Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Order of events:

Order of events:

There has been an order of events over these last four weeks culminating into the night-time quantum healing balancing and holding of the high obtain radiations coming into the earth space, its one month since the winter equinox and the reasons have become clear about why I have been inspired to practice the open focus meditation now.

I every night I wake up feeling the unrest of the wavering frequencies flowing round and through me, it either wakes me up or stops me getting to sleep, it has been winding me up for quite a time but doing the meditation has brought me to the facts of why this is occurring and I do not need to get frustrated by it if I just lay myself-open to it and relinquish any kind of control over it.

It has taken me four weeks to come to this conclusion and adapt to it in the way that is necessary for the universal adjustments to be achieved, it’s hard to realise that this is being directed by my light being and I as the human vessel has no say in it.

But this is what it is, and I do understand that I have set this myself, and I have the time for this, so I need to totally accept it with open heart brain coherence of the divine love, and I am grateful for it.

I will be posting these events in context of the sequence that they occurred over the next month, the first one today, these concepts are not of the usual pattern of thought, and I have had to readjust my own way of accepting that this is the new way for the future of harmony humanity and earth balance and adjustments.

Be love, be light, but most of all be happy. 🙂

Order of events: I have tried to go into the quantum potential meditation, into the full potential of everything beyond the given one by Dr Joe and go beyond the manifestation for what I want in my life.

It will still be manifestation but not for physical things, more on the lines of unknown data and healing in this frequency it’s the area of the sub-conscious part of the human mind collectively for everything.

We are all human with our individual higher being that is part of the soul collective of all timelines that goes back into the million billion trillion timelines of all, the infinite fields of the entirety of existence.

The aim is to open this and receive any knowledge that is available, the first thing to come out is to look at ourselves and do everything for our well-being.

The next thing that came into to mind is the way’ it is coming, not in visions or word channelling as in the old way, in fact it is presenting from nothing, and I find myself acting things out and wondering why, then realising that it is the unknown unfolding within my mind and coming into my physical thoughts as an action rather than a physical thought and plan.

There is no planning with this, the old rule of organisation and timetables do not meet the criteria for the unknown potential and possibility from the quantum field.

It’s not even a feeling, it is direct action without pre-thought, I find myself just getting up and doing’, and it feels very easy and natural.

Can I get a conversation from my higher group to help me to understand and how to put this into words for others?

“Yes, use the binaural sounds to bring you into the best frequency for receptive data, yes’ you have found out that the unknown is just that; something that you do not know or have experienced before on the physical timeline.

Everyone has always been within it and of it, now in this time it is able to unfold into the actions for you on earth currently with the conscious thought of what this is, there is no fear to hold you back.

And you understand that you are the one who is doing it and bringing it into the collectively of humanity consciously for this era, the jump over this last equinox field has open the whole of humanity’s knowledge for those who request it.

Only if its requested.

No one will receive the knowledge if they do not ask for it in the frequency of the quantum fields and if there is a control of the thought about how far a mind can go it will halt the process.

Because of the enormity of the unknown fields, it is protected by the frequency of divine love that must be within the heart.

This brings us to the illusions of the holographic frequency, the negative roll of the third dimensional holographic simulation, there will still be a holographic simulation on earth, but in the new era it will be of the highest frequency that will hold the divine crystal light within the matrix.

There must be structure in this way for humanity to exist, survive and grow into the light fields of the crystal frequency, and expanding into the new era with the confidence of the true light divine geometric structure.

It is the same as before with the new setting of this light frequency’s so that the light workers can create the very soul of the new age in harmony with the existence of the universe and all the planets but mostly the earth/Gaia with her living light giving support for humanity’s light beings who reside on her.

As light workers comprehend this, they will set their own frequencies onto this grid of quantum potential of possibility.

This is in its infancy so it will take more time and very slowly the collective understanding will spread through each being as and when they are ready.

For the meantime it is up to the ones who are understanding of these fields to keep focusing on it, anchoring it, through them self in a constant virulent method vie the right procedure giving freely to the universe as they carry on living and surviving in these fields that are happening now.

As they do this, it too will become the new quantum focus of geometric crystalline frequency of light.

Thanks, that has just blown my mind out, I need to absorb this slowly and activate it withing my old third dimensions as I transform into this new way fully.

I do feel that there is a lot of adjusting in this new knowledge, I must let all the old ways go and accept that this new way is far greater than I could ever have imagined in my old way of thinking, thank you.

I am now going for that walk to assimilate these words as I move through the quantum fields of nature in the unknown quantum potential of possibility.

It will help me to focus and ground it into my core and that of Gaia. I am experiencing it in my own way it would be interesting to find out if there are any others who can understand how this works.

I stayed in the meditative state while I was walking and focused on the things that are utmost in my thoughts as my next set of needs in this earthly life, I responded to nature and felt very happy and content with gratitude and love in my heart.