Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

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Doing Nothing: The power of silence: Being quiet and seemingly doing NOTHING!

Doing Nothing:

The power of silence:

Being quiet and seemingly doing NOTHING!

This is a period of giving yourself time: When the inspirations seem to have gone quieter, it is the best time in all eternity for the transformation of these new vibrations, all the time the blogs were pouring out and being followed there was no time for the personal heart/ brain coherence to gel.

There were no silent times when the heart/brain could sit within itself and ponder on what was being said to it by the intuitions, imagination, consciousness and emotional experiences.

These are the silent part of the auric fields that can be known as photon light energy, this means that these inner experiences are small packets of photon light that can create the positive energy as you think about giving your inner space of light unconditional love.

All humans are made up of these energies the way into them is through the heart felt love within the heart mind and soul if given the positive thoughts and unconditional love from the heart and brain unity.

This means that your thoughts are at one with your heart and brain creating harmony between then, it changes the nature of the wave, the packets of photon light that is being generated through the natural ability of the human body.

It takes a silent mind to be able to do this application, due to the chatter of the outside hysterical yammer the inner parts can get lost, it must stop so that this part of us could begin to feel and know that this is more like how we are meant to live and be.

There are the those who say, ‘how can you sit and do nothing’, it’s bad for the mental health we must keep active, or we will just fade away.

This has been the fixed truth since we were born, fed to us as the only way to be successful in life, there is another way, many people are unaware of their higher beings, it is the way showers and light workers that can lead the way for the others to follow eventually, doing meditate or just sit in silence feeling your inner energy and understand how powerful this can be.

It is not nothing!

While you are just sitting thinking about how you are feeling you are actively adjusting the electromagnetic photon light into a positive form and bringing about the union of these new frequencies and grounding them through your very thoughts.

This is happening subconsciously, so if you consciously add your positive thought to it the power is 1,000-fold and if you also understand that you are entering your own electromagnetic photon light fields as you sit quiet, you are manifesting the new world.

This it the right time for silences and sitting quietly, take it on board as the next stage in the upgrading of humanity Gaia and universe.

No time is ever wasted, and the power of being consciously silent and focusing inward is a positive way to manifest a balance and anchor these light forces that are bombarding earth at this time, it is the time for reflection and understanding of these fields in which we all live.

There is another level of comprehension within the makeup of the human anatomy, the cells and DNA have all been imbibed with these ultra-light vibrations and its automatically opening the understanding of the things that ten years ago were not even an option.

There does not have to be a deep understanding of these fields of light, knowing we are these and we have the connections to all and how we cannot separate ourselves from it, will give you the feeling of this new way.

The old concept has been broken down by the virulence of the light workers to bring this into the conscious collective of humanity so that it is a knowing rather than an education, it’s feelings instead of understanding the science behind it, a sensation of light’ an intuitive action’ rather than a planned set actions, it’s a gut feeling.

Go into these while you are doing nothing, sitting quietly and ask for the next move into these fields of delight and understanding they are open for you all to feel, think and then if you want to act on them.

They are love, light and divine and will make you feel happy when you allow yourself to just accept it all with grace and open-heart/brain reasoning of love for yourself, this will give the ability to do what is right for you.

🙂  Thank you: