Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

The cogs are shifting; Transformational July and August:

The cogs are shifting:

There’s not much we can do at this moment in time except sit back relax and let the radiations come in as they want to.

The energetic cogs are shifting, turning and realigning, I see then in my mind’s eye whenever I close my eyes and the feeling that goes with this is making me sit quiet while this carries through August and into September.

Going with it is the easiest way to stay in stability while all else seems to be flowing out of control, this is part of the sequence of earths development, and it is slowly infiltrating everything.

When I am in the moment of the OFM healing state there is quite calm and safety from the outside commotion, as far as I can recognise it is a nothingness, a state of being, but as I go on with it there are things that I become aware of in ways of these higher dimensions and by concentrating, uniting and preying from my heart/brain coherence, it subtly shifts.

It’s the same as when I did hands on healing it is not me’ doing the healing, I am opening the frequency of the correlation to the higher frequency over myself and situation using my own higher self to do any kind of adjustment.

Everyone heals his or herself, I am opening a conduit to my self-healing capabilities, in this way there is no interfering with anything to do with the free will policy of earth, it’s the only way forwards.

Transformational July and August:

The significance of these two months is the ending of one spiritual year the day out of time and the beginning of a new year.

We are nearly into September; the shifts are panning out into the new year of change. Marne says “I am not quite sure how this will work but to be sure this year is feeing different, there are adverse weather conditions both in the north and southern hemisphere creating world varying patterns of weather, it is down to the progress of Gaia into the beginning of her conversion into the new age of light.

On the ground in the individual lives of all peoples there is great impact on the way of living in all walks of life, the anxieties of everyone have been numerous over these last days.

The radiations and plasmas are still coming, interfering with the physical body and separating the lower dimensions from the higher ones that are getting stronger all the time.

Find your inner space, open your heart, become aware of this part of you. Each soul has the inner space that is connected to the source, God, it is there within the body, but it is the mind that stops you from finding it. You have never been taught to seek it out, as it is not part of the physical control of our world.

That does not mean that you can’t find it, everyone can!

All the writings and shares talk about these things like ‘go within’ ‘find your heart/brain coherence’ ‘be’ at one with the moment’ and you will find it, meditate, etc.

There are stages to this, meditation is a beginning, doing a simple guided meditation will give you the feeling of calm quiet and centring.

It all leads to the inner sanctuary of your inner space and open heart.

Finding the inner space, the meaning of this is becoming clearer as this year moves forwards, when this was divulged to me it felt like it had a very different idea.

I did not understand exactly it meant, it was an unknown process, it started off small, a small thought of going within and only allow myself to be inside my physical body, I did not have the perception that this leads me to expanding out into the universe, the feeling of space both within and in the universe.

It has been constantly said that we hold the universe within our body but whoever knew what that really meant, it was just words, dreams, imagination and “not real” It has taken me a while to realise what this meant and “how” it can be. Its only shown itself to me over these last weeks, now I can feel, know and see the greatness of these words, ‘we hold the universe within our heart’, I have been practicing the Open Focus Meditation, it has given me this understanding.

‘As above so it is below’, sayings that have rang through my head and being given out as a Guru would tell his students, without much explanation about what or how it is.

There is no infinitive way of explaining it, the only way is to try meditation and see what turns up, I can’t explain it in words that would give anyone a true and accurate idea this is because every soul MUST find it for them self, it can’t be done any other way and be maintainable.

This is my outlook only; everyone else will have their own distinctive vision of it, I am certain of that, I have just to get share my understanding, to openly talk about it as being the within space. It may help to elucidate this conundrum that has existed for so long. 🙂