Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Learning to understand:

These postings are exerts from “The Book”, we are putting together.

Learning to understand: 🙂

It has been made clear that we are learning to understand the workings of how we are ascending and what it means.

The higher beings show and advised us, how we are changing our thoughts, feelings, and attitudes, so that we can let this process happen.

It is so subtle it is sometimes hard to grasp or see, and it seems that we are repeatedly getting information of the same things, in different ways, in our life’s beliefs.

We are receiving ways to experience meditations, and the data coming through, is exploring every deviation of how these inner spiritual teachings.

These cover the many variable ways there are in our world, to comprehend and select the views that resonate with each individual’s religions, faiths, ancient myths, and many types of belief systems.

It’s the coming together of these differing concepts in a world that has held many faithful souls together for eons of time.

Every faith has its own way of interpreting the new age and the science behind it and accepts it at this time.

The latest research shows that the earth is changing her vibrations, NASA and other reputable research faculties have Found irrefutable evidence using the up to date technology, clearly stating that this is a true.

The ancient time lines have predicted this, and for those who have felt the pull so strong to get involved in these new ways of looking at things, are researching and learning about them in the capacity of their own native belief system.

It will take quite a long time to change a worldview like this, it is a long-term plan, and the inspired souls, who have had this calling, have been doing it for a good few years.

The repetitive nature of the writing is necessary for the human brain to change its hard wiring; there is lots of ways about how a soul can begin to accept and alter their mind-sets and their thought patterns.

The very fact that this type of learning has not occurred before in the history of earth makes it very troublesome for all peoples to understand and recognise.

There are no perimeters for any of it, there are not many words to describe some of the feeling and energies that a person will experience. But that has not stopped inspired souls from going on with it in their quest to bring in the new, because a deep belief is stronger than the societies ruling on how we SHOULD think and BE.

It takes a Hugh resilience and a permanent and unchanging want from the heart, mind, and soul, to do this kind of individual searching, for the hidden divine and the want to keep doing these meditations, continually learning about how our physical body can be altered given the correct thought patterns.

It is a drive from an inner need, to follow these radical thoughts and ways to make a more balances world in which we live.🙂

There are many activists around the world who are fighting for these balances in many ways to reach their ascension and change them self and then the world, doing it from within the heart brain coherence of divine source, and love for the good of others.

Everything is taking this a bit further, going deeper into the mind, body, soul, concept of changes, using different methods to practice, so that this new age can be achieved and it will be on a world wide view.

As you are reading and letting this inspiration into your mind, they are transforming you physical body DNA along with Gaia and the planetary system. Life is changing due to the radiation coming from the sun, as Gaia transit cross the sky over periods of the given timeline.

You may not “GET IT” to start with, but you will find you’re self-thinking about things you have read or understood unconsciously. Given enough time, it will become your conscious thoughts, growing into the idea of the Age of Aquarius.

There is a lot of data about the ancient stories that hold the myths and information about all different types of historical data, from the very ancient times that are written in stone and other means of solid scripture.

It also gives reasons for meditation and being in nature, using sacred places and times when meditating to help to proceed so that you can connect to these new frequencies and vibrations in their natural state on earth.

The information is about you, taking your self deeper into your thoughts in a more profound way, to gain your own inner peace, and to understand the importance of meditations and inner focus on the heart/brain through coherent resonance with the science to back it up.

Thank you; enjoy the next part of your experiences in your ascension.