Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Becoming consciously aware:

Becoming consciously aware:

As we sit and breath into our heart to connect and speak to it.... it occurred to us that ... taking into consideration that we are all connected and as below so it is above... we are connecting to the most divine heart ... divine source God, this is highest form of the hearts love as fields, that is omnipresent in the universe on all levels.

The heart felt love is another big field, that is part of the universe and when we connect to ours’ we are connecting to all the others as one like the other elements we all hold, these are the intuition, intelligence, imagination and emotions, and ego, we can add heart love to these, as they are all fields in the universe outside of the holographic simulation of illusions.

Man is the great thinker connecting to greater picture, with the divine connection to the orchestration of the universe through their thoughts and heart felt love.

We have been given a brain as well as all the other elements, that enables us the think, question, and search, it is the part of us that has the abilities to learn about these outer areas, of the place in which we live, and on the outside of the earth.... the universe.

The brain, is the part of us that holds all the things we have learnt and things we have inherited, and it has the capacity to reconstruct anything that it deems relevant for its continuation, it is backed up be our ego that is also a big field.

As humans, we have been manipulated by the others who wish to control us.... teaching us to use this brain in ways that are only for the growth of them and the third dimensional holographic illusion, so that they can gain in every way.

Once we step outside of this man made simulation, and see how things are on the outside, we can live happily in the illusions of the world, as well as be aware that we are not being manipulated unless we want to.

This is becoming consciously aware of our life path. It makes life very easy, when we do not have to engage with the dramas of others, and we can explore the more radical thoughts, that rise in our Brain and Heart untainted by outside judgments from others.

We are here to flow with every thought, no matter how ludicrous it might seem at first, opening up to every aspect of life without the blinkers on.

Some people will ridicule us for making public some of these ideas... but again, when we are not engaging in the dramas, we are not so badly affected by these statements.

We are outside of this as much as possible, but there are still times when we have to jump right into anything that seems distressing, so that we can carry on learning, there is never and end for learning and searching for new ways.


What else is there within our physical constitution that we are uncovering so that we can expand more and more?

Our skin bones and organs give us the ability to walk about on earth.... its these inner thoughts, and emotions that have been a mystery... the main ones are the ones we have mentioned previously, we have been taught to use these negatively, by the ones who control, we learn from a very young age how to get our own way be watching others doing it.

And because we are new, naïve, souls we cant know what is right or wrong and this is the lesson we are here to experience on earth, in our life path. There is no blame... everything is correct and everyone has their own path to take.

But to understand the bigger picture will help a young soul to decide how to use their heart felt love, with the co-operation of their brain and heart, in instead of just following blindly.

These pieces of data put everything we have and are into question and that is the point... learn to question everything in life.


Two things have come into play over the last days, this in data about the energy fields of earth and how they are changing due to the incoming radiation, plasma, and light rays, from the outer universe through the central suns of the local galaxies.

We can feel how these are disrupting us as human souls.

Talking from an ascension point of view backed by the sciences, the world pandemic has had its multi dimensional effects on the state of Gaia’s fields and energy and of the population as a collective.

The fear that was holding everyone in the third holographic dimension was not doing the same on the multi level of light, instead it was giving the worlds population time to sit and ponder on their loved ones and feel the love that was needed to help the human race.

And as is proven by science that collective focus does’ alter the earths basic energy and frequency vibration, and collectively the whole universe.

The next thought that comes into our mind is about the changes we are being given, the inspiration that is about the bigger picture to share ... we do not think many people can understand it all, and sometime we cant either, but never the less we are compelled to carry on with it, as it feels like the right path to take as this time.

We wonder if.... by expanding our perceptions of the outer regions into the greater picture, we have helped to alter these basic frequencies... What we mean is... we have realise that we... the humans are the ones who have the ability to reach out into our minds, thoughts, and our hearts to recognise that there is so much more than we ever thought; not just our self but universally, collectively and consciously.

With the thought that we are all connected by the fields of light that are everything, going right up to the divine god head, including out inner elements, our thoughts, feelings and love, it is just part of the universal fields and we can and do have that kind of influence in the way we affect this bigger picture.

Everything we do, think and act out in our everyday life, is part of this Hugh... energetic... universal collective consciousness... of everything, so every time we sit and love our self or another we are adding to it, by using our god given divine spark of light and now we are even more ready to expand this into the greater good of all things with the light we hold in our heart, brain, cohesion.

Be love: Be happy: Be light. 🙂