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The divine Enery Fields And The Winter Solstice:

The divine energy fields and the winter solstice: πŸ™‚β€

There is a build up to the divine flash of light that is coming in December~ it is on its way from the outer universal central suns, of the singularity of an accumulation of galixy alignments.

t will come over the solstice period on the 24th Dec the day when the sun starts to move back into the new season.

Yes, there is a change of light energy, vibrational frequency, heading for our galactic centre from the master plan of this sacred space-time.

Its on its way, from beyond the higher dimension, the cosmic space that the earth is in at this moment, we are on the verge of this new golden age and the new spectrum form these upper levels of source.

As we close our eyes~ we can see the image of massive fields of divine golden energetic light~ coming towards our planet~ we are seeing this as if it is in a Si fi movie~ we can see the whole of the unending universe~ with earth as a tiny dot in its correct place. ❀

What we see in our mind eye as many pinpoints of light from every corner of the outer universe~ moving towards our part of the universe~ creating magnificent fields of this iridescent flowing, shimmering, clouds, forming fields, that are massively beautiful in size and the feeling of deep love into our heart mind and soul.Β πŸ™‚β€

This main source is still not quite here yet, but there are Hugh waves coming from it all the time~ as this awesome field approaches earth.

As these smaller fields come through the galactic centres of all galaxies, and through the 22 galactic diamond array, they becomes streaming fields of divine light coming through our Milky Way galixy centre~ changing the light slowly to get us used to them.

When it fully emerges in December~ everyone on earth will be completely energetically at one with it.

It will merge with the human consciousness and collective light coherence~ creating an alignment with the master intellect, brain heart, mind, and soul beings, as it comes into our solar system.

In a Si Fi movie~πŸ€” there could never be a reproduction of this experience, explaining or projecting the awesome feeling of this array of golden light~ not in the third dimensional world~ we can all know that this is coming to effect us in our life.

This is resetting the perimeter of the idea of the holographic universal if you like!

We are seeing it, in its elevated visual~ it is completely resetting all consciousness, and collective life in this sector of our universe~ as it moves through~ it is a reconfiguration of the whole universal equations, taking them into the new light of this elevated sequence of ascension.

It is on the spectrum of the grand sacred Master Plan for the future of humanity, and all entities of this wondrous universe in which we reside in. πŸ™‚β€

People have talked about the coming of the golden era~ and the ancient prophecies of this time period~ we are privilege to have come here at this time~ to be witness and give our service to this magnificent array of the master plan~ as it unfolds in front of our very eyes~ in our physical conscious state of understanding.

We give thanks for this opportunity of a lifetime. πŸ™‚β€

This will take a bit of earth time to filter through, but rest assured~ it will~ it is the birth of the Golden Age.

This baby will be born on the 24th Dec 2020, and we will welcome it with open arms.πŸ™‚Β  And after the 24th everything will be changed.

Up till now these fields have been accumulating in the outer regions of what man calls space, and the higher self-calls cosmic mix.

As the end of the sacred 2020 year arrives~ the highly charged particles in these field are fully energetically ready to arrive on the 24th Dec 2020, as the new year of this cycle of the sun begins to return back to the summer time on earth. πŸ˜€

The cosmic clock begins to return to the summer solstice space-time.

These charged particles~ fields will have a profound effect on the structure of all planets in the solar system- man and Gaia.

It will be focussed seamlessly through the singularity/ black whole of the Milky Way centre.

But this is not an accurate image, because our singularity is not a static objective thing, it is a Hugh energetically vortex that at this time is aligning with all other galactic vortexes. πŸ€”

Nothing is static or in one place~ everything is energetic fields of activated frequencies~ that are the Masters Plan to bring in this next set of vibrations~ through the actual movement of these fields of newly charged energy pin points. πŸ™‚β€

As they come into contact with the local solar systems energetic earth and consciousness~ humanity’s hearts/brain, will align immediately and reflect out into their golden light activation~ through the collective consciousness soul groups in this our solar system.

For our part we keep holding and sharing our light fields across Gaia and universe~ so that the pin points of this Master Plan has the correct energy from all man’s conscious thoughts.

It will open up and expand into its pure divine source light~ engulfing all local star system~ along with Gaia, humanity and the consciousness of all collective life. We the consciousness of humanity holds the ability to keep to this coming of the new age.

We humanity has enough background knowledge to enable this... as it appears. ❀

As a soul group of collected souls we keep the meditations up.❀

Keep our inner focus going; keep being in our one sacred space. ❀

Keep holding our light for all to see and shine it out into all life on earth, from the outer streams of light~ of our own sacred space within.

It is coming from the elevated Godhead and LET IT BE, keep letting it be, there are enough star souls awake here on earth to accomplish this sacred transition.

Be Blessed. πŸ™‚β€