Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel


Sept + Healing 1st:

At the beginning of this month~ there was an anchored lull in the way the suns emissions were affecting everything~ surging us forwards with a clearer mind about how our road ahead can be.

For us personally~ it was the book, channelling and posting. Every one received this surge and it has pushed all of us forwards.

Now we are days in~ and over this last week, we have noticed that, what we were experiencing as different symptoms~ over the years have become our norm!

There are times when we get high anxiety, sickie, and tired. But these are very short lived; we are in a state of wavy energy that coincides with being in the moment with the breath.

Practicing being in these wavy, self-connecting, energy fields to the outside of the simulation, can be difficult~ as we engage in our daily life and other peoples drama.

Going beyond the veil consciously~ into the divine state, in a breath~ does not give us a high feeling~ it’s the same energy we are always in. We slip backwards and forwards, in and out of the life dramas and chaos~ into the next field of light~ and then out, as we interact with them.

As a connection between the divine source and dramas and chaos, we are aware of keeping the balanced energy fields within.

Bringing it back into the whole world, as it is still panicking and being fearful of these days of uncertainty, but we are not being affected by it on our inner level.

Our energy wavers with no solid anchor~ its as if we are anchored with the fields of energy and are at one with them. It’s as if we can think~ we are energy and are able to be non-solid and experience it~ while we are still solid in our body.

Maybe we have a core line down our centre and the rest is energy flowing, wavering and floating, hands, feet, body, and mind, we are not sure yet! We just accept it as our new normal.

Yes, the energy is still engaging in our minds eye~ as well as when our eyes are open~ the world looks clear~ but it seems removed from the old third dimensional way.

It looks soft and beautiful, even the weeds look happy to be there~ the mess~ the pool toys that need clearing up, the dropped leaves, everything is smiling and at one with our thoughts and perception.

We do not have to go anywhere to experience the beauty of Gaia~ its right outside our door when we are observing from the inner light glow~ of this new reality. We give thanks and gratitude for all that we have, our mind, hearts and thoughts are free from the old ties, thank you.

My head is a bit spinning and slightly heady but its not uncomfortable, we just wonder what we do now!

Dear souls:

well done, you have open a very big channel of energy~ from beyond the veil~ anchoring it into this new earths fields~ breaking down of the old world order on the multiverse, bringing the divine fields onto earth.

This is the new earth field~ it’s the multiverse dimensions of the divine fields~ they are here on earth along with the old energy. As the fields expands it will/is transforming the negative energy~ making the light bigger so that mans interference cannot alter it from the old order.

Thank you. ☺ ☺




As The Earth Turns on her axis and September arrives, the sun has shifted in the garden, the high waves of June, July, August, have started to balance in this new years frequency.

On Waking Up:

We wake up, we feel the energy as predicted by all sages... it’s utopia, love and calm~ but through experience, we know that we are still in our divine dreamy, sleepy, space of just waking up and at peace.

As we begin to wake up~ the feeling of loving life~ will be conflicted with the chaos of life~ in September, when all things begin to wake up to the reality of the last few months.

But for this moment, we still hold this peaceful source light for as long as possible.

As these vibrations equal out; our mind goes into our entity~ into our spark~ and we breath into the cosmic multiverse through the veil/ simulation into the source light, confirming  that inside the dramas of earth’s third dimensional life~ the feedback loops run from the other side of this and is spiralling down into the physical Gaia.

We move out into the outer universe’ into source, and connect our centre to the source, universal fields, of constant light flow, to the core of earth and humanity here.

It’s the fields of divine light, here in this moment we affirm our love connections and the fields respond with the powerful frequency of heart/brain coherent love.

It is creating new light, streaming into the field’s on/in earth and all the universe bodies, adding strength from the ancient civilisations.

These fields are regenerating by the actions of all souls, who are adding their own progress in a unified vibration~ its developed in the multiverse of living light, from the multisource of the divine god, in this energetic way for the Age of Aquarius.

This is happening on the creative planes of earth on the lighter levels,  over laying the lower frequency of the third dimension.

And, we know, that as we do this and hold the vibration~ the old will still drive the life on earth for a time yet~ leading to the turbulence of changes. Hold your centres with the love from the heart/ brain coherence it will keep you balanced.

The heart/brain coherence means as you breath into your heart and feel the love, imagine it connected to your brain/ pineal gland at the crown of the head, do it through the chakras system to keep you core light in place. For a deeper understanding of this~ go to Heart Math Institute. We have just given our understanding on this. Thank you. ☺ ☺


Self-healing for us all: Gaia and  all humanity: 

Every thing on earth has infections of some kind, there are areas where there is imbalances~ in the physical bodies of man and Gaia, mental, mind, and body for whatever reason that has caused these. 

We are being given data~ saying that the binaural sounds to heal specific areas of the body of Gaia and multi dimension in the Holographic Universe. All its bodies will connect from beyond the veil or divine source that that oversees everything.

The days of experiencing these times are over; we move into the actual area of actually direct healing~ using the divine source frequency beam, to aim onto the parts of these body’s light frequency~ to regenerate it.

Using this spiralling laser treatment with the light that is focused from big fields of healing~ down into the small stream, the direct beam that is regenerating.

Personally: my tooth is hurting, but this beam spiral, is being directed to the whole nervous systems of all life~ releasing the toxins and replacing them with healthy cells, not only for us all. A regeneration from the intention of heart/brain coherent focus~ within the whole picture of life’s creation and vibration of this divine source~ bringing about a universal balancing in all bodies in the observe universe. We are one.

The reflection of the ills on earth with humanity, is what we are feeling, so that we can do this reconstruction on the quantum light frequency within us, and expand it into all man, Gaia, planets, and universe for this reconstructive of the new ways to become our own healers.

As these binaural sounds are pulsing through cells, light body, bones, and molecules; it feels very cleansing, calm, and exactly right.

It is clearing our digestive system, lungs, heart, skin, as we drop every sound onto the physical body as it flows through Gaia and us as light, love, and peace healing.

All things are connected to this frequency; we lay back and are in it until further notice.