Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel



If this Theory of the constructs is correct, then have we all been damaging the unified field all these years, with our fear based thoughts and action, like war and torturing of our own kind.

The negativity of our thoughts and action must have had a profound effect on all the energies in these unified fields, for eons of time.

This must be the cycle of the universal plan, as we move round the perpetual feed back loop of the construct, it must have been by design, how close are we to getting this insight into a reality in our life.

We ask you dear souls to come in and explain a bit more about this new idea?

Yes-dear soul: Never lose sight of the need for polarity, there cannot light without dark, the secret is to get a balance that is sustainable, because everything is never still, it will always need to be re-aligned and adjusted.

On this bigger scale, the universe and earth has been in the grip of a negative long term period, that is now moving into the new age of the Aquarius light.

There has not been such a movement on this scale before; there have been great movements, over the vastness of time, but not on this scale. The reason for this is the human element in this age; man has surpassed himself over this last millennium, and taken the negative power into a very dark place of control, for an age.

The ascension into the light is far greater than before, the gap between the two, light and dark has grown in magnitude because for this.

So it is going to take a bigger leap, for it to be balanced, and a more focused mind to be able to change it.

Here on earth everyone has chosen to be here for this change over, so that it can be accomplished, and mans mind has developed due to the age of computer and technology that is all by design.

The growth on mans understanding due to the opening of the dormant DNA and the suns radiation, lifting the frequency of earth, has given them a perfect energetic opportunity to move into this bigger picture.

Everyone came here for this purpose, willingly, to do their job in their life path, to learn about they’re past and become their true being, in their exact unique frequency, so that every aspect of the adjustments in the universal great plan can be covered. When we give information that seems strange... its us... giving and opening up the human mind to other possibilities as to how things work.

And your fellow humans are right; you are working with the old three-dimensional mind-set that is in the process of becoming multi dimensional, this can make it difficult to change your thoughts so radically and quickly.

It has to be done slowly and easily, with slow bits of information, which is being given over time, so that every mind can begin to perceive it in their own way.

Because everyone is different, there has to be lots of different interpretations on the same thing, to cover all aspect within the construct of the unified fields of the universe.

Recognise that these ideas are not so difficult to perceive, when remembering that everything IS CONNECTED, the problem is, they do go against the thought patterns of what every soul on earth has been taught over their life.

Moving out of this of this thought pattern into another one, is the difficult part; there will be many who think its not correct or even read it. But... for the ones that do and are questioning it... they are the forward thinking souls who can understand, and use this information to be aware, that every time they think about it and adjust their thoughts, it is working a thousand fold, and is the state of keeping our universe on line, whilst in this big shift.

As the humans hold their integrity... there heart brain coherence with love, they are holding the construct of the universal fields, so that they can become a reset, of the construct, of the new age in these vast fields of light.

Every time a star seed or way shower or light worker sits in their harmonious space, connecting to their inner love, they are doing this, in the vastness of the outer divine unified fields, using all their attributes... their consciousness, intelligence, intuition, imagination, thoughts, their love.

They are creating this every time they are in their own unified balanced place within their physical body.

We hope this helps those souls to realise how important it is to keep their balance in the light, with their conscious thoughts of coherent love, and to see that these radical ideas, can be the keys to the ascension and the new dawn of Aquarius light.

We thank you for reading this with great love for you and your light. X 🙂