Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

This concept: An explanation on how these fields are in our hands:


An explanation on how these fields are in our hands of creation:

And the story goes on as we receive, from our invisible supporter and guidance.... 🙂

The light cannot experience anything in its original state, light is consciousness and at the level of pure potential, zero point, there is NO physical experience.

For photon light consciousness to experience itself, it creates scenarios of different life forms, you’ are this consciousness photon light, at potential level and have chosen to ‘be’-come a human on Gaia, everyone has come into their own unique chosen scenarios of life for their own conscious experiences.

This time span on Gaia is the time when she is being upgraded into her next cycle of life.

This is part of the creators plan; all photon light consciousness is the creator of everything, including the system of the universes, across the span of an infinite scenario.

There is not a single creator. Everyone is made of photon light consciousness; these fields  make up the biological body, to experience this technology of discovering and how it is to forget/ loose all knowledge.

Then realise that its not forgetting, its been switched off, so that the soul can experience complete immersion into this period of the chosen holographic drama their life, and it is be a total experience.

Each souls photon light consciousness, is at its own chosen level of frequency, some have chosen to keep a large part of their knowledge available, to bring it forwards for the progress and to re-set the cycle of 25 and 25.000 years by natural insights and connection to the higher beings. The ones beyond the holograph matrix of Gaia are outside... PLATOS CAVE.

[See Wikipedia for explanation of Platos Cave].🤔

This is part of the overall plan of every-one, you the creator, is part of an even bigger field of light consciousness, that is equal to you, and is your soul purpose to bring your experiences into the collective consciousness fields of the all.

There is NO single GOD all fields are equal, and no judgement, all is inner unconditional love, from the hearts of consciousness of the one; that’s where all peoples are.

These frequencies are on scale fields from light to dark.

You have all chosen different levels of light and are working on Gaia’s hologram matrix to keep your level, whatever it is light or darker.

Everyone is experiencing this to be added to the photon light consciousness, it is a wave, a scale of up’s and down’s, on this third dimensional holographic Gaia.

The aim is to bring in balance and equilibrium for the next cycle of Gaia, so that she can evolve back into her true state of being after this last cycle of negativity.

Gaia is destined to change her frequency, all souls are here to make these changes come about by their conscious realisations, as a human being, life can be as sweet as honey, once the balance is back and the future of the new cycle has began, it will pan out over the long term calendar.

Enjoy your knowledge and use your innate power of creation, to get exactly where you feel or want to be, within your conscious hearts of pure love.

You are the ground crew on Gaia, to be the transmitter and receiver of these light flows, to change the frequency of light levels, taking Gaia into a light stream to take her into the higher frequency so that all life on her can be updated. 🙂