Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

August 2021:

August 2021: 🙂

So... here we are in august... the re-balance of Gaia and humanity is panning out in many ways for all the different platforms of reality.

There is lots of information and data that has been given that is needed for the evolution of Gaia and humanity... with all this’ its is up to every individual to take their own steps of responsibility, as they move forwards in their own unique way.

Dear souls, this is August... the time of the great reset for this new age agenda, and we are trying to guide you in the easiest way we can for your understanding, Let your self be, and do not try to do anything much.

Sit back and enjoy these wonderful light dimensions that are filtering into every living thing, including earth and all planets.

Try not to be small minded, open up to your different dimensions, that are so much a part of you and all life... do not try to explain it... you cannot know or do this... its well beyond the capacity of the human brain... accept it and it will make it easier for you, Gaia and the collective of humanity.

Know that what one person goes through, every soul on earth is being touched with... we have written about the fields of the human physical body, and how they are all interconnected with the cosmic makeup of the bigger picture... all those new concepts are about the connectedness of the universe, right down to the smallest life form on earth, and out in the cosmic soup.

Understanding these new concepts as being the basic truth of life in this whole set up, including the holographic simulation, the outer fields of the highest God head and soul groups... that we have told about over this last year... it is how a person can expand their self into the new vibrations, by accepting that everything a person does, goes out into these field of plasma.

And these in turn are proactive accordingly with the universal law of connectedness; this is how mankind can move forwards into their scared self... with the help of these new concepts.

The soul groups and the spark that every soul holds, is the core of the different dimensions that man has within, and can be active, as soon they have accepted that these concepts are the new reality.

The magnetic fields, electro magnetic fields the inner elements of the intuition, intelligence, the imagination, the ego, and the dream time experiences... are all fields and part of alternative dimensions that man holds, and can be interactive with in ways that go far beyond the third dimensional simulation of the old illusions.

We knew that all people have to live on earth in the society’s constricts and media control, and we know that is will take a long time for these other concepts to be an excepted way of thinking ... but as we have said before... we have to start somewhere, so that it these can be anchored into the core of these different dimensions that humanity holds.

This is giving it a chance to take root and start to blossom into the new way of understanding life in the connectedness of our universe.

To sustain a constant flow of the data... takes fortitude and persistence... and some may fall by the wayside for a time... but for the strong hearted and persistent souls who doggedly keep going... the path will lead to the best outcome, over a long period of time.

Always look into your heart for guidance and be truthful to your self at these times of constant re-balancing... while the cosmic fields of the movement of the cosmic clock aligns.

This allows the flow of the deep information from the outer galaxy’s that are poring their new frequencies into the earth fields, so that humanity can absorb them and shift their understanding for the future of them self and Gaia.

August is one of these moments in time that this is happening.... so just open your heart, soul and mind to it, and let it flow through your matrix as it activates the DNA and physical body with love for these greater understandings.

Thanks’ be blessed. 🙂