile energy, I can cry easily and it passes rapidly, it’s like I have been unravelled from some deep hold that has been my life up to now.

I am holding an air of contentment with all the things that are going on around me as being the right way for life currently.

My perception of others has expanded into a more profound way of understanding that everyone and their foibles that must be lived out in their life.

All I can do is give support and comfort whenever I can.

This is my view on it, and it is personal to me, these thoughts are the outcome of the experiment I am putting myself through to be able to express how these changes are occurring.

Every single person will have their own version of this, and they are all correct no matter how they seem.

The only reason I am doing this and writing about it is so that others can begin to come to terms with the changing world in every way, world business, politics, personal achievements within the family, understanding that we are all different and accept this without judgment of anything or people.

This is coming through clear and precise at this time that is not to say it will continue to be so well-defined, because we are in the throes of the July and August re-set of the new year and consciousness as well as the physical alignment and adjustments in this enlightening year. Will these changes stay with my now or will they revert as they have done in the past, I am asking you dear soul to escort me through this?

I have done some more research on this apparently it takes two months to get to a successful point with it. have given myself a two-week break, when I went back to it, I realised that the recording I did to start with was not in the right frequency for this time now two week on, so I have re- recorded it in a slow soft gentle voice with soft sound in the back ground and this has given me a deeper level of ‘being in the quantum potential and possibly to the previous one. It feels much deeper, and I am out in the universal fields of this non-physical quantum energy.

I am putting my focus on self-healing to build a strong immune and nervous system and renew the DNA of the lungs, heart, bones, and digestive system, these are all things that need to make me stronger within my physical body.

These are the manifestations I am working on as I do this quantum healing in this experiment; so far so good. 🙂