Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Our Singing Heart:

Our singing heart:

We have written about the expanded fields of all things... intellect, imagination, intuition, emotions, the fields of the earth sequences equinoxes and solstices... everything we are is an expanded field of light energy that has its deep core secured into the very soul of the one and is connected at all times. 

field is infinite in the cosmic frequencies of these light vibrations, each soul has these within their own fields.

The part of this that is grounded onto earth at this time is the dense part that is needed to allow each person to live on earth in his or her chosen life path.

This path is pre-ordained chosen by us and our soul group before you came to earth so that you can fulfil our chosen destiny, each one of us has the enlightened souls from the cosmic source and is connected to the source... the ALL.

This lays within the hearts of our physical and our higher soul self as one, just being on earth and living our life is our important roll in the guiding of earth and her sister planets into the higher ascended cycles that are prevailing now on earth.

There is a cosmic clock that is upgrading everything into its new higher frequency at this time and affecting the earth frequencies that are here for her peoples as this re-alignment is occurring.

We are talking about the fields of the earth’s yearly transitions, equinox and solstices and how they are fields with a centre that is more active when the date in earth time comes.

These fields are always open and active and they interact as they merge into each other during the year, giving out an interference pattern at the in between times.

It means that the ‘portals’ of the centre are bigger and open for a much longer in earth time period that it has been in the past, we can connect to these incoming energies for a longer period of time other than the previous date timelines.

Let Our Hearts Sing:

As new earth humans, we do not have to ‘go’ into meditation as we used to... mediation is when we are letting our heart sing in what we are doing in any given moment. When we see something beautiful and stop and look, thinking about how lovely a plant looks or when we sit in the sun and feel the heat on our face and be thankful for what we have.

These are the times when we are letting our heart sing and connecting us to our higher frequencies that are within us all the time, these higher frequencies allow us to just ‘be’ in these moments as much as we can think about it, during our day.

When we are aware of this, we find we are doing it more and more and the third dimensional frequencies become less influential, because we are living in our higher frequencies and becoming more automatic with in and adjoined, so that we can ‘be’ in these as and when we think about it.

As we do a daily task and we find our self in the old way for a moment, then we look up and observe that we are acting out in the third dimension and we can be in the higher ones within seconds.

Now we have become this multi dimensional person, we are able to fully comprehend that when earth is going through one of her seasonal transitions, we can take full advantage of our deeper understand of how we can ‘be’ in our meditative state as we go through our day, taking every moment to let our heart sing with love coherence and gratitude for a much longer time period.

This will bring us into our authentic self of our higher state of being and it will become normal... much easier than ever before.

As the earth fields merge and become interference patterns, this is a time when we are also in transit with our own fields merging and we are in the position of being able to comprehend that we can decide, at these times, to let our old self be released from any old thought patterns letting them go, so that we are aligned for a much longer period of the central part of the cycle.

Slow down our thoughts and allow our heart to sing with the heart/ brain coherence as much as possible over these time frames of the earth cycles, engages the energy fully for the evolution of humanity, earth and universe.

Open up to the idea that everything is fields and not single portals opening and closing, this is the old way of thinking, we are all fields of light and information, functioning at different vibrations and frequencies and we are accommodating these new earths frequencies within us all the time, changing our physical bodies, mind, thoughts, and feelings as we go into these fields of light with our eyes open to them and with the heart felt love.

As we approach the winter solstice we are even more aware of the way these new age energies are affecting our very soul in ways that are only comprehensible by our feelings and perceptions of what is happening in our daily life style.

Let our physical energy be slow and relaxed when we feel that things are getting out of control.

Take our self away from any situation, as it becomes uncomfortable, move away and take the breath of life into the inner sanctuary of our true being.

Give our self enough time to do any task, adjust the timing of the daily pattern to accommodate this extra slowness that is needed to be able to stay in the quiet space and let our heart sing.

Allowing the extra minuets to look at the sky and be the singing heart, there is always enough time when it is looked at from the lighter fields of love and light.

