Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Equinox Spiral Fields:

Equinox spiral fields:

It’s why were are on the Isle of Wight:

Dear hearts~ this is the new over layer, lying on top of the old third dimensional drama/ illusion.

Remember that it is an illusion!! We /you and us are not in that field as anchored souls~ even though we have to function there and be interactive.

We are here to engage this equinox light spirals~ the reason it has to be done here~ is because the energy is less dense on the island~ because of the water all around and the freshness of light that flows within the centre of the land.

Do not take need of the third dimensional wisdom of ANYONE else~ we are not at that station.

The peace and calm of this time and place is the energy of the golden age and all previous work has set this up on this land.

In the minds eye~ we are the spirals contracting and expanding~ from beyond the veil/simulation, coming from the outer galactic source, of divine light potential, that is being focused through the Andromeda’s singularity, across to the Milky Way and connecting to all the local planets.

It is enhancing and engaging with all the souls on earth, who are assisting in the main event shift, as it is approaching.

🙂 Gaia is the central body of reception of this~ and the human conscious, awareness, heart/brain coherence, is the mutation the very soul of the DNA and her.

The human kind is the power source of this transformation; with the ability to receive and transmit these frequencies light fields.

  Dear souls, the rays of these incandescence, dimensional frequencies, are here on the multi dimensional frequencies, and are not active as a unified field on the lower level of this 3rd D drama @ this time, they are over laying the energy of Gaia.

We are engaging these into the ~ already layered light fields~ that have been applied to earth, as a platform base for these extremely iridescent waves, to be aligned and secured as the over-lay across the old 3rd D illusion.

They are effecting another holographic simulation, close to the old one, this newly arrived sphere zone and domain is ready for the next cosmic alignment in December.

This is all happening on the divine light fields of the collective consciousness, in the universal love force of action that is at the heart of the DNA of the alchemical nature of the DNA of the divine.

Human thoughts, hearts, and souls fields, are alchemical in nature~ it is the human D N A genes and has the ability to activate what a souls thinks and desires, as humanity is pivotal of the reaction.

All people carry the ability to activate these energy fields~ that transforms the nature of mass and matter.

All souls who are reaching this are aware of their feelings and have. ‘We are energy, as these words holds the keys’. Alchemy is in all words for the activation of action~ what we think~ we are.

Man, will anchor and sense these spirals in the great awareness of the light enforcement~ applied at this time.

This is coming into the DNA~ and linked to the collective conscious illusion~ mans perception of their life, perceived by all humanity.

These spirals came into our perception in 2015 and we drew them as pictures of this and its call the “A” new light field frequency.

Looking back we have already set up the back ground for this year. And everything we have done over the years is finally coming into it ultimate reality in this advanced knowledge.

Every picture we have drawn, imagined, and have been put onto paper, was the original templates for this time and what all souls are doing now.

The plan from the divine source is being actualised on earth in the third dimensional reality of the life’s dramas, in the illusion of the holographic simulation.

It is to layer over what is already here~ it was never going to be another separates entity of the new earth.

The integration of these fields is how it’s going to work, as they emerge into each other, over the next long period of earth time~ until the old has completely faded away and the new is shining out as the new one.

There is no given earth time period for these; it will take as long as it takes.

All humanity has to fulfil their own destiny in their chosen way over life times. The future looks bright~ as these fields are actually changing the old ones and this is on going and will not stop any time soon.

🙂 Be in your space of light. You can choose to do this and your choice will become you life and future.

You are in control of your destiny.

You have the power to do this with your heart /brain coherence and deep focused love, find the power that is within~ and begin to give it out and nurture it, to bring it out into your life, with love, be happy, be light, be love.

❤ thank you ❤ dear souls, for reading these alchemically enlightened word of encouragement. Be blessed x



Dear souls, everyone has come forwards in their progress, slowly the channels are opening up to the way of knowing about this years transformations / modifications.

☺ The energy is opening up the imagination, giving everyone a place to go for their deep understanding.

It can be any sacred space~ alchemist chamber, other side of the illusion, or the veil, outside the simulation, into the sublime divine light space, of the inner meditations.

Dear souls, many more of you are able to know that all these energetic pulses, are filtering down into you minds, souls, and hearts and are being recognises as a real thing, in the dramas of the old 3rd D world.

The light is penetrating through every crack, portal and sacred opening, on and in Gaia and into the minds of the human race, as the collective consciousness grows, beyond the dramas and filters each into each souls scared space.

It can be anything that you can imagine: beyond the veil or the simulation or alchemic chambers. Or just be in heart/ brain balanced coherence~ in the garden, by a stream, or the sea, under trees, Anywhere in nature that feeds you Gaia’s light and love into you with peace.

