Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel


Talking to Gaia:

With the cosmic alignments, we can all feel the adjustments- there is no big fanfare it is the feeling of ”relax now and let it BE.’

Personally it has given me /us a freedom from the inner tension that has been building all through life. There is a feeling of release: untethered by our inner emotions and mental chains we gained through our experiences. This is a time for all beings to release them self from their chains of self-control.

Gaia and our higher self’s have done and are’ doing this, every soul is bonded with Gaia. Our release, is her release, we can commune with her on the non-local multitudes of her vibrational frequencies.


As I slip into this inner soul meditation, she response with an all-encompassing wave of love and gratitude to all beings on earth, who are aware of her deep connections to them.

She is happy and the pimples of negativity within her inner realms, are changing as all the love heart brain, focused energy, goes into her matrix and the solar system and going outward from the galactic collective consciousness.

She is receiving accepting and transitioning into her new body wholly. Now that all souls have open their hearts in the wake of these global unity meditations, the process of subtle change within the hearts and minds and the physical body has been activated and is proceeding in its perfect glory of transformation.

What is happening on the surface, is not a very big part of this transition- it’s the flaky surface of the earth shedding a layer of skin that is so small it is not audible to many.

The only anchor for those who wield the power is the media! Do not give your attention to it because you are feeding it with your energy.

The decision of each individual is the way to reduce these powers even more- the heart/brain and minds of each soul is far greater than this collective group of negative fear based energy of these leaders.

Now that the global mediations have had there effect- the growth of love over negativity has swung into the positive side of the deep wave and is RISING in momentum- this is a long term process but humanity has shifted the gear into the new age set of wave frequencies an it will not revert.

Be your self in your own truth, and keep expanding your inner truth, through your hearts brain love meditations.

No matter where or when you do this connection – be it in nature, sitting in the garden, or actually sitting in a state of meditation, any spiritual practice is adding to this connection to the new frequency of light that everyone has worked so hard to establish in Gaia over these years.

What ever happens now, it is important to know that all things are connected and correct, even the negative outcomes- there has to be a balance in and on Gaia and universe, this means both positive and negative supporting each other in unity of the light and dark constantly dancing together, forever evolving and readjusting as the infinite supreme heavenly way of life.

Thank you X


Gaia came through the intense violet laser healing on the 28th as did all inner souls energies- mostly it was done on the inner consciousness plateau of the divine soul within every living body who breaths and live on her. It reads like an individual story of Rae, but it is a global, planetary method of getting the new frequency into all life.

The story is the experience on earth to be shared, so that all others can understand HOW these new light fields are affecting all souls on earths subtle levels of light fields layering down into everything this year.

We still have the next six months to go before this layering comes into tis truth with in Gaia and humanity. Thank you X