Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel


Auras* Chakras* Energy* Connection* Clairvoyance* Healing:

Everyone has heard of our auras; some people can read them others can see them and we can all feel each other’s.

The aura is a field of unseen energy that is part of the physical body that stretches outward and surrounds the area outside of us.

It is reported that it can spread a few feet outwards and can be detected and measured with aura reading machines.

The question is ‘what is it’.

The body contains both matter and energy the aura is part of this, if you are a sensitive person, you can feel the energy of another’s aura when they come near you.

Within the physical body are areas called the chakras.

There are seven main chakras and other smaller chakras that thought to be present, and there are others beneath us as energetic connections to earth and above connecting us to source.

The seven main ones correspond to different organs in the body, the concept of this arose in early Hinduism beliefs, early Sanskrit texts speak of them as meditative visualisation and can be combined with the image of flowers, colour and mantras.

They are an energy portal that connects to the material part of the body, this is where the material energy of the frequency of the body interfaces with the energetic field that is all around us.

All humans hold these innate aspects within their makeup, it is unproven a such, but throughout the world there are many healing systems that are reported to using these energetic areas for healing. when you start to open to your healing or clairvoyant ability you are tapping into theses energy fields so that the divine connection of yourself can be channelled into the person whom you are healing or reading clairvoyantly.

There is no mysticism or magic involved, nor do the clairvoyants ‘talk’ to dead people; this is a misconception.

The person who is performing the healing or giving a message is connecting their own higher being, that is a part of the divine spark that we all hold, and this connection is operating in a way that the person can sense when giving out heart felt love through heart/brain coherence.

In clairvoyance the reader will only pick up a small part of the energy of the persons aura and energy field and get small pieces of information, that is then given and as this is communicated, given off’, the energy flow becomes stronger as the recipient gives out more heart felt love that expands the auric field and connects to the universal fields.

It can be blocked because everyone has free will and this can stop the flow of energy being given.

As a healer, it is the channelling of the persons divine self that is open, and this activates the receiver’s own power to heal themselves instinctively.

Everyone on this planet has the power to heal themselves, but most people do not understand or know how to do it. It is down the science, and the quantum physical part of each person, these words alone stop people from going any further because they think they would not understand, focus on the feelings instead of the words and understand that we all hold this knowledge naturally.

Every person holds the god spark within their heart, it is up to person if they decide to look and open it through the practice of meditation or using other methods of learning, to open the mind to these instinctive things that lay within every soul on earth. We live in a world of energy, another way to say this is!

We live in fields of vibrations and frequencies that are beating at regular intervals, continually repeating itself.

There is a scale of these, the normal human one is between 5 Hz and 7.5 Hz these go up the scale when we are in a state of joy, love, passion and happiness.

On the other hand, they go down when we are feeling anger, fear, grief, guilt and jealously.

Every thought and emotion have its own wave or vibrational frequency, and this has a direct influence on other people around us.

These differences are represented by light and colour, everything in the universe is vibrating at a frequency and is all connected, and we are part of that.

There is no separation.

If we add this to the data on healing and clairvoyance it is these frequencies and wave vibrations that hold the info for a message in clairvoyance, and the divine connection when healing.

I hope this has explain how these things are in our magnificent world of light, colour, frequency and vibrations and how important it is to hold the positive thoughts and feelings of heart felt love, happiness and joy, as much as is possible, so that it can be given out to all others that we meet.

These energies can be sent out to others as far as our mind can conceive, it has been proven that the heart is the strongest power pack of the body, and it has been measured by the Heart Math Institute.

Thank you for reading this.