Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

More than one part talking:

More than one part talking:

So it is possible for a human to have a 4/5-way conversation as a mind experiment with our own higher self?

Yes, we answer ourselves! 🙂

‘Of course it is, everyone is multi dimensional, and contain upwards of 12 dimension in the human physical fields from dense matter, to the 22nd + divine light.

Up to now~ the third dimensional heart /brain, mind and DNA has only used a small portion of what is available~ this does not mean it cannot be accessed and deliberately used to enhance and educate the understanding of the abilities that are here.

So! We can all have 4/5 way conversations with our self and it is fully acceptable!

Every one is in their third dimensional physical part~ that is still holding all of the old beliefs and has a problem letting them go?

Yes. You must accept that you hold this old given belief system still!

Breath and open the next layer of your light being~ and ask!

How are we getting on with this delivery?

Very well and these are bringing you all into your next levels of the light being understandings, and it is absolutely acceptable to have a 4-way conversation as a group.

The latest difficulty is being inside the illusion during the day~ where we are experiencing your dramas~ others will jolt you into their different levels~ and when this happens~ use all your tools to get back to your balance.

For us... that’s when we walk away~ and use tears, to relive the frustration.

From your higher level~ you are told, you can use these new ways of working with these frequencies ~in the capacity of anchoring the alchemy fields of the new~ into Gaia’s souls and physical, on every other level at the same time. 🙂

We have talked about these higher levels of the godhead before; the third dimension illusion is one small particle in the greater picture.

The human ego sets all men on a high of his own belief of his knowledge~ this is part of the lower vibrations of the free will planet. Humans are the greatest source of the divine light, once they can get through their given beliefs systems.

The human soul holds the divine core spark~ of all levels of the godheads~ above the one belief system that have been put into place by those who control earths during the lower vibrations. 🙂

The playground of the third dimension earth~ is to experience first hand the negative things, so that man can learn to understand how he can get over them, to find the gold of his ability to reach the nirvana of his soul.

NOW! Stop! Who! Is talking to us here?

You would like to believe that some outside source is speaking tp us wouldn’t you? 🤔

Yes! Well! We are you; and you have to accept that there is NO disconnection.... and you are talking from your ancient souls self of the files of all life.

This makes us feel... a bit uncomfortable and unsure of our sanity. 🤔

To break out of these vey deep beliefs, is to alter our mental and physical dense matter~ its not just a field of energy, it is coded through our old DNA, in every cell.

These will be reset with the high frequency light beams~ and THIS is what causes ascension symptoms and stops so many people from allowing it to happen.

As our elevated consciousness “speak” “to” “us”, its much easier to be in our lower vibrational self~ and blame it on another outside source~ than to take responsibility for all that is said~ in a world of disbelief illusionary dramas.

It takes great courage to even think this way~ let alone tell all others about it, and stand by these transcript’s.

But we can reassure you that every “bit’ of data is coming from your own elevated consciousness that... by the way is NOT collective yet in the lower levels. 🙂

In that mind conversation, it was your elevated conscious talking to your lower consciousness, and it was this part of it that did not nurture your children; but now you have grown in your oneness and have opened up to the higher self’s in your physical DNA. 🙂

You do/will speak and show this very adverse data~ to introduce it into the lower collective consciousness on the illusion of the lower earth vibration.

This has cleared up some of these questions, now all we have to do~ is to remember and start to think in these terms so that it is in our normal understanding, it has given us a head ache.

No wonder we don’t want to do it~ and we divert instead of focusing on our truth. 🙂🙃

And the other thing is... what good will it does us?

We answer our self; we wrote it in our time line for this life to share for other to learn, we are a  multidimensional being ~ with all the aspects up to these elevated fields of consciousness~ bringing it to the collective of the third dimensions of humanity at this time. 🙂

Start to think this way and learn our own connections and retreat into our elevated space and “BE”.

In that mind conversation~ it was your elevated conscious talking to your lower consciousness~ and it was this part~ that did not nurture your children.

But now you have grown in your own oneness, and opened up to the higher self to your physical DNA.

You do/will speak and share this very adverse data to introduce it into the lower collective conscious in the illusion of the lower earth vibration.

SO! Who are the others, the masters and guides and AAs planetary beings etc.? 🤔

They are all part of the lower illusion to make the data plausible for the many at this time~ and they are all part of every soul on earth.

There is a construct of the growth of the consciousness into these divine high levels, and these named ‘Guides’ make it easier to understand.

Thank you: 🙂