Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

New Construct:

New construct:

For eons of time man lived in utopia on earth that was the most bejewelled place of love and light, but did not know it, this life was ruled by laws were set in separation, fear, and polarity, and everyone on earth believed and lived by them.

Everything they experienced and saw looked like separate objects, They experienced everything like emotions, love and hate, intelligence, imagination, and intuition, as well as sensations of the physical nature, and they lived their life along these rules.

This was all an elaborate holographic illusion, known as the holographic universe, a set up, by an outer intelligence to create a home for the people, so that they could experience all these emotions, feeling and internal energies in the form of a physical life form.

Each person lived and tried to get a deep understanding of the life they lived... they were born with intelligence, imagination, intuition, feeling, emotions, minds thought’s and a brain and heart felt love.

They knew that life must be more than they could see visually, because they could feel the greatness of this planet Gaia, so they searched of answers.

They were completely reliant on earth and each other as they searched, remaining with the thought that everything was a separate thing.

As time went on and the energy of the planet began to alter in its vibrations, so the people, ideas began to expand and alter; they started to understand that everything is changing.

They realised that although everyone experienced all the inner energies, every person had a unique vibration, and way of understanding things; there were no two people’ who had the same thought patterns.

Some of them began to understand the very nature of the collective life patterns, they observed how nature proceeded, and became even more curios about what could lay in the outer universe and other planets.

They began to realise they lived a life in the simulation of separation and restriction, they also knew they had free will to do what they wanted.

They began to learn that there were no separated objects... not when life was looked at from the quantum physics point of view.

It dawned on them that they could look beyond the earth’s simulation and understood that this was part of the illusion.

Life was very different on the outside of the earth’s third dimensional illusionary, simulation.

The scientists had a lot of data about it, for instance outside of the earth boundaries there was no liner time... everything happens at the same moment but at different frequencies, there are planets, galaxies, black wholes, no one on earth knew very much about any of this.

They did not know they held everything within their body that was universal.

They had universal emotions, intuition, intelligence, love, they were made up of dark energy, they contain the light energy, they had gravity, souls, spirits, harmony, consciousness, all these are embodied within man, in the same way as everything in the universe, it is an infinite unified setup.

And mankind held it all.

There are universal infinite soul groups belonging to all people, they all have thoughts, intelligence, love, intuition, with consciousness, harmony, souls, spirit.

They are all at play as energy fields, harmoniously working together with multi dimension precision, to control this immense scale of the outer operation of this infinite universe.

All the separation theory’s and ideas, things that the earthly human has thought of as being separate and special to them, are all one in the vastness of the universe of fields of energy.

Each has its own energy signature of light and information, they are waves of shifting and re-shifting energy fields, creating reality, in a constant dance of ever expanding patterns, creating everything that every planet can want in their own way of life.

And earth is holding the people with all life attributes embodied within the single body, all with thoughts that are creating everything on earth at this time and in the universe.

Man is not privy to intelligence, intuition, consciousness, knowledge, soul, spirit, alchemy, math, harmony, love, dark and light matter, channelled thoughts, and decisions.

They are a universal intelligence, that are know for their significant spiralling feed back loop prevailing through them, as in all things and thoughts, its the infinite unified field.

Every one of these is part of the unification of life on the outside of the earth’s simulations holographic universe Theory. Gaia exists outside as the blue planet of special properties, she is the blue planet of perpetual spirals, and man is privileged to live on her, in his life path, in the illusion, where he can play out all his positive and negative, separation, and polarity as much as he wants.

But beyond his mind is the wonderful outer level of the whole infinite unified fields of light creating and recreating this summary of infinite love.