Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

The Unknown: Open UP: Move forwards In to The Unknown & Dear Soul:

The Unknown: Open Up: Move Forwards Into The Unknown: 🙂

These new energies are translating in everyday life as periods of time, when all we want do is rest.

Sleep times are not rigid. Some days you might sleep longer and on other days, drifting in and out of dreamy, sleepy, feelings, which seem out of this world, the feeling of being spacey and slightly detached from the hard core of the third dimensional dramas.

These are cosmic driven periods, that are penetrating the physical body and life now~ everyone is in a state of non-local memory in and out of it all the time, this means we are hovering on the edge of higher frequencies, jumping dimensions as and when we get the energy transferences, it can be at any time of the day or night.

Accept these.... it has become normal.... when needed, sit quiet for a little while until it balances out.

On the other side of this coin, the energy power of ‘get up and go’ is much higher, especially as spring approaches in this hemisphere, the power of the light that gives us the feeling that we can do anything!

These two are accentuated, as everyone becomes their true light beings living in the multi dimensions of this new age.

There are many things that are not being acknowledged outwardly, non-local unidentifiable images~ things we don’t talk about.

The things we think we ‘see’~ the energy images that over lay the earth illusionary simulations~ the image of the periphery sight~ the colours that emerge then retract back, the clarity of earth, and natural nature.

These energy waves come over us and our eyes have to close~ what we ‘see’ on our inner sight~ is the non-local, non- identifiable~ shape~ movement and patterns.

As we relax into this quiet moment and connect to our heart brain coherence, we see movement, shapes, colour and feeling that we are connecting too another realm imminently.

We become immersed in this moment, of the different vibrational  energy, and enjoy the feeling of great peace, calm and relaxation, as we let our whole self-move with these fields of light.

We do not know what they are; they are not recognisable in the old way, we think to the frequency, “What do you want”?

We feel they want us to be in this immersive experience and let the frequency shift our feelings and perceptions, so that we can forge forwards in this realm.

We feel there is no control here~ as soon as we feel we can know something, a wave will shift us into another set of images and feelings.

These are steps that lead to the interior of our inner being, and once we get these, we almost lose consciousness and our whole Body experiences another level of existence; we are immersed in these high realms with love.

Looking at the bigger picture! See beyond our self!

Dear souls... at last the consequent of what has been realised today is great~ every souls is moving in and out of these dimensional waves and vibrations, as they ripple and cascade into our earth~ coming in waves of light that alter the frequencies of life.

The way is, to sit back and feel the whole body relax as we go into another dimension.

Feel the skin expand and soften into a warm soft field of comfort, feel and watch with eyes open, as the sheets of light energy move in.

Sit and be aware of these upgrades as they settles in.... consciously absorbing them with love, to allow this energy to synthesize within as they come through the physical self, adjusting the fabric of the makeup of the physical, then they move away.

As you feel these waves of multi dimension flow though you....  give them the right amount of conscious thought.... to acknowledge that it is.... something that is happening on the cellular level of your physical existence, embrace it and connect to it as you enjoy the feeling and anchor into Gaia.

Every time you do this, it’s the creation of the new way to live on earth with these new light waves~ you are anchoring another energy stream into your self and Gaia’s new history and all life will benefit.

As you become aware of these, you are bringing into Gaia the love light, and she is grateful and happy to support you in your endeavour to live in this light with grace and gratitude.

To start with, these waves might make you feel disturbed, but you will get used to it and it will become normal.

Once connected consciously to this as the healing in you, use this feeling of oneness to give out to others~ earth, planets, people, anything that is in need of this support.

Consciously use these light waves of the multi dimensional frequency as a positive healing process, to help ALL things on earth, and everything else that you wish to focus on.

These energy sheets continue to enfold within everyone~ it must be inside because there is no.... ‘Out There’.... lay the confusion: everything is ‘Within’ ~ there is no separation; we are all one with Gaia, each other, and the cosmos.



Dear Souls:

Dear souls, Its very difficult to put a finger onto the way theses waves are affecting Gaia and humanity at this time, the symptoms have not let up and you find ourselves getting used to the way they make you feel, in a very light soft manner.

Everything is going on around as usual, you may feel like you are moving through life, on some kind of wavy fields of light in a detached way, when looking at the rules and regulations that are being imposed upon you, and you comply, feeling you must let it all happen in it’s own time.

These waves are helping you to see “within” and the “Bigger Picture” a lot more of the time, and its this perception that leads to being emotionally detached from the dramas in the illusion, that is going on all around you.

You may also have noticed that as you become more in tune to these frequencies, those around you are also in this very soft, easy, way of seeing the dramas, notice how those closest to you are not over reacting any more to the negative information that is all being given.

This information is gradually losing its momentum in lots of ways, that seem to shine through in the action and ways of souls who are becoming aware of the 2021 light waves, and how they are affecting them in a positive way.

This is an observation of how it is working out in your life.

Many souls are still looking outside for their answers, when all the time their answers are inside the mind, heart, thoughts, emotions and souls that are the “Within Space”.

Going into this, is the way to begin to feel how these wave frequencies are helping every one to recognise how things have changed and how to move forwards.

Everything that has been given  to give to the higher self ways to reach this light, there are so many formats to follow to help to feel the light within and begin to move within.

It is taking responsibility for your own progress and do not rely on others to lead you there, it’s using all the data that is being written and shared to understand this, learning to make your own decision about your way forwards, with the guidance of the higher beings within.

They are there for you personally, and they can be trusted when brought into play, with the heart brain coherence, the focus of inner love for your self.

Be Love. Be Light. Be Happy. 🙂