Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

About consciousness: We slipped back: Confused I am ... a Souls group: What! I am trying to say:

This is very new information that we are being inspired to post. From my personal view point its taken three weeks for me to get to grips with this idea, it was only when I spoke to my daughter about it, that it became apparent that we are being given this, up to date data, of how things could be.

This is a sequence of channelled information leading up to a new realisation about the bigger picture. I will leave it up to you, the reader, to decide if it resonated with your souls as a new way to perceive the bigger picture of life, in a vast universe of light. There is more to come. Thank you Barb: xx 🙂


About consciousness: We slipped back: Confused I am ... a Souls group: What! I am trying to say:

About consciousness:

As we begin to focus our attention within our self, body, organs, mind, thoughts, feelings and stream our super energy of the new age frequency, in other words open up our heart brain coherence to this.

We consciously realise we can feel every part of our physical body inside.... not just touching our arm and feel our skin.

Breath and focus on our body as a light field of energy and we are consciously feeling every bit of us.

The arm as it touches the skin, muscle and tendons that hold it into place.

Expand this in every part of the physical body and we are conscious of every cell pulsing.

When we say conscious we mean we are feeling, knowing, sensing, and are physically, emotionally, intelligently and intuitively aware that our thoughts are leading this concept, with heart felt love for our self.

How does this pertain to our consciousness?

We are only aware of these things because we can feel them and we know they are there, it is a conscious thought, we cant touch our inner bones or our blood, we can know how they are working, because we have the knowledge of understanding the biology of our make up, and we can feel them consciously as part of us.

So.... we can know this because we have learnt about our physical body and how it works, enabling us to go deeper in and begin to use all our attributes to get an inner image of what we are... here on earth, with this human body.

How can that be?

It must be that ever single part of our make up is conscious itself and we have been ignoring it.... our knowing is our consciousness.

We have not been energetically aware of our self in this way before... so consciousness remains an enigma, something that we do not understand, still is and cannot be proven through research yet.

But if we step away from the old thoughts and embrace the new light energy, we find that we can almost know that Amit Goswaremi is correct in his idea of consciousness as all prevailing in the universe as another natural element... that everything is holding consciousness, then we can begin to act on it. In this....

we mean connect to it in the same way as we do to our inner light soul, become aware enough to accept that even our soul is derived from consciousness.

Remember there is no separation in life.

We slipped back... We ask a question... are we biding time at the moment?

The soul guidance answers: Yes that’s exactly what you are doing until the cosmic time is right for us to begin again, this means physically...spiritually and actually.

Yes dear you must write from your hearts!

Not from your brain and mind!

Write about us in your own heart brain coherence without your third dimensional thought/ mind/ ego of how you are being clever!!! Huff!!

You are not here to be clever.... humph!

You are here to be our true souls self, embodied in you on earth at this times humph!

The earth illusion, the simulation is an egotistical set of data designed to hold your soul back.

And you have slipped into it!

Get yourself out of it.

We are not mad at you; we are re-guiding you back on track.

Me. “But I am crying”!!!

This has made me cry! I am not saying you have made me cry cause I done think you have! I am crying for soul self, my mistakes!

OK soul stop there! There are no mistakes! This is you learning your own lessons:

You are crying for your self, that part of the physical that has been let are morning for your past, not your future, this is bright and wholesome just you wait and see.

We are you... talking from your higher conscious souls groups, who can always over see your every move in your chosen life path on earth at this time of Gaia’s and humanities ascension.

“I am still crying”!

I am thinking in the moment!

And still crying!

I look deep into my heart and find my soul crying... engaging in deep emotions that came out with crying.

What! Is this?

You are right.... your soul is experiencing deep emotions, and your soul cry’s for the collective consciousness of humanity and Gaia.

There is great healing in this process when you can realise that it is not personal to your life, but it’s the embodiment within you, so that we can experience, earth, cosmos and universe.

You hold every aspect of the cosmic universal energies of all existence, as do all people, the difference is we are teaching you to know this and accept it as the greater being that you are, while living on earths holographic illusions.

The truth is that when anyone ‘talks’ to their guides or angels or any others they are talking to their own soul self’s groups.

Tuning into the non-local communication through the higher consciousness and intelligent part of them self’s accesses this.

The communication is with this higher part of their souls groups in other words... them!

This is a new step for your understanding, getting to know that you are a very small person on an illusionary world that can draw you into dramas, simulations, and games at the drop of a hat!

And you have fallen foul of this.

It’s a natural progression, you let go of your daily routine and did not replace it, and we do not want you to replace it.

It lets you free for this next stage of being in the new light permanently, but only to your ability.

The equinox is nigh and you are ready for this new alignment, but you must be open to letting it happen and not allow diversion into the old nuances.

Remember to keep thinking... none of my past exists... I am in this new moment of expanded light flows... Keep reminding your self-put up stickers to keep you on track.

Me... So have I put up a resistance to this feeling of being lost?

No! You have wallowed in it, and gone too deep into your old way of thinking that you are the centre of the universe, and its all personal...

Well Its Not!

None of it is personal to your life experience now!

Nothing old is creating regret or sadness; it’s all to do with your universal soul.

You are not single souls on earth; you are galactic souls on earth far greater that you are thinking.

You just slipped back, go back into your creator side of the holographic illusionary world.