So many people do not have the time to create in their minds eye yet, but everyone can find a calm space or place to sit and relax, be at rest for a short period of time.

With these lovely energies coming in there so much light~ that even the busiest souls will begin to feel the need to sit quiet for a short time.

The turbulence will still be there in the world dramas, all light workers are going into their space of the divine light, every day, this is affecting these chaotic energies in ways that are of the new codes.

Every human is a powerful transmitter and receiver, and can use this in their own right, as a light worker, to emit this light to these negative occurrences on earth.

And, know, that it is going into the alchemical fields of the divine and growing experientially, and alchemically, modifying and transforming the universal collative consciousness. Its this, that is expanding and revealing itself in all life, unmasking the contradiction negative actions, and opening up to the truth.

As a powerful human transmitter, you can all shine your light, into everything that is going on in the dramas~ with the people power~ who are opposing and asking for their human rights to be free without physically attending.

You can do it from your own power pack of love, through your heart/ brain coherent love for what is a human right.

Do it quietly~ with dignity~ in the light~ let it flow out and over-lay these contradictory rules that go against the rights to be human and free~ this is a free will life style.

Be free in your minds, thoughts, hearts and brain and hold it and project it out to Gaia and all souls.

Gaia needs this as she turns on her axis and reorganises her physical body~ making adjustments that are necessary for her development to survive. She is strong and powerful~ every climate adjustments she makes, is a necessary to move for her to get her balance, so she needs to be given light support as does all humanity with love. Thank you X



Personal: Yes dear soul we are you: you are we! The unified soul collection consciousness of our part of the group of divine souls~ who have agents on earth!

Every day, you have open up to our deep focus with the concentration music sounds, and each day~ we have enhance the collective divine light source on Gaia~ from the top of the tree, of the god head source frequency and over-laying them into and onto Gaia this week, six days, At the Isle of Wight and tomorrow we will do it in Westcliff-on-sea, completing the alchemical link~ over this section on earth, before we transmit it into every soul group collective.🙂

We are working on the collective consciousness of the earth holographic structure from the source~ call it what you will; life or holographic dramas.

This is the installation of crystal light fields, into the almost physical nature of the spirit energy that has been set by all light souls up to date.🙂

These layers of light, energy frequency and vibrations of this, is flowing, at this time we are incorporating a structural pattern of crystal forming in the way a crystal that comes with frozen water. This is NOT water; it is liquid crystal light frequency fields for this past year leading into 2021.

These crystal fields, hold every piece of data from the ancient crystal codes, from all ancient civilisation, that have been released over the last few years, and is now being inserted into the layer of pure crystal, light, heart/brain love focus round Gaia.

It is structuring it into the new fields of collective universal consciousness, every souls has been feeling their power of light, even if they do not recognise it... it is within every family group, there are about fifty per cent of these souls now in this new light, and they are unconsciously emitting out their light frequency to their chosen loved ones and helping to bring in this crystal fields of liquid light fields.

🙂It’s global. Be love be light, be happy.

This is what we are seeing every night, but in day time as well.

🙂 Dear souls, the layer and layers that have been assembled into and onto Gaia from the outer quadrant, Sun... Sol... Son... to earth and all planets, have been received and anchored into Gaia and humanity’s new earth fields of vibration.

It is now solidifying into its alchemical crystal structures, creating a new earth pattern/ matrix of this ancient code crystal grid~ over –laying the old in ways of it multi dimensional holographic quality.

In our mind see it all as a Hugh sheet of different shapes, colour, and textures beginning to form together as a constructed shapes.

Now its become a much more constructed pattern, of small parts interweaving with each other, creating a net work of strength all-be-it energetic crystal fields.

This is the level of the power of the equinox portal in the pivotal year.

🙂 All light workers and conscious souls are engaging these newly developing patterns, hewn out of the positive love from the coherent hearts/ brains love focus, through the alchemy given freely through thought, minds creating the highest level of light.

Dear souls, as we all go through these last months, these constructs will continue to form and we ask you all, dear souls to keep your integrity within your hearts, thoughts, and actions over this period of time.

Sit quiet, ‘see’ through your middle eye/ third eye, and when you do this give it all your hearts felt love and create it in what you feel is right.

We are aware of the conflict on earth at this time, so we ask you to spend as much time as possible keeping and creating your own alchemical love into Gaia and humanity.

As the winds of change flip you around~ one thing to think about is to be your own free thinker~ keeping away from the media as much as possible, media will try to keep you tied down the their negativity productions.

You are all divine souls with a free mind~ free to think what you know is right.

Apply your thoughts to your physical life and keep remembering this over these next weeks of change.

Be your own love, light, being, in your mind, thoughts, and actions~ peaceful in the knowledge that everything is on line and correct, give out your love and light to all those who are suffering. Be blessed thank you X. 🙂