Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Part 1 Intangible Change: And Earth Healing:

These postings: These postings are written in story form, but the data is a way for understanding how these new energies can be affecting us, they are new ways of ‘seeing’ life in a different way and its up to each individual to decide how they want to understand exactly how they’ want proceed in their own thoughts feeling and energy.

If you have a feeling of floating or lightheaded this could be because the inner light has become the outer fields, our expanded auras. I leave it up to you to find your own way in this new lights and radiations, given with great love.

Part 1.... Intangible Change: And Earth healing:

Marne is re-editing the ”book”, again, on reflection, the images and energy that I experienced in Ibiza in 2016 were scary and I had a lot of discomfort that went with it, now it 2022 it is happening a lot more, I have got used to these apparitions coming into my vision day and night they have become my friends.

 This must be how we progress, Marne thinks, when its dark the energy shows itself in ways of light, not sun or electric light it is the shapes and images of people or and a face, they communicate with me and I am very relaxed with it all now, when it first happened in Ibiza I was scared of it. Now I get these things all the time.

Direct inspiration from the higher beings:

On this day I am sitting observing the garden when I begin to feel tired so I lay down.

“Marne, please go into the silence and focus on the vastness of your field, it is a personal frequency for your common growth”.

 My guides are telling me, and although I cant hear words, I can hear the gentle hum of it, and am aware of the energy messages they are transmitting into my field with of data and direction.

I am comfortably existing in it and its all there in this moment by moment of knowing that this is what I am and this is the one true truth of my life in this moment, I submerge my self into it and allow whatever there is to materialise.

I lay back and go into my inner energy place; it becomes my outside field, its as if my inside was turned inside out, to become my own working field of light that I live in all the time.

It felt very different and I was surprised and asked what this was.

Merlin told me that they had turned me inside out so that my inner field is now on the outside as a very big energy field.

“Ok”, Marne says to them, “let me get this straight so that I can get my head round it as a new thing, it certainly feels different and I need to understand.

All this time we have all been directed to focus on our inner self, so that we can connect to our true being within, I have used my higher chakras until I could feel the energy as a big ball of light within.

This is what we have all been told to do by all the channels, over these last years.

Now you have turned me inside out so that this ball of inner energy is expanded into my vast field stemming from my chakras and heart/ brain cohesion, and it has grown in power.

Yes! This is what has happened, and it feels good I tell myself”, I let my imagination start to take over and I could see you my inner friends in this space as if they are there in front of me as one, I ask them what I am looking at.

“Marne you are seeing the open fields of light that are not hidden within any more.

This is the next stage of evolution in the progress of becoming ascended, we are all around you in the connection of everything; this realisation is a great thing to be able to conceive as your reality now.

“We are here like this with every soul on earth, this process is happening to every one in there own way of understanding”.

“Yes Marne, even when someone comes into the room the field does not fluctuate; it is able to adjust constantly so that we can all work together as one, you soon understood that as you look around this field with the eyes open and grasped the fact that it is real so that we can move forwards”.

Marne said, “so although we have all been focussing on our inner part for a long time now so that we can feel the connection to the one in this way, it has evolved now and you have turned our inner being inside out so that that part of us is now expanded right out into the outside and remains connected to our chakras and at the same time it has become stronger, I reiterate it again”.

“How has it become stronger”?

“It’s the alchemy happening that makes it stronger, we are here in this fields as part of the whole, we are all part of the unified soul group of life here on earth, and this is the power.

As time goes on you will be able to recognise the entities that reside here for your learning process, humanity has truly reached living in the higher dimension without the fear, so that we can do this and spread the words of light that will be accepted by all”.