Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

The new age of aquarious light:

New age light:

The New Age of Aquarius light... it’s beautiful, inspiring and awesome and so easy: We are now in the fields of the summer solstice and freely integrating with them, we are not sleepy not tired, everything is very light... happy and open as we all transition into the summer solstice vibration, rolling along in these fields of light and we are being very affected by them.

The open fields of light frequency and vibrations, are acting out on us as we realise that there is no opening and closing of any portals... its so easy.


Even though we will still experience the highs and lows... its easy, because everything is so open to these seasonal cosmic enlightenments and all souls are flowing with them.... they are coming in and out of every part of the human inner elements.

It makes every one more psychic.... seeing images of all sorts... seeing energy souls wafting about in their energy form... not quite as a recognisable picture, they are becoming normal to see. THIS IS the new Age of Aquarius light and it’s beautiful, inspiring and awesome.

This transitioning period of time for all, includes earth, solar system, galixy and universe, and because the energies are altering rapidly they leaving a wake.... like that of a big wave from the ship moving through a tranquil river or sea, and every soul on earth is being affected by this on the internal level of their inner elements... intellect, imagination, intuition, and emotions.

It is also affecting the collective brain, heart, coherence, and the mind of man, to help them to connect to the divine source, making it more available as it brings up the deeper layers from within the human minds and heart, that have been squished down for so long.

They cannot be pushed away any more, so its important to keep your hearts, minds, and soul open to the new that’s coming in and swamping your very being. SO instead of thinking about opening portal, and gates etc. you can see and feel it as fields merging with fields in a very smooth way, no barriers... they are flowing into each other as the cosmic wheels shuffle into its next state of being.

It’s a happy awesome feeling.... It can also be a very hard learning curve, as you see others going through their personal traumas, but you give out light and it has the desired effect on the whole of life on the higher Multi dimensions.

This is the time that every soul has been waiting for... the coming of the Aquarius light waves, being forged through your hearts mind and souls, so that all is raised up and you are able to cope with the lows as they come.

The way the energies work, comes in waves of light, moving up and down, and as you become more attuned to these you will find the way to ride them with less trauma.

There is still a way to go yet... but every one of you star seeds and way showers are able to use your inner elements in ways to help your self and to give out to the collective of humanity; so that everyone can move into their light with as little trauma as possible. We have to remind you... that there are many... many.... different levels of light to be worked on in the universe and Gaia.

You have all been so vigilante in your learning over these last years and this has led you to today... when everything you have learnt and discovered about your ascended self, is standing you in good stead for this year of very deep transitions.

Even though there is no separation of the energies on Gaia, there are times when you might feel that you are abandon by us your higher self’s, and the feeling of being released from what you have had for a long time while you have been learning and ascending.

This is showing you the differences in the way this energy is evolving into its new earth Aquarius way, you have all been given the keys of ascension within your hearts and you have all been accessing these for a very long time now.

You all know how to breathe and connect to your heart/brain coherence, every one in your different ways and you all know it works for you.

The separation you may be feeling now... reminds you to retract and remember to do the things that you have learnt, so that you can get to the equal space in the heart, do it as an very day practice, so that you can keep reinstating your divine light and higher vibration from your deep soul path that you have chosen.

Talk to your heart... it is the one part of you that never lies and will guide you into your own truth, along with your soul path.... we imbibe you all with these word of light, so that you can reach your own personal pattern in this lovely new light of the new dawn.

There is no separation between us, even as the time lines changes, there is still no separation, just a difference in frequency and light understanding that are the different levels so that destiny can be fulfilled.

Thank you dear souls for all you are doing, this could never happen without you.

Be Light... Be Love... Be Happy: 🙂