Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

The Sacred Three: 7/6/20:

7/6/20 9.00am: The sacred Three:

Its ok dear souls~ if you are feeling the strangeness in the head~ it is because of the Three… the eclipse~ the full moon~ and the summer solstice window~ the vibrations are every strong and they are concentrated on the head, the pineal glands and third eye.

At night they are more concentrated~ as the sun moves round the globe~ the chemicals within the body are heightened to accept these rays.

When you wake up~ it takes a time for the brain and the body to get adjusted to these alterations~ sometimes leaving you with the feelings of disorientation, sickness, floating and imbalance.

The only way to deal with it~ is to open right up to it~ take a moment~ stop ~ close the eyes, and allow this energy to flow through you in its own right.

The energy is the same… going into Gaia’s body,~it feels so low and grounded as you all receive it~ because you are both relaxing and absorbing theses rays as they come~ it’s a very grounding and solid, feeling~ like a new ground for Gaia~ with the softness of light~ unfettered with the harshness of the spiky old earth energy.

And we are in it ALL the time~ set your intention to move through it. There are not many emotions with this~ not many ups or downs~ you just be IN IT ALL THE TIME and there’s nothing to worry about.              It might seem strange~ when there is so much friction in the world~ and you wonder how this is helping to dispel it.

Every time you sit and feel the vibrations~ you are pushing out gigantic amounts of this light~ into the hearts of all souls, Gaia and collective humanity. It is being directed by us~ going deep into the spine and hearts of all living things from the brain downwards.

You might have the feelings of being drained by these very high-octane light fields of this Three energy. The Three eclipses over this period is Trinity of cosmic timings.

The first has come over two weeks~ the first eclipse + the full moon+ in the window of the summer solstice~ this is the gigantic flow.

On the 21st it is the solstice ~ the eclipse~ and the new moon, the second of the Trinity.

And the July 5th is the third one~ eclipse, new moon and the effects of the end and beginning of the spiritual New Year, completing this stage. We are in the next nine-year cycle~ the previous actions have brought us into this new band of light vibrations. It can be a strain~ for the ones not born into these frequencies.

The younger generations cope with them in their capacity of their galactic self’s~ their unique ways~ and they are great at it~ they stand up in it~ and shake the earth with their light.

The latest generation of baby’s~ are going to be even stronger~ and are going to follow the way showers who are here at the moment ~ to lead everything into the very light vibrational frequency field of the Divine.

There is so much hope in them and there parents~ they are shining out all the time. Everything is going according to the great plan…. the things that are being banded about in the news…. is an illusion to try to keep control of the people.

The energy, love and light is going out to the hearts of those who are suffering these negative actions~ we concentrate light onto these souls to heal them. The worldwide support of people power for justice is far greater than the illusions that are being given by the media.

The power of the people has grown hugely since the coronavirus lock down, it has brought people together worldwide and THIS is what showing NOW!

As the people stand up and protest in large numbers all over the world against violence and racist! And even if you cant get to these physically…. know that you are energising this with these trinity light vibrational frequencies~ to the degree of gigantic proportion…. more then has ever been available before.

So when you are sitting and feeling this and giving out~ you are connecting and amplifying the light into the connection of the people power~ so that it will out weigh the negative. The ones who are trying to control~ the deep state people~ will go to ground and they will hide and not surface in this light~ they will stay in hiding for the eons of time they have reigned.

They will not be able to surface~ because the light will be too strong or their comfort~ and they will choose to stay in the low negative for as long as they want. They will not bother us in the light as they lose their power.

We are all receiving and transmitting these gigantic light vibrational frequencies fields~ that are holding on earth now. Be in the quiet light~ emanating and knowing~ that we are all adding to this upsurge of divine light~ at this very pivotal time on earth, it is continuing right through now. Be blessed. X


Are we ready to go futher into our authentic self-connection to the inner layers of understanding