Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

The Transition: Its very weird: Channelled help: confusion prevails: Seems like we lost our self awareness: Regaining our light being:

The Transition:

It’s very weird:

Channelled help:

Confusion prevails:

Seems like we lost our self awareness:

Regaining our light being:

The transition of evolution for man, earth and universe is a long-time frame.

The frustrations of the minds sets of man, do not understand this. They watch a lot of films- TV series- entertainment that gives stories of the progress of man, all wrapped up in a short story of how it possible could be.

But they are all just a story for the entertainment of souls, and they are so good that they can be believed as a truth.

In the true world of Gaia, planet, man, plants, and planets, the evolution is a slow business- it take eons of time for a plant to evolve into a new species, it’s the same for man.

In the world of understanding ascension, it has got to be taken on the long-term calendar.

A time period that is far greater, than the life span of an average person, living in earth’s environment.

So the expected great a leaps or comic happenings, is not on the board. Never-the-less things are changing radically on Gaia and within mankind, but it’s in the way of small steps, not great leaps.

While mankind is waiting for a big leap or happening, he is missing the now time, where everything around him is altering in small subtle ways, that he is missing, because he is not focussed on this moment, his mind is waiting for new time frames, so he holds back on everything that’s being given now.

It’s very weird: 🤔

This has been a very weird sequence of time!

Feelings, emotions, thoughts, organs, bones, minds, body, and soul.... weird! Its like we have been switched off since before Christmas, like a computer that needs shutting down to reboot it.

When our electric devices become over loaded they have to be switched off and left for a time then restarted, during, which time all the old unwanted data gets wiped.

This’ we feel has happened to us, Its been nearly six weeks during which we have received and down loaded all the new frequencies to accommodate this new age.

It has all been given, and then we have been switched off. No nothing! The confusion, the weirdness of not having any attachments to our higher self, other than silent support of ~”it’s ok”, but it has not been ok, its been very disconcerting and tiring, the emotions, the tears, feelings of regret, feeling of why!

Learning to let go of the past, not feeling like eating but drinking a lot of water and sleeping a lot.

Today we have woken up! We felt our higher self-open again, then we were drawn to the fearless music.

Channelled help:

Dearest souls welcome back in the new light, you are all still working with our help, it has not stopped, it has taken a break, so that life can re-adjust to its new light, before it goes back on line with new data.

We bring you back fully, into our fields, in the capacity of the Aquarius energy.

Let your hearts expand again and embrace all that we are, you, Gaia, universe and us as we move forwards into the future.

We are still here in your fields, and will never go away, the high level frequency that has come into all DNA since last November, is beginning to assimilate into the new way of life.

Remember the wave, everyone was taken up in its highest point, and now it has lowest point.

The low is as influential as the highs; both are needed too implement the correct outcome. Stop meandering in the swamp of a disappointment, that is self made, the nature of men, is to make everything into dramas of sorts, and the same thing has happened over this solstice period.

You have spent enough time wallowing in it~ now is the time to realise and get back into your our flow, of positive light.

The normal frequencies of earth life have elevated, through the solstice radiation for the opening of the Aquarius age.

Things have happened round your fields, getting you ready for the new age issues to get sorted, bringing in the love-heart-brain coherence back into your life. 🙂

Confusion prevails:

Don’t lose heart dear souls, confusion prevails on the physical world, but the light is here, lifting you out of the deep negative control.

Remember to sit quiet, in your inner space, focus on the heart/brain coherence.

During the last months of confusion, the constant radiations of light, have been converging onto earth and her peoples, it could have led you back to the old ways of coping with the worlds expectations, in some ways.

This time has passed now, and the fluttering energy is settling down ~it might be leaving some of you in a.... “Not quite sure which way to go”, state of thinking.

We recommend that any soul who is feeling this way~ sit and go into their own version of meditation, within their personal fields. Focus deeply, within and let go of all outside hype, think about it in any way that is your comfort zone.

Personally, we are re-connecting our spark, to the outside fields of the holographic earth dramas, consciously letting go of these bonds that have caught us over this holiday period.

As humans with family’s we do love to fulfil the needs of the children’s and family dreams of father Chrisman and it Is important to immerse our self into it for this period, when every one enjoys their family and loved ones in this special way.

And we would not want to miss this.

Now we are in Jan 2021, and we personally re-tracking our spiritual soul fields and feelings, into this new light vibration’s energy into our non-drama reality.

The holographic simulation / illusion of the third dimension seems to have run into a weak liquid energy, spiralling out of its own control.

All souls realise they do not want to create Armageddon, its too disrupted and as intellectually conscious living entities on earth, they have sat back and watched how this world drama is weakening, reducing, and panning out.

