Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel


WHAT IF! IMAGIN IF! This is a repost:

Could! A group of tutors, who regularly channel and teach souls about the ascension energy for Gaia~ come together in group meetings on equal basis~ no money exchange~ a gathering on the physical earth~ as a unite of divine light with each unique frequency~ to help to anchor Gaia’s sacred TRI PYRAMIDAL DIAMOND OCTAGON WAVE, this is coming with this new wave into Gaia in January and will be set in all frequencies.

It’s coming! We have had the 8/8 and the 9/9; the 10/10 and 11/11, equinox and solstice are to come yet.


In 2020 there is the sacred structure coming to overlay- surface layer and the inner layer~ this wave is to be inserted/ anchored into Gaia so that the planetary groups can connect to as many souls on earth as possible.

This is NOT the ‘event’ this is preparing for earths future. It cannot be done by one soul alone, it can be done by sharing the load~ it will be a Galactic circle of ascension.

Those who take part, will alert their followers to be behind them @ a set global time, as they come together with the planetary group~ to sit in meditation~ on a set date and time according to the celestial movements of Gaia’s yearly cycles ~ and activate this new ultra grid of light/opaque sacred geometrical shapes of the new earth.


The wave is coming from the 22 Galactic Diamond Crystal Arrays Galactic centres, to Andromeda’s centre and then to the Milky Way centre before it floods earth and all the planets in the solar system. Centring into the inner realm of Gaia/Agatha’s central sun permanently for the future of Gaia and humanity’s progress into the future. Then it will be sent back out to enliven the other planets in this quadrant~ we the planetary group will hold the meditation through all of you.


It will be Galactic global meditations for the sacred structure~ for the setting of the new earths inner matrix and template that has been received over the last 9 years. This energetic wave is ready~ and the human elements are required to open up the doors and share in this awesome period of time openly~ with no barriers~ freely giving time to do this with love.


Each individual will experience and share these words before the date, so that everyone’s individual group will be tuned into their own vision of this~ giving their unique energy, light/opaque flows to do this. Once it is done, Gaia’s unification will be done on all levels of existence and of harmony by showing that all people can come together and ’be’-come one in the unity of this ascension process.


Its time to stand up and be counted in the cold light of day~ how do you feel about doing this~ have you progressed enough let go of all feelings of control and openly give and accept this idea for the good of Gaia and all humanity?


Now is the time to bring the tutors together and pool their frequencies, knowledge, understanding and light to DO the job of ascension.

 This is for those who are well versed in their own way of meditation~ so that they can open, anchor and close them-self for the meditation. It will not be a guided meditation as such~ each soul will take their self into a meditation through the breath.

We the planetary group will connect to you as a group~ and when the frequency is correct, we will overseer the incoming and to guide it to its rightful space and then we will stand back as you all tune in and anchor in your own ways.


Each individual is asked to use their own methods of understanding and level of teaching for this purpose~ and the correct frequency to do this job with all your individual understandings~ thus creating the unification of this new earth template.

You will receive these levels of energy for your own use in your own way~ to be brought into your teachings for your students- freely – openly – lovingly consciously. What do you think? What If? When?


We posted this message last year; it was an inspired message to all people who are working with the light. At the time we were sceptical that it could happen on the global scale. We held a meditation to set this new sequence and set it free into the collective of man.

Now we are here in July 2020 and there have been three global dates for these meditations and all people have come together bringing in their unified focus. The results have been magnificent and have succeeded.

Try looking back, to see how far we have come~ no-one would have through the 2020 new year was going to pan out as it has.

All we can say about these pre-conceived thoughts about what life might bring: is to nurture your trust in the knowledge that everything is correct and is your chosen life path, couple this with your heart/brain coherence of focussed love for your self. God bless. X