Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel



Lets talk about the personal elements... they are our inner elements... our intuition, imagination, intelligence, ego and dream times... all these... are in the different dimensions along with the spark and soul groups. 

They are all connected to the universal fields of light, which is the bigger picture; there is no separation in these different dimensions, they are outside the old third world simulations.

As you do your breath and go into your heart, in your quiet space, think about things as being fields and together, with no separation, feel your intuition or imagination coming into your mind at this moment, giving you information or idea’s that could be something of an usual criteria, this is you, experiencing the dimensions, you, are going into the many vibrations, all functioning on their own frequency, this is the multi dimension.

If you can keep your focus and think about this while it’s happening, you will find that it will give a lot of information that is held in the bigger picture through the connectedness to the one source of the all.

These fields are right inside of everyone and have the capacity to bring you into your own truth, without the illusion of the holographic simulation, you will be going beyond this into the realms of your higher being.

Do it though the breath, meditation and deep focus, with the heart/brain coherence of your divine love from your spark of the divine source, and you will reach the expectation of the higher being that you are, and be conscious of getting there and being in contact and able to exchange energy, data, love and healing and the instruction on how to move forward in the true path that you have chosen.

When we become aware of the connection to our higher self or the higher guidance... we take a step into consciousness; opening up our mind to the connectedness of all things and start to feel these energies as a part of us directly, not as if its coming into us but it is coming from our own wholeness as one with the all.

As these messages come to your perception ask them questions and ask if they can direct you to the way of the bigger picture of the unified light of humanity that we are all part of.

Think about the imagination, intelligence, intuition, emotions and our ego, as being these fields that are connection and giving the data that we are writing down... open these connections into these higher fields of guidance that all humanity holds. 

Connect into our heart/brain coherence with our deep love; it will secure you from any negative energy.

The bright light of our heart/love will hold all negative energy away from you... the lower frequencies... the dark cannot come into the light that you hold in your heart, it cannot get anywhere near you, the light is too bright.

The light of these new thoughts and actions will help you to be connected to the bigger picture that will shift the perception out of the old third dimensional illusion into the new golden age.

Getting to know these feelings and trusting your own light being... and the attachments to your divine souls that are part of all fields and connections that belong to your groups gives you the captaincy to bring in these higher vibrational frequencies of enlightenment. 

If you feel something you want to focus on, ask the higher part of you that has brought this to your attention to expand your mind into why these inspirations are given; use your imagination, intuition, intelligence and do not let the old ego rule, go into your new higher ego that will help you to understand these new concept of how you are being shown and directed through the things you are reading and seeing as the pointer.

There are clues and omens, that are being given all the time for you to recognise... be open enough to allow your inner elements to explore and find your new way forwards into the connectedness to the source in the bigger picture that is on the outside of the holographic simulation.

Going beyond the old illusion we can see how we are multi dimensional through these new ways of looking at the way we conduct our life.

All things are fields with no perimeters or edges, they are all open and shifting in and out of the edges of each other all the time, its in these overlap times when we can be in more that one dimension at a time... we can be in multi dimensions as well as being a physical human grounded on earth if we can open up our minds to the bigger picture of the universal light being of our own groups of connected souls in the divine planes of all life.

Thank you.X 🙂