Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Human Progress: Understanding the progress of humanity:

Human Progress:

Understanding of the progress of humanity:

We never realised that everyone is so deeply ensconced in the third dimensional holographic illusions of control. 

guidance comes in.

This is an earth platform of life’s understandings, which has been manipulated by the ones who control; to break away from them, takes lots of focus, virulence and a constant want to be free of it, and the awareness of being enticed into the lower frequencies.

Its good to recognise and understand how shallow this platform is, and then see the difference when you get off and slip into your higher being.... at first through meditation, later through growth, and eventually through consciously understanding.

These platforms are used when needed, all people on earth has chosen their platform, their life path... to be lived out... so they can come to their level of conscious awareness.

The media will constantly keep re-instating the mind control Giving every person the opportunity to do what he or she wants... everything is correct, and there is free will to do whatever a person wants.

Life is an opportunity, it gives a choice for a much deeper understanding of personal truth for every soul to actively tune into the higher beings of the self.

Channelling the guidance of the higher beings, gives a line of thought and understanding, so that everyone in their own way can interpret the information.

There is a deep bank of information that is being shared for the progress of humanity, this becomes known through those who are tuning into the higher dimensions and sharing as data, guidance, and knowledge, by channelling these energies, its important to keep the thoughts and feeling on the heart/brain coherence of deep love, this will give the truth in all things.

Slowly, slowly people begin to wake up to the truth of their existence, and recognise the illusions and simulations of the holographic matrix dramas that have held everyone so tight for so long, then the holds can be cut a bit at a time, it is possible to become aware and recognise the bigger picture during a lifetime.

As soon as this is glimpsed and felt within, the truth will open up more and more, until the facade of the third dimensions are uncovered, and the beauty and openness of the higher dimensional life begins to show that everyone is residing on Gaia at this time period, giving the opportunity to opened and enhanced the heart/brain coherence to help this control to gradually change.

We are talking about the control and the barriers that hold us together creating the idea of separation, its time to change these thoughts to seeing everything as fields within fields, all connected, everything is connected, we can take the barriers and controls down, letting the separation go, and heal the whole as one... by bringing it into balance, and letting go of the idea of separate parts.

The light frequency’s lately has opened up the DNA; help each of you to find your own way of perceiving the connected aspect of all life.

The thoughts you have on the insights of thinking holistically, with no perimeter of restriction come through life experiences, these enable you to be in the new light frequency, allowing it to work on the whole body, resetting and aligning it back to its original stance.

This information is being shared... at the same time it is enhancing the collective field of humanity... where it has become expanded enough, to be known by all of humanity, it’s opened the door to these light language codes through words and sharing.

In the Multi-dimensions, it does not take the masses to change the collective understanding; it takes a few beings that will step outside their safe perimeter into the unknown, when this happens, the power of alchemy is greatly magnified into a cartelistic change, as the chemicals meets the energies in this way.

We the souls of the multi dimensions, set a pattern in the energy fields, these will come as inspirations and ideas that are shared as inspirations; so that others come together, to work towards reinstating this knowledge and technology for the greater good of all life, no-one is alone, we are a collective.

It takes time for this data to be absorbed into the mind-set o and repeating the lessons is the way it’s done, every one is helping the collective to open frequency’s for like minded souls, bringing them together to create the nucleus of energy that can impress these light patterns into the human collective consciousness, setting it up for the future progress into the new age.

It is done with deep heart/brain coherence love focus and trust in keeping the vibration up in the lighter frequencies, so that everyone can begin to follow their path towards engaging into this light, releasing, reactivating and realigning the ancient knowledge and technology on Gaia for her movement in to her truth. 🙂🙂