Using the time to go within, and strengthen their own resolve, to understand, that it is best to go with these control freaks until they burn them self’s out~ with no help, but their own egotistical control plans.

This is now obviously coming to its conclusion, and whatever the reasons are for this, it is nearly at its fulfilment.

In life there has to be death~ personally we have first hand and understand the devastation a death of a love one can have on us, and families and friends.

We sent out light to all those who have experienced this over the last period, and we give joy out for all new life~ babies that have come into earths spheres during this time.

No one knows the true way forwards, but we are all experiencing the beauty of this love light, flowing within all things.

God bless.🙂

It seems like we lost our self-awareness:

Dear souls, many of you might feel that you have lost the self-awareness of your chosen path, over these last weeks of holiday’s upheaval and word wide lock down.

It has been designed like this, so that these old patterns can be released completely, so that the new ones can be installed and activated.

This has happened on the cellular levels of all life entities, it’s been one month since the solstice, and this new light has been fully activated within all living things.

Its time to track back, to the time before this transitional period, over the solstice and pick up the threads of your spiritual inner practices, on this new light level.

Remember to go into nature, and your personal quiet inner space, to speak to your true being higher self.

Start to reinstate the practice of breathing deeply into the heart, to find your soul self, then bring it up to your 3rd eye and pineal gland as it connects to the brain.

Let these two become coherent to the heart felt independence of your true self~ this resides on the grounded side of life on Gaia~ the part that is not caught up in the third dimensional dramas.

Think of it how you will:

We are all unique in our thoughts, and perceptions, the other side of the veil or outside of the simulation illusion of the third dimensional earth control.

The important thing is, we are light beings, with our own independent consciousness, of how we want to live our life.

And we connect to this through our hearts~ with inner focus love and gratitude that we are all light and love within.

Our thoughts that are controlled by our brains lead us into negative thoughts of past, this creates anxiety, our thoughts controlled by our heart felt love, reduces the anxiety and leads our bodies to be in a normal relaxed frequency.

To get a handle on this unworkable, unreasonable inner anxiety that is led by the media~ for reasons of their own, Breathe consciously, softly, deeply, into the heart until you feel it expand, and keep your focus there. Breathing naturally, until you feel your whole body relax and expand as your thymus releases light, then think about your 3rd eye and pineal gland and brain.

Use any imagery that suits you; connect the heart, thymus light core, to the brain with the breath.

Work out for your self-how to accomplish this in you individual way. You might feel a coolness in the bridge of the nose, as you breath~ this is when the energy has connected to the pineal gland; the chi has created an upper sacred light.

Expand it down the whole of the physical and down into the heart of Gaia and centre, connecting and receiving this new light recognition into the heart of earth, to complete the circle.

The divine light comes into the pineal gland from the source and is also anchored into Gaia; sit in this space, for as long as you want.

Then bring yourself back into the earthly illusion with the conscious feeling of related calmness, and know that you have reduced your anxiety for this day.

Personal: we have practiced this, and do not want any anxiety in us, so we keep doing this thought~ to breath into our heart and connect to our brain to keep a relaxed way of life.

We do find our self drawn into other peoples dramas and we recognises them and as soon as possible, move away and breath and relax that tension that other are unaware of giving out.

Regain our light being:

And so life keeps shuffling on~ the fluctuations in the energies have not stopped, they are as strong as ever.

These is a difference in our re-action to them, we can now recognise them and breathe, changing our thoughts as soon as these feeling begin to swamp us, these waves were affecting us with Hugh ups and downs.

We hung onto the thoughts that... later it would ease off and we would get a period of easy calm, as this new year comes in and the energy would reduce.

This has not happened, but we do have a calm, but not because the energy has stopped, because they have not! It’s because our perceptions has change, all of us has expanded our self... mind, body, thoughts, souls, hearts, and brain.

Everyone is consciously aware that, “we-do-not-want-to-be in-any-anxiety or tension, and are taking steps daily, to regain control on our true self and not let our monkey mind lead us into the dramas, that are all prevailing around us, in the illusion of the earth holograph.

We are altering our inner self, with our own perceptions on how to amend life to our own needs.

Learning to take personal responsibility for our own health and well being, and being able to decide to keep ourselves happy, balanced and healthy, and out of tension, it is in the deep biological cellular level of our make up.

We are not in the hands of the earth’s dramas of the media control, we have freedom of choice and thoughts, and we are self-aware independent people, who are of the light.

Once we understand our independence, and how our body reacts to all out side stimulations, we can choose how much we want, to keep our own self-balance, and happy state of mind, thoughts, body, and soul, we can release our self from the shackles of the control.

Thank you X

Be light. Be love. Be happy.

Peace on earth. 🙂