Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Period of transition and Adjustment: The Small Picture: The Bigger Picture:

Period of Transition and Adjustment: The small Picture: The Bigger Picture:

The human race does like a good drama and if they have not got one they invent one!

In a dream we spent a lot of time looking for Merlin so that we could talk to him for reassurance, this went on for a while until we was loudly told from his and Metatrons perspective.

“Stop this! Stop looking outside"!

"We are you and we are together~ look beyond the third dimensional you! You cannot find us in this place”.

After that we are in a dreamy space inventing a new project.

When we woke up we realised that we were looking at all divine data from this third dimensional point of view~ that is part of the drama. 🤔🙃

Everything is written from this perspective.

We have to keep remembering that we are connected to the higher level of light, that is swirling about, shifting around in our world, and its up to the individual to become aware of where they want to be in it all.

These frequencies are available for every one to choose: shift into, or stay where they are~ understanding that it is a new perspective that can be accessed. 🙂

We are looking at the same life from a different angle of freedom, remembering to shift our thoughts~ and be free to attune to it~ with the truth of the love feel for the beauty of life.

Meditation, walking in nature, singing, dancing, and writing, are good ways to get to this perspective.

Let the mind be free, to be influenced by the way these vibrations~ rise up in these ways. Make it a daily practice for a short time. 🙂

It will bring our perspective into the belief that we are all one, there will be no big flash or physical drama, it will be an understanding and recognition of our light being~ responding and making this higher self known to each soul in their own way.

To be sure these waves are already here~ influencing our inner vision, thoughts, idea’s, and love emotions.

Change is inevitable, its here already re-adjusting our physical make up every day. Lots can be accomplished at this time if you, we, us desire it and open our hearts to it without fear.

What is coming~ is well on its way to breaking down to small sections, the third dimension illusion of understanding~ the lower frequencies.

In the small picture~ fear is being incited by many people~ every one loves a good drama in this illusion.

The bigger pictures shows clearly, over these last months of opened portals, new and full moon, and planetary alignments, that we are at the beginning of a grand... on going story.... of how the universe is evolving.

The reality of these momentous times, is well ensconced in the human physic, mind and collective consciousness, it is at the base line of the human DNA, heart /brain coherence, i.e. alignment.

It may not seem that way for many who are still wallowing in the illusions and dramas.

But we can assure you that every thing has changed. 🙂

This is a period of adjustments that will take every soul as much time as is needed for each individual to redeem their own potential with love it is Releasing The Deepest Memories In Gaia and humanity.

These light vibrations are acting out on the human’s deepest memories and on the multiverse of dimension~ they are also jogging the history of Gaia’s past experiences as we all respond.

These deep retrospective layers are not even in our conscious awareness~ they are in an unconscious area of our mind, souls layers of skin.

They are coming into our mind unconsciously~ and we are unconsciously rejecting and moving away from the uncomfortable reactions they are triggering.

We can take a courageous step into them~ or we can retreat back into our safe past~ and reopen our comfortable life pattern by not looking at things that are new~ going back to the things we know so well~ focussing or our original way of life.

OR we become observant about how our government control is progressing~ and not see beyond this in the new light~ only looking for it to go back to how it was~ and wishing with an empty heart. 🙂


Personal: Emotionally we are shot! We have started to do exercise~ it is waking up the old layers of deep memory that has got pushed down and is embedded in our cellular cells layers of skin and organs, as life has taken us along our path.

As we move with these different parts of our body~ energetic memories are being awakened, released and shuffled about~ and as this happens the emotions that are attached to them surface.

For our part we are ignoring the government control~ we are not breaking any rules or law~ but we are not giving it any of our energy.

We are looking beyond this aspect of the third world dramas~ and focussing on the light that is here~ and is coming into our hearts/brain demandingly with the alignment~ that is full of positive love for the future of life.


So Christmas will not be as it was, we will have enough free time to look and focus on our self and families, enjoying the wintertime before the regeneration of the next year with joy.

This period is a transitional time when the box has been shuffled up~ and now everything inside will fall back into another pattern.

It will give us plenty of time to remove all unwanted obstacles that are rising up to be released by humanity and Gaia as the new opening for the golden age.

Its time for us all to grow up and think for ourselves instead of being directed by other who think they have control.

This is an opportunity to be released within~ to free yourself from the bonds that have held us restricted.

You might say how do we do this. Simply use this trinity light focus and see what you are actually doing in life. 🤔

This light has the power to give you the insights to see clearly how we can explore in life, in all sorts of ways and things~ it means we take responsibility for our ills, our needs and adapt to these things in our life and be happy with them. 🙂

It’s a mind set change~ let go of ego; accept that there is abundance everywhere when we look through non-ego eyes.

These are life changes; things that can be adjusted, look at what we need, we do not give everything up~ our happiness happens when we start to become humble.🙂

For us~ its deep memory of our life with Vern triggering the memory’s of the lovely life we had together.

Q: is it good thing?

A: yes, its necessary so that we can clear the space for this new light to fill with what our life is now.

All that time! Each experience has left a trace of good or bad emotions that are embedded in our skin, cells, D N A, organs and blood.

The exercise is moving these, releasing them to be looked at and released. Thank you x 🙂