Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

This is a conumdrum!

This is a conscious conundrum? 🙂

One persons train of thought is... when we meditate we expand our is our consciousness the same as the inner awareness of our own higher being or higher soul group or are they all both... the same thing with different names?

When we purposefully sit and meditate we are using our intellect, intuition and intuition, open emotions and heart felt love, with a conscious thought to do this with a hope that it will bring us an inner peace, a relief from the outside world of simulation dramas... and I does.

By connecting our inner self with this human knowledge, we are expanding our auras, our fields, out into the bigger picture of energy that is all prevailing in the universe as the construct of life.


Ok’ lets stop there for a minute and look at what has been written!

We decide to meditate with a conscious thought, we do this before’ we sit down in our quiet space... before’ we breath into our heart/brain coherence with our unconditional love, Then we use our conscious thoughts to access these higher realms, and consciousness responds by connecting us to the higher beings of light.

So... a conscious thought was there before we connected to these other vibrations, this... to my way of thinking.... makes consciousness an integral part of our life, as a general field that we can use to direct us to anything we want to do.

It is all prevailing omnipresent as Amit Goswarmi’s theory.

As an integral part of life, we expand it when we do a meditation, we use our thoughts to enhance its strength, making it grow, and we can use it to heal and energise our own aura fields, so that we can go into the bigger picture to feed a deeper connection, between us and our soul self, that goes beyond the old third world simulation and increase the new construct of the Age of Aquarius.

We use air to breath; we use consciousness to do a meditation!

Is that it? That is where consciousness fits into the over all picture, and we are only just becoming aware that this can be used to create anything we want.

Its like we have a energetic computer program called consciousness, downloaded into our fields of energy, and we can call on it any time we decide to do something, and it makes it much more easier to understand and access the universe construct, where all the controls are energy streams, to be used to create these things.

It acts as an energy booster that is at our fingertips when.... we realise it as a truth about our make up.

How it could work: We decided to do a mediation... we consciously think about this and set it up, the conscious thought was there in first place for us to use to decide to do it.

We created the place and time inviting others to sit with us and we did this consciously before we even realised it.

We used conscious thought to create a meditation, and then we added the expansive though patterns of the universal construct ot bring it into the bigger picture by thinking consciously to give the mediators this experience.

So in this respect consciousness is one of the all-prevailing energies that we all have at our fingertips to use.

We are opening up to the outer waves of the universal unified fields of majestic light; they lay beyond the earth dramas of separation, fear, and control.

In this space we find our own true nature of the divine love, that everyone holds in the energy of the auric fields that we all are.

We no longer blindly go into meditation as a naïve believer, with no conscious thought about how we can connect to our own thoughts, intellect, intuition, imagination, and the emotions as they take us into the deeper understanding of becoming thoughtfully, consciously, aware, that we can and are the captain of our ship and do not need others to lead us there.

We hold the power to create our own meditation space and connect to the divine source, while we live under the control of old earth, the conscious thoughts of our own light fields, that connect to the universal infinite construct of the unity of all life, the unified universe that holds all knowledge.

We are free.

Thinking this way will lead us further towards our true light and contentment, and further away from the restrictive controls of the world we live in.

It gives us freedom to love our self and our beautiful planet and others who live on her.

To follow someone else’s mediation, is to not think about it your self, everyone has attributes of intellect, intuition, imagination, and emotional awareness, if they wish to look at them, there need not be a judgment on how big they are according to what others think.

Every human soul has these omnipresent expansive fields, within their physical make up.

It’s the three dimensional world, that has measured these and told us that one of us, has more than another, everyone has them, its not rocket science, these are inborn.

Everyone knows how he or she feels about things! Anything and anyone!

It’s these feeling that holds you’re intelligent and intuition, imagination and emotions.

Everything is usually explained by mans science; except this wont fit in any of the boxes and when this happens it is discarded or ignored a or altered until it does, how can we rely on science. 🙂


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*** You live on earth~ experiencing it through the physical body that has an expanded field~ if you can encompass it with the mind and thoughts~ with no restriction about who you are~ you can explore and have an experience that cannot be got any where in this universe or any other universe. ****