Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Next Part 2 of the Mind Experiment:

Next part of the mind experiment...

Moving on from the holographic universe theory personal observations: of living out side of the illusion dramas.

I am focussing on the binaural sound called’ light body activation to help me to function in these outer regions beyond the third dimension veil/ outer quadrant.

This helps us to elevate out of the simulation and go into the beyond the third dimension belief~ that “we can go as far as we can think”.

Since the beginning of this year we have selected any music that resonate with us to facilitate our progress in these new levels~ since our mind conversation and the explanation for it. 🙂

Using these sound with headphones, helps us to understand and bring it into our living reality~ with the knowledge that we are able to go into the outer field enough~ to be able to accept and consciously integrated this concept deep within our new DNA body~ in the living functioning manner.

The aim is to be able to know the fields of this outside godhead of the third dimension earth.

We knew we are there ~ and we feel the unity of this elevated fields of the divine source, godhead at this new level.

It is the same as going out beyond the simulation/veil or universal consciousness collective of this step.

We are focussing on getting beyond that collective~ into the universal mind consciousness where there is no collective yet. 🙂

The alchemy is to raise our personal collective consciousness~ and go into this open field frequency~ and co-create a collective for the new world for every one on earth.

This is not easy! We have to over come our fears of this unknown elements~ have enough faith and heart/brain coherence love~ to know we are being completely guided by our own elevated self ~that is part of these great big new energetic fields of light vibrations and frequency and we are safe. 🤔

We can get it, we know the elevated feeling, a connectedness to our truth~ we feel it~ but we wont know it until it connects us to.

We understand these fields are there and they hold the key to future concepts~ but we cannot see them yet.

So we keep looking and feeling and writing~ until they manifest into our perception as a living reality.

Then! We can share it all! The music gives us a sounds focus~ to keep our attention on that fields space~ and watch it materialise in our 3rd eye and keep asking our self~ to show us in a human perception of understanding. 🙂

If a person has no previous knowledge of something~ his brain cannot recall it~ until he has open up to thoughts and perception of it.

This will lead to the experience of ascension. We do not have previous perception on our brain memory yet, its been hidden.

This is what has come so far~ when we sleep, meditate and imagine we are opening up and accessing these different aspects of our elevated self’s~ it is an open door for us to use, and focus on and get this deeper understanding from the elevated godhead within us.

That is why its important to remember these experiences and recall and scribe it.

What we notice is~ it is not in any way related to any of our old 3rd dimension experiences~ there is no separate entities as such~ more like a blanketing of our elevated self’s ~that enfolds us~ in our different understanding of the levels of light fields and vibrational frequency energy. 🤔

There is a definite difference in these~ as the different levels come in and out. We can’t pin it down yet but we will in the end.

There is communication with our whole being~ gently directing us~ in what we need to do~ to keep mind, body and soul balanced while these transmutations happen.

The emotions came and we deal with them~ these elements come, we keep calm, soft, with love and we ride all the discrepancies.

Smile. 😀

Personal experience: When we shut our eyes and go into the Void within~ it’s a definite space!

And when we open our eyes they have to adapt to the outside vision. Our eyes become crossed in the void and we see distortion when we open them until they re-align.

The images of light souls, geometric shapes, and colour come through the void~ its like on an inner screen.

This must be the physical vision of these multitudes of our soul fields~ and as we go deeper into them~ we lose physical consciousness and go into sleep or dream time.🙂

Q: is it possible to be awake physically and go into our multi fields or souls.

A: There is a limitation to how awake a person can be~ while in these elevated fields and be able to interact on the physical earth.

But you can engage and pass over this knowledge to others~ and be consciously aware that you are occupying your high fields and describe, share, and give out the frequency for others to know and understand these fields~ at this time line.

In future time lines~ everyone will open up to their multitudes of their higher souls fields consciously and it will become a new collective.

Thank you: 🙂