Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel


THOUGHTS AND PERSEPTIONS: Message from the higher energies:

Well my dear souls of earth, we are at a cross road of transformational vibrations. The way the energy is working on the subtle level of personal learning, to help you to see how you want your future to pan out.

How you can create the things you want and learn to see the things that need letting go? Some of these things... dear souls are things that you have held dear for the whole of your life. What we say to this is... look carefully to see how much they are helping your inner thoughts. Look at the ones that are deep inside your mind, the things that are there, but might not be serving you enough any more.

 As you decide to let things go... you will realise how much they mean to you, and you might find that everything is fair to middling in your life and does not need altering or letting go. In which case, do what your hearts desire is telling you, this is where your truth is... deep in your hearts desires.

The things that are on the periphery of this area in your life are maybe the things to look at for change. Sometimes you do not have to let go.... but you have to adjust your own idea of what is EXPECTED of you.

If you find that there are things that are around and you do not want to let them go, then change your THOUGHTS about, what they are, and how you can live freely WITH them.

It’s your THOUGHTS and PERCEPTIONS that dictate how and what you understand. If you are too busy- then stop- for a second and evaluate just HOW you can keep doing everything you want- and still be able to be in this new age light without making it a burden.

One way is to give your self a schedule... a time period when you deal with the jobs you have to do... then give yourself the same amount of time to let it all go and slip into your authentic space where you re-generate your light and energy so that you can go back and carry on with ease. Do it using your intuition, it might not be at regular periods of time, it might be just when you FEEL like it.

There is always enough time in the day to accommodate you and you’re higher being. We have spoken about these things for so long now, this is the year you have received the new age energy. Its time to apply the techniques of the teachings, using all the things that you have learnt and acquired over these years of channelled data with as much love as you can muster in your inner core being.

Its going to get more difficult for you to continue in your old pattern, the changes can be subtle or magnificently obvious, depending on where you are in your life path. It’s a bit like the computer, sometimes it needs shutting down to reboot into the new Data. Try shutting down for a day or so and give your self-time to re-evaluate your situation.

What ever way you do this will be correct for you, all ways are right and if you cant see them yet you will soon: because you are already in the right place for this age. The light is glowing and flowing down into every part of life, and it’s expanding as quickly as you can think it~ you are all flowing with it, going through the quirky ways of individual alterations in life.

We give much love. Be love, be light, be happy. Thank you.