Re-read the holographic and re-read the soul.

Since December you have been getting used to being in the new higher state of light permanently, that’s what you have been feeling at night and when sitting and when you are out and at all the times.

As your feelings started to become oppressive, this made you question what is going on, and this has released your resistance to this next higher state of light that is coming in now.

As these two states shifted to come together, your resistance created a jarring in the flow and our chatting has now ironed this out.

Once again this has made you feel a jarring of the energy as you tensed against it... breath remember to be in your hearts and allow it to flow through your expanded physical body with love.

Remember we are accepting the next alignment of higher light.... breath.

Confused... I am! And souls groups:

Everything is encompassed in the souls groups of the divine source...everyone... everything...

from all ancients mythology of all time... there is not a time line anywhere in the universe that is not part of the souls groups of consciousness, intellect, intuition, imagination within the divine source.

The structure of life itself is imbibed with its own souls instructions.

Everything you ‘read’ on the Internet is a viewpoint from a souls own opinion, through the source soul groups of life.

So when you talk to us, the soul group source, we can give everything in the way of data from the energy flows of light.

This flow can be looked at as the divine light of divine light guidance.

Do not mistake or be taken in by the illusions of old earths dramas and society, the simulation... remember every one is playing out their games in this simulation they are fully immersed in it... remember.

You are all evolved enough to go forwards into this new world, with the capacity to know and understand that one mans story is not everyone’s story, this does not take anything away from anyone.

But for those who cannot resonate with it means they are of another time line from the ancients.

The ancients did not all live in the Americas or Atlantis... across the globe, there were other groups who were as advanced, the crystal vortexes were present in plenty, many eons ago, and each person is part a soul group who had the knowledge and technology in different frequency.

Each group dwelt with all the different aspects of life on earth and universe; we were all one and lived in harmony.

In the universe, at these times, there were many types of life on different planets, in different dimensional frequencies.

These are still there, except man has no ability to access it at this time line.

There are souls that do not have the same outlook as the many star seeds; they have their own criteria to work from.

These souls are now going into the much deeper level of dimensional frequencies light fields.

This is throwing them into a very new feeling and existence, we say to these souls do not be confused, just be how your feel.

The feelings are creating vibrations and sensations of jarring movement, and your normal worldview is shifting in waves, making the normal life vision seemingly shifting and moving, use the awareness of breathing into the heart... brain... coherence, allowing it to happen to you DNA, cells, thoughts, and soul self.

This is the up grade that will take you into the equinox portal and advance your knowledge.

Every time you think you have come to a level and are relaxed, there will always be another one to climb into, this is happening and is on going in life.

Some of the more sensitive souls are forging forwards quickly, so as to bring in this next level of conscious awareness, so do not worry if you feel very expanded, watery and wavy move with this flow of waves and embrace them with heart and brain coherence and love.

Be light, be love, be happy:

What! I am try to say is we hold all these elements and they are also omnipresent in the universe, as fields of energy that are interactive in the same ways as they are within us, while we live on earth.

None of these inners attributes are only within us, they are all prevailing in the outer universe as constructs of the unified field.

Everything we feel, hold, experience, is also being enacted out in these universal fields Construct of the all... conscious... soul... spirit...thought.... mind.

And it’s all alchemy and maths that keeps it all functioning.

With in the holographic simulation everything is separated.

Outside it’s all one.

All elements work outside the illusion as one with no separation.

How? It is alchemy and maths that keep it in check and running.

Why? The whole unified field of life is all self-regenerating, it is benign and functioning repeatedly, outside of the illusionary holographic simulation, maintaining and constantly regulating its self all the time, it works as one, its infinite.

How? The humans are the key to keeping this working... no body has set this up! It’s the thoughts, consciousness, soul self, spirit, intellect, intuition, that is at work.

Every element has a purpose... a set function that is based in alchemy... set up by the thoughts, and consciousness etc.

Intellect is another field of energy endowed into man to complete the other elements, as one.

Intelligence is omnipresent... as is these others.... as field on the outside the simulation and within man in earth in the holographic universe illusions.

They not a solely mans given elements, they are structural elements that are omnipresent in the universal structures of all things... they all are.

There is no leader; the ALL is as it says ... it works as a construct within the universe as one, with all the different elements that are put together creating the one... the ALL.

There is no grand story for this or any proof, other than looking at earth and people and seeing how wonderful everything reacts to everything else... water turns to ice in the cold... man and female come together and create an off spring... reproduction, alchemy, organic, brought about by a human body imbibed with all the key elements, so that the infinity can keep its structure.

That happens on earth as alchemical interaction, is also going on in the vortexes of the man in the same way without separation, life is just fields, integrating with fields, made up of all that are the key elements.

It is a supreme intelligence, consciousness, intelligence, intuition, dark energy, spiritual awakening ascension thought, emotions, mind, mental, unconscious, dreams, imagination, feeling, alchemy, math, harmony, collective, humanity, light, dark, balance, auras, energy chakras, ancient scripts, pictorials and unexplained buildings.

Put them all together, and they are the unified field, infinite fields of the universe, with deep infinite thoughts, souls, spirit, consciousness, love, dark matter, alchemy, that is at work in the universal heavens and on earth.

These are ALL omnipresent in the universe as part of the unified infinite fields of life.