Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Sequence of data for the simmer solstice:

Sequence of data for the summer solstice:

Sequence one:

How quickly time moves on... there is another illusive thought coming into the periphery of our senses, a small glimpse of something different and we do not know what it is.

We have the gist of it... the way we have been feeling and emotionally disrupted this last week or two.... how we have not been coping very well... the deepness of the isolation and feeling of giving up.... now we have come through this, it has not just been us... it has affected many in this way.

It has made us look very closely at the reasoning behind all the things that are going on within us, and what is happening in the world of illusion.

Is it the last idea about the open fields of the transit of Gaia, and the cosmic interacting fields, as they shuffle along within the realms of all life inner and outer, that is giving us all’ another glimpse of becoming more galactic in our presence.... here on earth in this body... how hard it is to assimilate these ideas that are so different?

It’s frustrating to know these new concepts and that they are as real as anything else, but no one is looking yet.

Changing our concept of these new fields is a difficult thing to understand... and we have tried to ignore them... by doing this, we have not embraced them as our own, in our own design of life.

We cannot ignore them any more, we have to embrace them as part of our new thinking ... we have opened up our inner elements, mind, brain, heart coherence to it and we cannot turn back from it now.

So once again we jump right into it with an open heart, trust and love and we are given the guidance to accept that we are not in the same place as before.

We are gong into our mind, imagination, intelligence, intuition, and emotional consciousness with this and see what comes out on the other side.

We breathe into the heart with great love, and expand everything into these cosmic fields of the transition of Gaia across the years.

We leave our body behind and our own field merges with the coming of the summer solstice light, that is unfolding within everything and us.

We ask our higher self to link us with the growth of this process for Gaia and universe... so that we can understand what it is that is needed from us in this capacity.

What is so special about this year?

It is the introduction of the Aquarian frequency to come to earth for this new cycle... and there is a need, to open up this to all souls on earth in their own ways of understanding as we bring, this solstice to its fullness and flood the earth with the light of the cosmic divine fields for the first template, so that its instated correctly for the future of humanity, life, Gaia, all galaxy’s and the universe.

Yes its important’ for this is the setting up of the construct of this new era, and it needs all souls to make it perfect and in alignment, so that all the following yearly cycles are embedded into this perfection.

We are all working in the multi dimensions, so it will become collective for everyone; this is work behind the scenes the unseen grounding of the unseen truth’ that others are unable to comprehend just yet.

Dear souls don’t worry we will keep giving data until this becomes clear, so that you can share it when the timing is right.

It is be the pinnacle of the light as the solstice becomes its full self... it is setting a new platform for the future of all, with this ultimate light frequency and the perfection of divine light and vibrations.

Every time we sit quiet, we are opening and connecting to this new era of light, and we are expanding the multi dimension that we all are' it is acting exponentially as we sit or think about the silence and focus our love onto it, even for one minute, in the dimensions, this time is amplified massively as we do this with conscious thought. 🙂


Sequence two:

Message for everyone...

Stay in love in your heart... are co-creating your world and the more you focus on the negative side the stronger it gets... ignore the media response and only think about the positive heart fields of love.

Give out light to all those who are in strife and pain... but do not give lip service to the media this only feeds them.

Give out love and balance. Yes’ all the world seems to be up side down and it is... but its going through great changes and it has to work through... keep the mind on the heart/ brain love coherence within, and this will help Gaia to get to a balance.

The news is very negative, so be aware not to watch too much and do not give it your attention because you are helping to create this fear and negative actions.

Be strong and stand up for the belief of your co-creation and do not feed the destruction of the human hearts and souls by giving the negative thought any energy or time.

# Inspired byte:

In the outer realms, the cosmic clock moves as one unit, as all planets aligns and transfers these infinite light streams from the upper levels of the godheads, giving us the connection to a much larger body of divine eternal, enjoy the expansion as our universe shifts into its next eon of time.