Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Love resets the earths frequency and raises the EM fields of earth:

Solar flares keep coming and they alter the frequency of all existence, it’s no coincidence.

The guidance comes in:

As earth goes through another equinox the energies change, the feelings you are having are also related to this time.

Open your heart and receive these light waves with love.

The message comes from the Pleiades souls:

When there is a massive field of love and light from the peoples it lifts the electromagnetic energy of earth.

All light workers bring a coherent pattern of crystal geometric fields as these energies unfolds soothing and anchoring it into the hearts of all souls as well as Gaia.

There is no need to think that this is not going to work, if you feel that you are not focussing, the balance is already done, know that something important is happening.

As these field unfold the energies will remain high, the reset of Gaia is automatic due to the work already put in over these years by all light workers.

All you need to do is be in this moment and it will be enough, everything is on the brink of the new dawn; it is shining into every crack and corner of earth, the solar system and outlaying star systems that are also returning into the new age of light with gratitude and love.

Many people get tied up with the dramas of the third dimensional life even the science is part of that, the open focus meditation is good and there is much more to it than what you understand so far.

You go into it and do manifestation but know that there is unlimited knowledge in there as well, quantum potential and possibility think about it, the quantum potential of possibility is correct but not just for manifestation.

You can go in there and take the knowledge that rests in there, you can search around in there and ask for the higher part of you to come and impress you with these things.

There are separate fields that lay within the fields, it’s all quantum potential and possibility and that means everything, it does not just mean you to manifest what you need in the third dimensional earth, ask for more data, profound information and the understanding of the ancient truth of this.

Within the quantum field of potential and possibility lies many, levels of possibility’s, one of them is manifestation go deeper and find the knowledge, write about it, share it, go into this space with an open mind knowing that potential and possibility means everything, it is not just one thing. you are a light being on earth and therefor has access to every type of info for the future.

All the stuff everyone goes through, is like a play, a strange film that someone had made up, everyone has their roll to play in a way that is their belief and truth, and nothing exists outside of it, and they cannot spread their mind beyond what they are believing, mainly because they are fearful, its all about trepidation, they are troubled about things they do not understand.

Over the time period, Humanity have been controlled using the fear factor to touch the minds of humans, it has been overriding the light being that they are inside the celestial being.

The early man used the godhead for fear but the godhead will never ever harm you and yet everyone was God fearing, these controlling groups of earth knew exactly what they are doing and how much power they hold.

They are using it on the negative dark side for their own end’s greed, money and control.

Now my dear individuals realise that nothing on this planet is heavy, everything, everything, everything is vibration and frequency absolutely everything, it does not matter what you look at, there are many frequencies, that have consciousness and intelligence and each one is playing out there roll within the pattern which it is serving.

By this we mean’ to create an earth for people to live on we had to have serving objects like rock and hard metal and things, it had to be incorporated within the frequency vibration of everything, so when you look at a rock and you hit your toe on it, it hurts right’ that’s because the frequency of that rock is very compressed its meant to be by design but it does not mean its not consciously intelligent, it is just doing its job.

In the bigger picture, in the expanded light of the divine source, the light beings that came here to earth many eons of time ago are still here, living in the same space on different vibrations, they cannot interfere in the thoughts and patterns of the people that are listening or talking to them in inspiration, they cannot interfere, they have to let the plan unfold in its normal way and the plan is to let the fear unfold slowly, slowly and as this slow understanding of fear unfolds it diminishes.

Stay in control of the level of light that you are, and to do that you have to conform to the rule of frequency vibration, try to remember not to put yourself into any place that is overwhelmingly negative.

Be love, Be light, but most of all Be happy. 🙂