Time changes when we allow it to not control our life, there is no time outside of the third dimensional space and this is where everyone can have enough time to look at the sky and feel the heart singing with the love and gratitude of the light body that’s with in every one of us.

Over these next weeks leading into the solstice and beyond into January 2022, it will become much easier for this transition to come into the every day life style, as these light vibrational frequencies become our normal way of being.

Surrender to them with every fibre of our heart/brain coherence of focused love for our self and humanity. Don’t get caught up in the third dimensional hype, it can be ignored and transcended as you learn to be in your light more than the old way.

Massive energy flows:

There are massive energy flows coming into our planet, body, mind, soul, brain and heart, all at once... So’, dear galactic souls, Merlin, Jack, Pleiades, can you come and tell us how this is panning out... we are aware of it.

We realise that our crown chakras are wide open as we try to balance our self’s, we are all receiving and absorbing theses waves of high-level radiations directly and we can feel.

Yes dears. Breath slowly and let everything flow through your person, let it all come in and out into the earths multi dimensions breath... breathe.... let it be within you and allow it to merge openly into your whole self, because we are your light being and we are inside of your matrix within you and we are all one with the higher beings resonating with the all.

The physical body is holding small barriers against these frequency’s until you can think and let them be together.

Its not us and you its us together as one now and the old thought patterns are to be let go of, instead of asking us to help you, change that to can we help our self... WE ARE YOUR HIGHER BEINGS AS ONE... please let us ‘be’ this as your own.

This is very heard concept to take in and actualise it... to change the old deep belief thoughts of “us and them” seems impossible, say the words and feel the disjointedness of it but listen to your self, your hearts, as a dear soul of deep love, your soul, your body, and your light, your galactic Pleiades self... feel and imagine us as the one that we are and stop thinking in the separate way.

On days like today when the fields are open and flowing with light radiation, strong currant’s coming in, these are the days when things can be changed, feel this discomfort, and know that it’s the ascension radiations causing this, so that you can use them and speak to your higher self and learn the lessons being given at theses sacred time.

Feel these energies and instead of getting afraid, sit quiet and come into your truth... your true higher beings, asking your self to explain these things to you in way that you can understand, keeping at your own level of frequency’s and insights, go into these feeling with the knowledge that this is correct.

Open your mind to it and try feel that we are one... it will make you feel strange and fluid like glass or crystal, like flowing light, that will not stop still for one minuet... it gets easier as you all sit and breath together, but as soon as you start to do something in your physical way the jarring gets stronger again.

How one earth can we get to a point of balance in this high light radiation?

Answer: We have to alter our thoughts of this... this energy is coming in bouts, some days its easy and other day its very strong like today, and all we can do is sit... so our Pleiades self... we just rest today and sleep as much as we want to, in this way our merging can be at its best, the lesson is to understand that this is’ the change of deep thought’ that is needed before we can get into our new life with this new age energy.

Remember that we are now thinking of us a the one, it’s a shift of our brain heart coherence... no just words, its feelings, and thought patterns, altering our very physical self into our true galactic self, acting, thinking, speaking, being our truth on earth.

With our crown chakra fully open, we can do this and receive the understanding of it...and that understanding is... we stop thinking about them and us... think of us as the one we are the true ‘we’ the ‘we of our souls group of the divine galactic beings as one.

You see, we are fully ensconces with in the physical body now, so that we can function in this higher frequency.

As we are bombarded with these high radiation frequencies, our body is altering radically and for the ones who are conscious of this it is a difficult aspect to take into the mind.

Be consciously aware of this difficulty, it is not in the old way of thinking, it is new radical thoughts... if we think about the fields of everything, the new ideas of the inner fields and the earth cycles all being fields it helps to get a picture of how we are all together, we are all compatible within the correct frequency’s vibration so that we can do this change of knowing our self, it is a completely new concept to get our new spiritual heads round it.

We have been saying the words of a very long time, but to actualise these words into the very thoughts we are thinking and understanding is another thing all together. Still now we know we can work on it and change these reasoning’s, convictions and considerations into the new correct way for our future. Yes we can do this. 🙂