Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

These energies:

These Energies:

These energies have brought an onslaught of deep realisations about everyone’s personal perspective on their life... Many light workers going through similar experiences of deep observation of the way life has taken them over theses last years.

Many are questioning and have become confused by the very depth of the emerging baggage from the past.

The places you go and the people you see have prompted these deep thoughts and have given a chance to look clearly and see just how you need to alter things now.

With out them, you would never be able to understand just how and what it is that you need to change to become free to absorb these new very elusive light waves, that are so strong but so non- understandable.

It can be a bit rough at times as you thank every soul who you have associated with for their part in the very deep progress at this transforming period of the year 2021.

Everyone has their own story and things that they are releasing... it is leaving some souls in a state of deep confusion and it can feel like it is too much to deal with.

Dear souls you are all going through your trials and tribulation at this time and its not easy.... in fact its an extremely hard at time, we urge you to seek your own sanctuary, your place of peace in whatever way is best for you... and keep returning to it... do not let the outside illusions become you!

Look inside your heart and change any negative things round, by remembering where you are, and what you are doing, let the light open up inside you, so that you can recalibrate every time back, into the beauty of these divine light fields that are all around you.

Learn to accept that nothing can be changed on the outside, and everyone has to live by the rules of the country, in its illusions and simulation of control, do not let the fear grab you, know that it is... what it is... and comply to make life easier at this time.

The stresses of life may have led to disagreements, and mistakes that have been made, due to the lack of focus on the consciousness at times when it has been difficult to see things that are in front of your eyes.

As these waves are replacing the old frequencies, it has sent the mind a little bit mad at times... when this happens.... stop everything and just be in your own space, in the garden, out of the way of the media and outside influences, so that you can re-balance your self, it’s the simple way of life that suits us at this time.

Do nothing to complicated or deep... look inside and re-evaluate the way of thinking and being in this life of the new light and be certain that its corrects.

Everything is correct, there is never an incorrect action on matter what is.... there is always a lesson to learn with every event...even when life is turned upside down and we want to get away from it all, understand that all things are correct.

It has not been easy and it is still won’t be easy... try to see through the deep mist of what it is that needs letting go for the future.

Right now, we have to realise that we do not have to partake in it on this third dimensional level ... we can go beyond it and stay there within our mind, soul, body and thoughts.

We must remember to think of it as being the lower holographic simulation and the biggest illusion there is.

So looking at this in the new light... what we are feeling and emotionally experiencing... is happening on/in Gaia and all the planetary systems and this is the re-adjustments of this illusive separation from the old to the new.

It is a parallel of energy fields flowing side by side and it is the separation of the old from the new, as it becomes created through emotional intelligence, imagination and intuition through the massive ego of the old humanity belief systems.... that are breaking down and we are experiencing it as a very real physical experience.

It feels like our inner self is being pulled apart as the old is ripped out of us on these elemental fields.

Even though we are aware of “the times they are a-changing”.... we cannot help but still feel the pressure of the negatives.

Every soul is a free spirit and can have empathy with the sadness and laugher of humanity and Gaia~ be your authentic self about how you feel. How do you feel when confronted by some one else’s domination on a subject, any subject, you do not have to take this into your hearts as a negative.

Those closes to you hold emotional ties to you when they point out their perception, take it as another point of view that is as valid as yours, you do not have to let it instate in you... you listen and learn how diverse peoples perceptions are, they are needed, to keep the balance in earth progress.

Each soul has their own criteria to follow in life, it adds to the template of earth’s progress that is always updating, as is the galixy, solar system and universe, it is infinite.

Belief systems have been embedded within the physical make up as layers of energetic perceptions over a long period of entrainment, it is very difficulty to re-dress and understand how to know what is correct for each individual... humanity is a collective energetically, this means the creative energy mankind has formulated, is much more powerful than one person and has kept the control over millennium.

It’s extremely difficult for a single soul to change their own their inner feelings that goes against this momentum, its difficult to equal out within a life style that is loaded to a one sided idea.

The majority of people are living this way and do not want to change, there are others who understands their inner innate drive to find another pattern, and have come up against this collective and its knocked their stance and authentic self of their true being.

Keep your centre, be in nature, breath deeply, keep your own council on what you can feel, know and understand about yourself... your true nature; how you feel inside is your right of passage, and you are completely entitled to your perception and view of how you feel!

You do not have to take any other point of view if you do not want to, you have the right to know what your inner feelings are, they are yours uniquely, and so be it.

Know this dear souls, the very fact that you are questioning these things is the way to progress at this cosmic time of universal change.

The cogs of space and time moves the position of all heavenly bodies into a cosmic momentum, this happens over a very long time period and has an affect on all life including humanity, these influences of the universe is out of our control, we will adapt, remember the majority of people are locked into their own needs, wishes and mind sets and they are as valid as your.

Given with blessings.