Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

The energy is trong:

The energy is strong, but never mind, we are right in the centre of energy gateways.

We are floating about in the multi dimensions at these times and we have faith that all will be well, then this morning we read a message from the ancient souls of Atlantis and they were talking about the Tesla/Scalar waves as a means to healing our self.

In this writing, it was said that crystals hold these energies and there is also a med-bed that the scientist are creating for the healing and long life, when I looked it up on Google, it said that they thought of it is as fields in the outer universe.

This brought us back to our recent scripts about these outer fields of energies that prevail the universe, and because we are all connected and there is no separation, we wondered if we could connect to this wave in the same way as we are connecting to the word fields and waves outside the third holographic simulation.

When we are in this state of imbalance, the only way we can get a grip is to think our self out in those fields, and then we know we are in a true place for the integration of these new energies.

So another mind experiment.... shall we go into that space and see if we can connect to these Scalar and Tesla waves for the healing of our self and in tune humanity and Gaia?

We ask the higher being... they answer. Yes’ of course you can do this, there is not separation in the universe, and everything there is accessible to everyone and any space-time.

As people become aware of these new ways, and can begin to understand them on the physical world, then they become the optimum tool to heal their self, no one can do it for anyone else; every one heals their self.

Tesla/ Scalar Waves: We are not very; ‘up’ with the science of these waves, it’s complicated for a soul like me, to get an understanding of it enough, to actually write about it, but during these writings and reading about them, my instincts are energised with a deep feeling of positive energy, saying that we do not all have to be rocket scientist in the third world earth system to be able to understand something like this.

I am defiantly not one of those... over the yeas I and my higher self...we have always had these feelings and information, that stayed with us all the way through our life and we have learnt to rely on them, when there is a lack of real evidence, and we declare that these ideas are just that... our personal ideas, or our own models, of how we might see and understand something that is far beyond our human mind.

This is one of them.... when we go into the higher vibrations; things seem to slow down, is this because we are accessing the Tesla waves that are outside the normal radio waves of physical earth?

The answer comes from our self from the higher souls group... Yes! So if we think about this and actively ask for understanding will we get an answer?

Yes! What you are feeling and thinking, is the way to understand that everything is different now... earth, people and cosmos is in the new era and are opening up the minds of everyone.

To move forwards, a person has to be ready to expand and accept... that there are many things that have been hidden since the fall of Atlantis; this new reality is opening up for mankind to embrace things that seem unusual.

Each soul is of equal in power all on different levels, but all are as powerful as each other.

* Inspired bytes: *

* You live on earth~

*Experiencing it through the physical body that has an expanded field~

*If you can encompass it with the mind and thoughts~

*Wth no restriction about who you are~

*You can explore and have an experience~

*That cannot be got any where in this universe or any other universe. *