Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Part 3 Re-healing:

Part 3 re-healing:

I stop typing and can feel the frequency changing within me as it wavers before it become one with the Archturians again, they ask me to listen too the fearless motivation sounds, we are going to utilise these fields to re-organise the universal grids the same ones we did in 2020, I put the music on.

I selected the first fearless motivation called ‘Stand Up’ and put my headphones on, this cuts out any outside interference and I go within my imagination.

I was watching them and as the music played, typing blindly, they are all vibrating to its pulses as one, bringing the highest frequency’s into the room through these dimensional portals, it came to a crescendo and then falls into the lull of the divine light.

The next song is soft and tranquil called ‘The Universe and Me’ and the high lighted Arcturan stands in front of me in all his glory and holds his hands out for me to take hold of; as this happens he imbibes me with the messages and the healing program.

I take his hands and he guides my light body and takes me and lays me down in the middle of the circle of light souls with my four ”G’s set intermittently in between the Arcturians in their dimensional way they are as one connected to me and the leader in the centre of the group.

Because of the connectedness all the souls energy is vibrating into and through me from the higher soul who is holding me as I receive these frequencies, these are penetrating the whole of humanity and the collective consciousness.

“Ok”, Marne says, “what’s going on”?

“There comes a time”, they say, “when every human has to go deeper into their own soul matrix, so far there has only been the surface alterations and lots of people have had trouble changing this, let alone altering these very deep soul intricate layers of the soul matrix.

Shut the music off now Marne, we need you to focus right into your silence and know the we are not within sitting inside the physical body, but are deeply routed into the fields of expanded light outside, as with all people this is the next phrase.

This healing is connected to all peoples on earth at this time is the time to be able to go back over what you have experienced and relive it so that you can let go of anything you do not want; and keep all the good data that has been given.

We have worked with you personally since 2012, doing the same thing, healing through you, to effect the whole human race and now we are here again to help every one to let these deep layers of old stuff go completely and to complete the transition into the new age. 2020 is when we began to work with these sounds to break down the old, this time we are going to reconstruct the universal matrixes to accommodate the Age of Aquarius.

To do this we would like you to put the music on and go through all the emotions that it evokes and as each one ends feel the changes take place.

At the same time we are going to rearrange your energy portals along with the chakras and the main body organs.

Yes you are feeling unwell and this is because of the very high emissions that have come into Gaia these last day, and at the same time as the planet Mercury and Venus goes into retrograde, and the full moon that is coming, bringing back all the past things so that they can be looked at and thrown out at last.

Every one is going through these changes on every different life vibrations according to their personal frequencies, and what we do here with you is being done on all levels of life including earth, so start now.

As before when we orchestrated the break down of the old energy grids as the music played out, so! This time we are resetting it to its brand new frequency, orchestrating it in the same way with every heavenly souls in these dimension along with us on the ground to do the same changing light force as it happens.

This part of the music is to bring every one in together, building the power up with all it different vibrations and letting it spread throughout the universe, and it becomes greater as the sound builds and as the light force is being given out through the hands of the light beings to create this cacophony of sound vibration that creates the new, now give your self over to it completely because the connection from this, to you, as our ground crew is vital for it to work.

We are giving the healing into you in a way so that every soul is receiving it through the collective.

Marne’ is seeing how the circle of the souls are attracting the universal orchestration down into their circle and then allowing it the flow in to her, as the new light frequency.

“Now what”, she says to them.

“Go to the next one and do the same.

I am doing it... it begins softly and I am feeling it through my system, and once again the universal souls are gathering together and the orchestration of this is coming together as the greatness of our universe are added to all the next levels of light vibration slowly, so as to keep the mix in balance and I am giving myself over to this wholly and enjoying the attention of healing on all levels.

I am drinking a warm glass of weak apple cider vinegar with mother as an aid to the healing and transformation, as it flows down my throat I can feel its energy cleaning me.

And the music builds up and up as I watch the performance of the ultimate light forces altering everything in the creation of this light rebalance, the realigning and relighting up the DNA and everything as it come to its finally and stops.

And now we are on the final one called a “new dawn”, there is no gap I have gone straight into this one on purpose so that the link is not broken and the whole thing is being fulfilled as we go on.

I sit listening to this and smile as the feeling of one greatness and fulfilment spreads through me expanding this out into my fields and into the field of the universal greatness through these light souls who are supporting me as this occurs, they are all smiling and giving out to humanity the light of knowing that this is the fulfilment of the these three years of the progress of humanities transformation into the new age.

As the power of the sound swirls around touching every thing and being hammered into the smallest parts of life in the human body as well Gaia and we all feel it... it is penetrating into the deepest core belief of Gaia and mankind, there is a choir of voices with the power of the divine souls groups interweaving with all life in the our universe of light and I am so proud to be apart of it.

I ask for all the negatives to leave and as the sounds float down gently in my soul and Gaia’s, all the negative experience are reduce to nothing.


 Now the healing is done the Arcturians stand up and hug each other with me in the middle, my four guides are surrounding me with then and all are connected to the lovey light power of divine we say thank you and are grateful for their help because I needed it so much at this time.

The healing group leave and my friendly guides stay with me.

“Well Marne what do you think about that and you thought it had all stopped over these last two years, but what has been going on is everyone has been gradually finding out who are trust worthy and letting go of those and things that are not relevant any more. Until this had happen the Arcturans could not come in close and do this personal and universal healing.

It does not matter what others think, it only matters how you manage your self and what you do in the face of adversity remember always take care of your self.

There is a request... spend time going into the sounds for three days, bringing in this frequency then it will be set.

This dimensional portal has been the gateway for this here in my back room overlooking the garden with the birds feeding and singing. Good buy for now”.

I am thinking that life in the third dimension will carry on in the same way and there will be no big bang to say this had happened, there will be no obvious change it will be subtle, but I know its been done, me and my four “G”s know and the Arcturians, we all know, and what others are doing is their own business not ours, and me... and these entities know and are still with me now, so let the others play out in their own ways, nothing is wrong everything is right.