Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

The Cusp: The Aquarius age: We are Galactic:

The Cusp:

The Aquarius age:

We are Galactic:

Here we are on the cusp of the big alignment~ we sit quiet and let our mind, thoughts, feelings ‘be’ and do not focus on anything at all except easy life, listening the radio, sewing and letting our whole field ‘be; in this wonderful expanded light fields, happily looking forwards to this transcending alignment of the solstice and the next two weeks.

We don’t focus or think about, anything, just BE and let the magic do its job of blending with our + Gaia’s fields of concentrated love, we do not bring anything in cause’ its already here and we are absorbing it fully now!

We swimming in this light and don’t have to think about any other person or do a meditation.

As usual, this gate is open~ we could not see the great star shine~ it was raining and cloudy.

This is not a surprise to us, as we are have experienced many of these great alignment and mass meditations and we are always are diverted away from it in some way.

This year had been no different except; we expected NOT.... to do anything!

We purposefully let everything go, deciding to stay in the moment, and if a thought comes in just let it ‘be’.

For the first time, we are consciously aware that we are NOT responsible for any other soul on this earth.

There are enough people swimming happily in the third to fifth dimensional quagmire of the this transition day, all working with guides, teaching, and sharing their inspirations to the population, in many different ways.

We do not have to do this anymore. We are galactic, and the energetic work we are doing, is happening on the outside of the holographic universe dramas of the simulation and illusions.

From last week we have been receiving responsibly for the highly tuned frequencies that are here... in ways that are not in the normal state of the old earth reality.

When it first happened, in our sleep state, we were aware of the vastness of it all, and we are an expanded being, out in the universe and communicating with these beautiful giant planets.

For their size, they are extremely gentle, loving and soft, as our frequency merged with them, from the earth’s alignment.

We did not see them; they were big entities of moving coloured energy, not very light colour, they are deep penetrating hews of all the colours of the rainbow, in the capacity of the opposite to the very light golden, shiny, shimmering light, that we are used to see in the spiritual realms.

They are very attractive, and the colour is supporting the very light frequencies, as in the symbol of yin and yang, To have one very refined light frequency means there has to be the opposite so that the balance is maintained.

We have been allowed to see this in the enormous spread of the universe and understand it.

We have been seeing things for a long time, that could not be explained or understood, this years activation has opened us up to the true picture, as far as we can possibly understand and experience.

All this has changed our outlook as we go about our life on earth in this new realisation, we do not think of our self as one with all people~ not as we have been before this great alignment.

We saw the Aquarius age fields merging and anchoring into Gaia, from this perspective, Gaia the mother of life and the new Aquarius fields, have becomes one and is the most encompassing love light frequency, we have ever encountered.

And this is staying with us now; in our home, health, mind, heart, thoughts and brain, we are the galactic soul on earth at home living as a human.

All is well in the universal divine source. From now on we are flowing in the new age frequency, the merging of the new Gaia and the Aquarius fields that is anchored into all the planets and grounding on earth as a loving soul of life.

We can enjoy everything that Gaia’s physical life provides~ her abundant love, security, light, food, water, and everything that she is as we continue to hold and protect her being, holding it in our heart as all the planets.

Its like we have been privileged to know the whole of our planetary, solar system personally, we communicate with all of the celestial bodies, as if they are me, Jack, Merlin, divine light, they are my beloved friends now.

It’s strange to think of their size and how we can be the same as their essence.

They laugh a lot and have a wicked sense of humour when it comes to how some of the earth soul sees them self’s, and their opinion of their greatness, their ego and their fears.

Not in a mean way, but in the view of the bigger picture that most people are not aware of.

They say that if everyone could see through our eyes, fear would not exist; they send their great love out to every soul on earth to help them to start to “SEE” this bigger picture.

They say, this is all the can do, its always up to the individual to reach their own spiritual path in their own way.

It is the progress of evolution and there is no interfering with that, from their point of views.

They say, that to have one soul in contact in this direct way is enough to spread this the opportunity, for others to come to their own ways of feeling understanding and opening to these giant light wave frequencies.

They say, we will keep talking and writing about it in ways that will open other people hearts to the perception of communicating with us giants of life in the universe.

Personally we feel loved, secured, very content, and able to enjoy every second of being in this moment of grace.

It makes us smile and want to jump up and down and spread this feeling like butter on fresh bread and that’s as far as we want the think about it.

Be love. Be light. Be happy.

In the mean time, we write the book from this new perspective! The light we are giving out to earth in this new capacity is designed to lift all souls into there higher being.

These planetary souls tell us.... We have been tracking you since 1919-2020.

As you were watching, measuring, and observing us, from your kitchen windows in 1999 and into 2000 onwards.

Over these years, the drawings and star charts that you did through observation, first activated our grand cross on the 2020 solstice.

You continued to watch and made star charts that gave you the ability to create sacred geometry in the sky and in your minds eye.

You carried on tracking us across the sky’s, day and night.

We were aware of your seven week holiday and other sacred places you visited at auspicious time lines, leading up to this year, and now we can readily begin to direct you in the next nine year cycle of realisation of the new age on Gaia and all of us.

We are you and we are the outer planetary soul group on the multi dimension of light. Well done everyone for your virulence.

Be blessed x .