Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Rise Up Again: We can Rise again:

We Rise Up: We can rise up again:🙂

Get back out of the quagmire of the old third dimension illusions. We go into the light of the higher dimensional frequencies and expose the negative intrusive thoughts with golden light that is here! 

After the two posts... “Wake up BJ”, and then “the conversation”, we had a lot of questions about who and how these where being given. 🤔

To say we were confused is an understatement.

So we kept writing about it, as and then the inspirations came in, to help us to understand exactly what was being said.

We can rise up Again.

In our dreams we saw big streams and big circles of golden light coming into Gaia as she reorganizes her inner self during the equinox~ this light has brought us up to rise again, be the universe, the new dawn of earth.

Our questioning: came after we had the inspiration about the mind conversation; we wanted to know who was doing the questioning and who was answering.

It totally confused us; we could not decide how we did this.

We knew it was very real and we should share it, but that was as far as it went.


Our question is... did that conversation come from me/us as a human being?

And if so, is there another level of consciousness within us that is being revealed?

Its like~ we know its there~ but it is confusing the brain. 🤔

It has taken us one step, beyond the whole reality of our life’s understanding.

It raised the question in our comprehension of the old shell of our human perceptions, conceiving it like a new bud opening within.

There came an answer:🙂

As in the fields of light outside the simulation, on the other side of the veil~ there are the new ones.

They are all the one/God in all the next fields of light~ beyond all belief of the old third dimensional world.

And yes, there are many, many, higher frequencies of the source Godhead in immeasurable levels of vibrations and frequencies.

They span across the many frequency fields of divine light~ and this is where the conversation between the different fields of you~ took place.

It was the new light level that was asking~ and the higher fields of you~ that was answering the questions.

In these next light fields~ you and all humans, are multi dimensional and ONE in the spectrum of these frequencies that are open now for all.

It is in this place~ where in the higher spectrum of energies~ are teaching and guiding everyone~ on every level of these fields to share and help everyone to see these very new light fields.

They are outside of the old third dimensions illusion, beyond the veil! Of course, there are many levels of light above all of the frequency’s that the third dimensional earth can become aware of and used to. 🙂

The Aquarius light has taken Gaia into these light frequencies~ and now you too have to shed the old ways~ so that you can understand these light fields, within your soul self.

Use crystals and preying beads~ they are in the new level~ all you have to do is sit quietly in it and recognise it.

We will talk with all these new fields that are you and we are as the connected ONE.

They are above the third dimension understanding of the Godhead concept. There are many layers of the one in the myriad frequencies of the multitudes that are accessible to the human evolved soul. 🙂

Humanity has gone into the layers of the divine godhead beyond the third dimension illusion~ this is beyond the veil, the spiritual divine light beyond this illusion.

It can be anything that gives you the understanding of these higher levels of light.

Each soul is a unique soul with his or her own feelings, thoughts, and mind sets, so take your own thoughts of this new level of light~ and take your own way of distinguishing it from the old dimensional levels.


We have given our thoughts on it, as our way of dealing with this ultra new information and understandings.

The energy coming in through us~ these light language sounds, binaural sound, and the crystals, are in the new light they are coming from the cosmos.

OK! We can feel it and all we can do is keep focus on it~ and feel it transpose and transform in our fields of light of the upper godhead, the ONE.

The answers come:

These conversations is from you~ in your next divine level~ as another aspect of the souls~ that is able to connected with all the fields of a human body and soul.

These high souls field, will talk as if its you~ except its your third dimensional body and mind concept that is being synthesised as it happens.

Because of the restriction of the human physical body~ there is conflict in these understandings as human on earth. It has to be simulated with the physical layers before these can be understood and comprehended. Thank you 🙂