Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Sequence of data three and four:

Sequence three:

Dear souls we are approaching the summer solstice, in these open fields, the radiation and sun emissions are gathering in the universe and growing, into the new light energy of the anchoring of the new age of Aquarius.

It is a universal transformation that’s happening now and we’ the human elements are pivotal in the transmission into these lovely vibrant frequencies.

We... from the higher fields.... ask all souls to focus on these light waves, in what ever way is your understanding, so that over these next eight weeks, the energy can be brought in, anchored and transformed into the new age of Aquarius, as the pinnacle of light, in the perfection of the divine source, through the hearts/brain coherence of love, from each souls spark that is re-setting the very life we live.

Have you noticed Gaia’s frequency has changed... when the wind blows hard it feels strong, but there is a love in its energy, as the thunderclap sounds so loud, it has the coherence of the balance of love that is prevailing on earth now.

There are still atrocities happening, so it important to give out your heart felt love to these souls who are under a lot of stress.

Go into your silence and sacred space as much as possible and focus on your hearts love... remember everything is fields of light energy ... get connected and feel how strong it is now and easy to communicate with.

This period in the year is always a time of energised light, to bring in the next level for the up coming year. Its always like this every year at this time; the way showers, can give a massive boost to the ascension of all others, if you decide to do the focus and balance in a conscious meditative state.

The sun is hotter, the wind is stronger, the thunder and lightening is louder, the rain is heavier, these are all due to this enlighten states of Gaia in the new light energy, there is nothing wrong and it will balance out.... but for this time, it is energetically disruptive to many on earth, so the need to keep focussing as star seeds, and keep mediating, and being in the scared space, is the way to help towards keeping the balance, as Gaia is rocked by these divine uplifting vibration and new frequencies.

They are merging into all livening things... constantly realigning and up grading, so that the very life force can become the next true being of the divine frequency.

For all new comers take heart and know that everything you are doing is totally correct, you are all feeling the psychic powers that every human holds... up to now it has been repressed, it is a natural thing that all humans have and theses new energies have open up and expanded the dense physical body enough, for these to be recognised.... and in time... used to the advantage of healing Gaia, humanity, galixy, and universe, you are tapping into the great field that is everything in the universe.

You have control on it because you can use your free will to do what you feel you want to, go as far as you feel comfortable and then stop until your abilities show you how to go forwards.

Every living soul has their higher being, that is helping and guiding them on the level of understanding that each individual has... there are no two souls that are the same... each one is unique to their own soul and self.

Do not try too compare too much with others, because there is no comparison with this state of the human being, everyone has their own way of interpretation, feeling and living in their hearts, as their own sacred divine spark of light, learn to focus on it and feel its comfort and love when things get difficult in life.

Be light, be love, be happy.🙂

Sequence four:

We are being told this is a sacred day, and in the capacity as earth healers and balancers, way showers and light workers, our higher self in the multi dimensions, are energising this in coming frequency, into a infinite wide flickering ribbon of iridescent rainbow and silver, white light within the prevailing fields of divine light.

Focus on the heart and let this flow through you as if you are it’ and it is you... this is exactly correct, you are all holding the light flow of the summer solstice luminescence this month, before the perfect sphere forms within the matrix of the earth’s inner and outer self.

It is being created now’ so that in four weeks time it will be set and perfect, and for four weeks after, it will gel and be anchored solidly into all life.

There is little to do other than be aware that this is what we are doing... stay in the feeling of love and light and as the timeline sets itself during this period, it will be enhance by the full moons and eclipse and all other cosmic alignments that are in transit at this time.

We are orchestrating this in the bigger picture through all souls who are awake and functioning on the new waves.

This is global and universal, it is designed to anchor all light into Gaia through you all.

Every soul who is aware, is doing what they came here for... and signed up for ... to help bring in the ascension to earth and to help the people to assimilate it giving support in any way they can.

The feelings that go with this work does or can make a soul feel slightly uncomfortable; because it’s not a well know feeling of compatibility.

As it happens, it is totally compatible... other wise it would not be given to any one, who cannot receive it with the heart felt love that it requires.

Do not be fearful of these feeling, even if they seem different to what is the usual feeling of light, theses waves are’ different and they are forming a different DNA construct in everyone, Gaia, galixy and universe, open up to them, embrace them with the confidence and trust that it is correct, and know how life is evolving at this pivotal time, with the human elements that are so important to bring it on.

For the next eight weeks, these plasma waves are going to keep advancing for the emergence of the divine pure crystal diamond light, to create the new age construct, for this summer solstice.

Everything that all light workers have done up to now, has set the pace for this transition into the age of Aquarius, keep going’ we the higher self’s of you all work together as one, with this divine light of source, to make this happen with the heart/ brain coherence love of all things.

Be light. Be love. Be happy.🙂

# Inspired byte:

This is the time of hearts merging within~ breath the eternal breath ~ a human conscious breath.