Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

On this day:

On this day know that you are expanded into your deep soul knowledge of the heart and understand that all you need to do is celebrate within this deep and powerful knowing that is now your ‘way’.

This year’s inductions into these higher fields are reverberated through the very soul of anyone who is ready.

These waves of light will remind you that you are on earth going through the very things that have brought you to earth at this time.

Are you feeling the light within you as a soft glow of love contentment and all you want to do is sit in it and hold it close to your heart/brain cohesion as it grows like a flower?

It is strong and getting stronger as the year progresses into the light ascension, there is nothing to say, just ‘be’ in this glowing power of the one and know that everything you do is conforming to the universal up grade in the collective consciousness of humanity and universe; the bigger picture!

You are stepping beyond the lower planes to work in the higher dimensions, to receive, hold and anchor the light emission into Gaia as well as humanity, to aid people to step outside the negative environment and move to the way of spirituality, this is the soul purpose of your existence here on earth at these testing times.

It is futile to keep holding onto the old way at this time, take time out so that you can physically evolve into the light of the sacred soul of the source and the one and only all.

Sit back and enjoy this and allow the greater light to seep gently through your matrix, there is no limit to the power that one person can hold, give and anchor, every human has these capacities when they allow them self to sit quietly and evolve into them.

Nothing is set, life is not predicable in any way shape or form, the things that are going on around you will remain until they have worked through the very reason they are happening.

Every scenario has to be worked through to the end, so that the changes and learning’s can be understood, there are no short cuts in this kind of energy.

You are all a part of the soul of god and in that understanding you can move through the earth plane with dignity, love, hope, and trust.

As a person ascends into these higher levels of light, it can be hard to rationalise the dramas that are present in the illusionary simulations of the reality of those who are travelling along their paths, all at different levels of development.

To give a person a more acceptable view, it helps to remember that earth life is an illusion, a simulation set up by the ones in control so that they can influence the minds of as many people who will listen and believe them.

Once a person realises this, it is hard for them to accept and comply, but comply a person must, to live in harmony and balance while doing the necessary ground work of the way shower, light worker.

On the deep level of ascension, this is a lesson to manage and learn to understand, so that the balance can be kept in the face of life’s incidents and to keep grounded and in balance so that changes can be accomplished.

In the new energy the lessons are not as straight forwards as they were, they have to be recognised and understood before they can be applied to living.

Being tolerant of others mistakes and still encouraging them to carry on, mistakes have to be made before lessons are learnt, every one is on their own path of growth and this has to be tolerated by these knowledgeable souls who have jumped into the new frequencies, with love and care.

It is a lesson of tolerance, understanding, guidance, and heart/brain coherent love for humanity, it won’t come naturally, it has to be recognised, then understood that it is a lesson before it can be applied with the grace of the divine beings that every one is.

This information is for every one on earth at this time, to be taken in whatever form is compatible to the individual’s comprehension, every thing is correct; nothing is ever wrong, everything is a leaning curve for each soul to encounter and realise how it will help them to grow.

One thing that stands out with many who are expressing their thoughts, is that their faith is being tested sometimes to the extreme; this is also part of the deep realisations of the higher being that you all are.

This is a re-adjustment of the thoughts, mind and spirit and is a way is go into the heart and focus on the moment, your higher self is in your heart and is there to help you to realise your true potential, feel the love of this and have the faith that all is well.

All things have to be played out in life no matter how hard it seems at the time of happening, these events are your chosen life path, they are there to help you to come into the truth that you hold and do not understand yet.

Be patience dear souls and keep going with the heart/brain love coherence, use all the methods that are available to encourage and keep you on the road to your ascension into you true being that you are. Be love Blessed and happy. 🙂