Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel








We have moved into these new fields of a deeper understanding, I am being asked to talk about integrating science and quantum physics with the inspiration of the divine infinite light~ our spiritual self~ and start to see it as one~ with no separation.

My inspiration has always wanted to be backed up by the sciences, all of them! I argued with it~ as being a waste of time~ when all peoples are so deeply ensconced in their own viewpoint~ that is, the widely held world-view that science is not compatible with the spirituality of our divine beings.

I am told that its time someone did this, and set precedence for the others to think about. This has been given to me over the last month and I have sat on it~ because it was not the right time... this has changed~ so here I go.


In the holographic universe theory and we are all living in a simulation of our projected thoughts~ created through each souls divine infinite spark~ that is within each person.

It is a very small dot of the energy of the divine, Hugh, energy field that is residing outside of the simulation.

OR the other side of the VEIL coming from the outside of the created holographic world of our simulated illusion in which we all live~ this is the theory!


The Theory of the holographic universe simulation Gives a different understanding to how we can perceive our life.

There has been a lot of research done on this Theory It says that everything we have within our simulated world has been created for our experiences~ Every guide* master* arc angel* angels* higher being* Galactic beings * planetary beings* are all saying the same thing.... be in love, and create the world we want.

From way back masters of the divine have been saying these words and giving methods of how to get to this concept.

All religions, ancient information, intuition, imagination say~ find our authentic self from within... find our true spark that lives within all souls... that is the part of the infinite divine source of the ALL... that is also on the outside of the holographic simulation of our world, beyond the veil.

This small dot/ spark within us is connected to the divine source on the other side of the field of light simulation also called the veil. The word illusion comes into play because we have all been living in this illusion with fear as a control and is a holding chain.

Start to think from your divine spark~ imagine it changing the things that you are not happy with in your daily life. And feel these fears evaporate into the illusionary air, go to the hearts/brain coherence and focus.

As soon as you can get your mind, thought and perspective into this idea~ the fear starts to fade and it’s replaced by calm pattern of frequency that response to the higher being that you are~ we all are.

There are many methods to help with this, I have been using sound since January 2020... binaural, ohm, charts, epic music, frequency to enhance and open parts of my brain to be able to again access to these much expanded frequency’s that hold the messages they hold.

But everyone has their own ways ... so find your way to open your mind up to what is available within the spectrum of the new age vibrations of growth... find your way.

This is a whole new way of conceiving how we are living and being, everything we do can be incorporated into this way of thinking.

Are we all creating a BIG SHIFT...? OR a MAIN EVENT... of change within the already working holographic simulation of our home planet and the whole universe.

Is it all part of the simulation~ does it reach out much further than our own personal life style? Thank you ☺ 😀



It began with the singing bowls last July2019 when I realised the deep undertones were awakening a deep part of my sleeping energy somewhere inside.

This carried on until 2020... when I started to connect to the binaural sounds Zen meditations and the Ohms.

Our little spark gives us all information that we need to open up to progress. It does it time and time again, repeating the feelings~ the insights~ the dreams~ until we learn to listen.

These are being given ALL the time in our every day life~ and we tend to ignore them~ as not being valid. An example of this is when the spark wanted me to access these outside light frequency and get over my fear!

It was done three times all in different structures, until the last one that was when I was in my semi sleep state and I wasconscious of its energetic state as it recalibrated my energy pattern within my matrix.

It did not make me feel afraid~ but it made me sit up and understand that NO matter how much I remained in denial, this part of me wants me to move forwards into the uncharted energy and understanding.

This latest music has a very deep underlying tones that alters from one tone to another in sound and frequency~ it is the most profound energy transference within, its called~ “Cosmic River Ambient Mystical Music for Deep Meditation, Recharge and Awaken Soul”.

I am not an expert; I am following my sparks instruction imagination with heart/ brain coherence focus.

There is no word to describe how it is impacting me~ it is SO! * SO! * SO! * Direct~ easy and comfortable.

It feels like these sounds are droplets of golden light filtering through my very soul and every single part of my physical make up AS ONE!

Not running up and down or in and out~ it is continuously going into the deep part of my latent self~ that has slept for eons of time and is just letting it open and fill all parts of me, in the holographic simulation and what lies in my infinite divine spark, as our true existence in this area without our knowing it!

And all the tim,e we going about our holographic illusionary life, not being able to relate to this part of us... looking and sensing, and sometimes finding it, but mostly we are lost to this!

We weave stories  to understand... but these are based on the given belief systems of the old way... when all the time~ this door way is wide open and just waiting to be used, We are all caught up in this trap of the third dimensional, world, where we are.

We want to watch the media~ own things~ that are not worth a lot~ keeping us standing on the tread mill to gain outside recognition~ that we belong, we need to be a success~ and to be loved.

When here in this space~ we are the very essence of love of the divine spark that is our complete existence.

The earth is the best place for expressing our love and play out our life in the holographic storybook of illusion while we are here.

I wish I could take everyone into this space with me to experience it before they have to go back to their third dimensional life~ for their time period.

We are all on this holographic simulation of earth and universe to learn to progress and read this place. It would be helpful to experience it for a short time and know you are going in and out when using the right method.Thakn you.😀🙃



To day I/we feel that we must tell about the fact that we are all here to enjoy the ups and the downs~ and engage in this simulation to bring in our guides and other sparks that come to us in the form of children and we teach them our beliefs so that it can all keep going.

Once we realise that these young souls are born with this spark very big within them~ and its up to us to nurture it in its natural state.

This means we listen to them~ we accommodate their need and desires~ in ways of gentle guidance~ at the same time as teaching them how to survive in this life and learn to live with each other.

Every soul who comes to earth has their own reasons and its etched in their very soul~ so that they can take their own spark into their highest possible experience and fulfil their and their relatives destiny.

It is up to us to guide and lead these souls with love and not to control them. Thank you ☺ 😀🙃